General changelog
-4 New ships w/models:
-Imperial Warbrig: Armed civilian packet/brig
-Procyon Corvette: Light Procyon scout/command ship
-Procyon Assault Cutter: Tier 2 Procyon escort ship
-Pirate Casemate: Destroyer-sized ironclad warship, replaces pirate destroyer
-2 New artillery StarHammer/IceFist variants with mega plasma cannons
-Imperial command ships removed from multiplayer
-2 New maps: Ashall Cove, Rings of Ringo
-New weapon: Tuskrus fire
-Damage reworked to give certain weapons higher damage to certain materials
-Ship mass and core HP reworked based on size
-Various maneuverability section and core damage section tweaks
-Weapon firing arcs overhauled

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whats in here?


-8 New ships w/models:
-Imperial Brigantine: Low frigate-class warship armed with lots of light guns.
-Imperial Galleass: Imperial capital ship designed for speed with many broadside deck guns.
-Civilian Bermuda Sloop: An NPC Procyon civilian fishing craft, armed with a harpoon gun and bermuda sails.
-Procyon Monitor: Little tiny baby ironclad with 360 degree rotating turret.
-Procyon Casemate: Reverted Pirate Casemate to Procyon textures...
-Pirate Casemate: ...and replaced with this: an armored bermuda-rigged, heavy frigate-class warship.
-Pirate Light Galleon: The Jolly Roger, now repaired and ready for combat.
-Pirate Brig: Pirate version of the Packet Brig. More heavily armed than the Warbrig, but slower and more expensive.
-9 Ship remodels/rebuilds: -Imperial Fast Frigate: Added four light deck cannons and chonkified the stern.
-Imperial StarHammer: Added six medium deck carronades to the stern.
-Imperial Warsloop: Added a light deck cannon on the stern and added a gaff sail.
-Imperial Wargalleon: Civilian galleon, but with two additional medium stern carronades and navy sails.
-Civilian Barque: Added wing sails.
-Civilian Merchantship: Added four additional heavy mounts and redesigned the hull and sails to match cutscenes. -Pirate Barque: Swapped gatling gun models for harpoons.
-Procyon Cutter: Added two light broadside cannons on each pontoon.
-Procyon Refueling Station: Made additional bargeless tender model.
-2 New maps: -The Cellar Raid: Mission 11 as a faction map.
-The Firing Range: Tutorial as a sandbox map for testing ships and weapons.10:04 PM-Creating a new profile will allow a maximum resolution of 1920x1080.
-Removed elite Procyon ships.
-Removed some crew so we can have more ships.
-Reverted Mousetrap relief fleet to vanilla.
-Replaced Procyon Corvette's lightning gun with a mega laserball cannon.
-Added pirate flag variations to campaign.
-Reverted dragon breath to vanilla, albeit with less range.
-Imperial Cutter less maneuverable.
-Imperial Heavy Escort more maneuverable.
-Imperial Assault Cutter a lot tougher.
-Imperial Fast Frigate faster.
-Replaced Waystation Montgomery's nova mortar with a mega plasma cannon
-Fixed remaining ship hitbox issues.
-Partially fixed Border Dispute AI getting stuck so they get stuck for a shorter amount of time.
-Stronghold Celsius now needs 2 docked tenders for proc victory.
-Tug can now actually tow stuff again.

changed laser canons and lancers faster bullet speeds
changed laser canons and lancers and lowered accuracy
changed old logos to up to date logos
slower turning radius from casemate
slower speed on the pirate ironclad

As always, a thank you to our ship modelers @Lloydochnik (Brigantine, Bermuda Sloop, Monitor, Casemates, Light Galleon, Brig, Merchantship 2.0, StarHammer 1.1), @Jim (Galleass), @Vadim PulsSireni (Wargalleon), and @Gordon Freeman/Ramsay (Fast Frigate 1.1, Proc Cutter 1.1, Warsloop 1.1)

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basically the same mod, only with a few bug fixes and a name change.

Ethereum Forces 2.5.1 Patch with kendo balancing

Ethereum Forces 2.5.1 Patch with kendo balancing


ModPack version 2.5 is out. Requires vanilla install.

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