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Extended Cultures is an overhaul mod for Rome Total War which started as a submod of the Extended Greek Mod. It aims to add roleplaying depth, increase challenge for the player and improve historical accuracy.

Extended Cultures includes several campaigns:

- A main 275 BC to 29 BC, grand campaign. Pyrrhus starts in Italy and the Galatian invasion of Asia is in progress! There are 15 playable factions: Rome, the Ptolemaic Empire, the Seleucid Empire, Carthage, Parthia, Gauls, Germania, the Greek-City States, Macedon, Pontus, Armenia, Iberia, Thrace, Saba and Sarmatia.

- A 280 BC campaign which lets the player control Epirus or the Galatians.

- A 49 BC to 100 AD campaign. Start with Julius Caesar as he begins his march on Rome and war against Pompey! Or play as another faction like Dacia, Parthia or Egypt and take advantage of Rome's internal conflict!

- Provincial campaigns starting in 275 BC for small factions not included in the grand campaign. Play as Pergamon, Bosporus, Massalia, the Britons, Syracuse or Cyrene. A provincial campaign for Bactria is also available (they are unplayable in the grand campaign due to being an emergent faction).

Main Features:

- An in-depth trait system designed for an immersive campaign experience. Ethnicity traits, supply system traits, traits that reflect attitude toward the faction leader, traits affected by the character's father, epithet traits, biographies and more!

- Many new units, the mod has 435 units in total.

- A vast AoR system with every region having its own local units which you can recruit by building the AoR barracks.

- A culture system: Western Civilized, Eastern Civilized and Barbarian cultures with their associated colonies. This makes the integration of regions a slower and more realistic process, sometimes it might require installing a client ruler in the region!

- A government system to help with the assimilation of new regions.

- Many new economic buildings and temples.

- A modified Mundus Magnus map stretching from Spain all the way to India (see screenshots).

- Loyalty (if enabled) for Rome, for the Greek factions and for the Gauls.

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I'm conscious that the last preview didn't give much of a structured overview of the rosters, so this time I'm going to be mixing it up and giving recruitment tier lists in addition to the screenshots. Although recruitment in XC5 is more complex than these tier lists may suggest, as you will later see, they nevertheless give a general idea.



- Numidian Tribal Militia
- Slingers
Tier 1
- Lybian Skirmishers
- Numidian Archers
Tier 2
- Lybian Light Infantry
- Masaeslian Swordsmen
- Numidian Militia Archers
- Numidian Cavalry
- Desert Archers (reform unit)
- Camel Raiders (reform unit)
Tier 3
- Lybian Spearmen
- Lybian Chariots
- Masaeslian Royal Infantry (reform unit)
- Numidian Desert Cavalry
- Camel Archers (reform unit)
Tier 4
- Liby-Phoenician Assault Infantry
- Numidian Thorakitai
- Numidian Nobles

* * * * * * * * *

General's Armoured Bodyguard

Numidian Tribal Militia

Numidian Militia Archers

Desert Archers

Masaeslian Swordsmen

Numidian Thorakitai

Masaeslian Royal Infantry

Lybian Chariots


- Indian Spearmen
- Slingers
Tier 1
- Indian Foresters
- Indian Longbowmen
Tier 2
- Indian Cavalry
- Bactrian Horse Archers (reform unit)
Tier 3
- Kshatriya Warrior-Archers
- Kshatriya Spearmen
- Kshatriya Guild Warriors
- Scythed Chariots
- Gandharan Cavalry
- Bactrian Cavalry
- Bactrian Infantry
Tier 4
- Kshatriya Javelin Bearers
- Kshatriya Macemen
- Indo-Hellenic Hoplites (reform unit)
- Kshatriya Chariot Archers
- Gandharan Heavy Cavalry
Tier 5
- Vir Ghadapani Kshatriya
- Sambhavya Yavana Kshatriya (reform unit)

* * * * * * * * *

Kshatriya Spearmen and Kshatriya Warrior-Archers

Kshatriya Macemen

Vir Ghadapani Kshatriya

Kshatriya Guild Warriors

Sambhavya Yavana Kshatriya

Indo-Hellenic Hoplites

Gandharan Heavy Cavalry

Kshatriya Chariot Archers

Oriental Elephants

Royal Armoured Elephants

There's one more unit for Gandhara that hasn't been mentioned here. This is because it doesn't have a place on the tier list - it isn't recruited from the barracks building. And this unit is powerful, one of the most devastating units in XC5! All of Gandhara's enemies will run in terror when they unleash this secret weapon!
Because of its secret nature, this is not a unit I can fully show you. I can only show you part of it and your imagination will have to fill in the rest for now.

XC5 Preview #2 - Epirus and Tukhara Unit Rosters

XC5 Preview #2 - Epirus and Tukhara Unit Rosters

News 2 comments

Extended Cultures 5 Preview #2 - Epirus and Tukhara Unit Rosters.

XC5 Preview #1 - New Map and A New Faction Lineup

XC5 Preview #1 - New Map and A New Faction Lineup

News 6 comments

Extended Cultures 5 Preview #1 - New Map and A New Faction Lineup.

Some Videos of this Mod

Some Videos of this Mod


Some videos to give you a better idea about this mod. These youtubers are not affiliated with the XC team.

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Extended Cultures 4

Extended Cultures 4

Full Version 13 comments

Extended Cultures (XC) is a RTW modification that aims to bring historical accuracy but also show how different factions could have evolved had history...

RFX 1.2

RFX 1.2


The Redfox Extras 1.2 patch. This is an optional patch, made initially for XGM, this is a version that has been adapted for XC 4. It adds new music, new...

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Guest 19hours ago
Hi, i have problem when trying to install.
I get a folder for xc i install it and when there is an icon on the desktop
i click on it and it asks me to look for RomeTW.exe. When i find it and click on
it, it just brings me to normal unmodded rome.. I tried unninstalling it like 3times but it still doesnt work. Any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Suppanut4625 Creator

Which version of RTW you are using? CD version? Steam version? pirate version? and does your RTW have more than one copy than what you have in registry keys?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for your response. I have managed to run it (turns out i have been installing it wrongly). But now when running it it gets me to the screen of xc and when i try to run a campaign it types: Please select an item from the list. This happens on the normal campaign and on the alternate ones. And when i try to close the game it brings an error message saying this : Script error in xc/data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign/descr_strat. txt, at line 24 column 1. Expected start date of campaign or battle This happens only when i try clicking on a campaign and then exiting . Custom battles dont work too. Sorry for this being incredibly long, but i didnt know how to write it down. So any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Suppanut4625 Creator

What exe you are using? cd version or steam version? and what is your install option?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well, my install options are Prometheus cities, reduced movement rates and landbridges just as it is written down in the read me and its a pirated version.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Suppanut4625 Creator

What is version of your exe? is it 1.5? if not, please find updated version of that one

There are 2 possible problem, first your exe is not only 1.0 or 1.3 (not latest supported version) structure of file change a lot between 1.0 and 1.5.
another possible cause maybe due to your pirate install does not have detectable registry key for installer to detect so it installed incorrectly.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Fix donut area in Arabia.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ballista on elephants?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This looks awesome, thank you and please do not abandon this project. I will play this for sure!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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