I like to announce EVE: RTS (work name) It's a mod about EVE Online developed by myself, featuring ships and other objects directly from the original Game. Models and Textures were extracted using TriExporter. CCP confirmed that I can use their Artwork. (see end of summary)

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Another load of Gamemode Shipyards on their way
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Now that you brought this up, I remember once I was thinking something about shipyards for HW2. That would be the general idea:

- the actual shipyard would create from destroyers up. It would be able to make frigates, corvettes and fighters, but it would take longer to do than the carrier;
- the ships would be done quickly but then, they would need an arsenal ship to install the weapons. You would latch dock to it from bottom up, like in an umbrella style;
- another type of ship/shipyard specialized in repairs. So if the health bar is "high" the repais would be done by a small vessel in place of the collector. If the health bar is crippled, than you'd have to tow the ship back and dock to this shipyard.
This approach would work better if the larger ships would be die harders and have few of them in-game as a trade off.

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Mr.Thi Author

Hm. Sounds interesting. I think the Shipyard, Arsenal and Repair station / Ship is possible. The arsenalship could get a area of effect "add ability" wich will enable build on the docked capitals. The function "SobGroup_AllowPassiveActionsAlways" would allow building subsystems while docked. The towing and repair restriction could be a Problem.

Different Buildspeed is also possible by either using a modifier or different Ship-files.

I think it is only usefull for an RPG-style mod. It would be an enourmous pain to script this for AI.

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Another detail, of course relying on coding, the arsenal ship would be used to make upgrades, so after you research them, you have to dock to upgrade speed, health, weapons, etc.

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Mr.Thi Author

^^ ... you like pain huh? ... Well the same as above. But buy Subsystems that add the specific upgrade.

If all that is done when docking, you could also use a script instead of the Addability with aof.
SobGroup_RestrictBuildOption(<sSobGroupName>, <sBuildTypeName>)
SobGroup_UnRestrictBuildOption(<sSobGroupName>, <sBuildTypeName>)


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Hey there. I know thats not really Eve models. Actually they are Kitbashed from a Nexus Station, but because of their pretty utiliar look, they should really fit most possible cases. They are 3-5 other varians here wich are not ingame yet.

They are going to substiture Shipyards in general. Capitalships are meant to be build by Shpiyards while strikecraft is build slowly by their carrier vehicles.

So you'll have a buildchain like that (compared to homeworld2):
Shipyard --> Battlecruiser
Shipyard --> Carrier
Battlecruiser --> Fighter
Carrier --> Fighter, Corvette

I'mm not sure for frigate size vessle .. maybe they should be buildable by carriers.

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