ESHQ is a mod for Half-Life with its own storyline (not from Half-Life universe). Unknown government spy must steal secret files from the building called “Evil scientists headquarters”. But his job is going to be a bit more difficult and long...

RSS DPArray, the deployment packages manager

This article shortly describes our deployment tool for all mods and addons created by RD AAOW FDL

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DPArray - RD AAOW FDL’s deployment packages manager

Actual download linkPlease, read this page to the end before using

DPArray is our old deployment tool with a new name. It was creates to manage installations of Laboratory’s products.

DPArray performs installation, deinstallation, check for updates, download of packages and their requirements. This tool is the only thing you need to start working with all of our projects.

Additional info you can find on our Welcome page

If DPArray doesn’t start properly

If DPArray doesn’t start properly, check these requirements and try these actions to make it work. If these steps aren’t enough to fix your problem, please, let us know about it.

Deployment of updates

You needn’t to sequentially install all set of updates. Just use the actual package that is linked on the main page of the mod. For example, to update the ESHQ mod from versions 10.0, 10.1 or 10.2 to version 10.3 you need only the update package of version 10.3. But remember that transition between major versions (f.e., from 10.x to 11.0) requires special update packages.

Mods removing

If you want to remove the mod, use .dpd script placed in the same directory where mod has been deployed. The Crazy Cheater’s mod isn’t removable without the uninstallation of the mother game.

“Path not found” / Interface language

If you meet the path not found” error during the deployment, start the DPArray and use the context menu of its tray icon to specify the correct installation directory for the mod (f. e., C:\Program files\ESHQ). Also you can use this tray menu to change the interface language of the deployment utility.

This is important

Please, don’t try to play our mods with non-original engine assemblies. F. e., our engine adaptation for ESHQ mod has specific features and entities; the mod will not work properly without them.

Also it is highly recommended that you use mod versions presented on our ModDB pages. Other packages and archives may be out of date or may be not properly tested and assembled. We cannot be responsible for their functionality!

Development policy and EULA

This Policy (ADP), its positions, conclusion, EULA and application methods describes general rules that we follow in all of our development processes, released applications and implemented ideas.

It must be acquainted by participants and users before using any of laboratory’s products. By downloading them, you agree and accept this Policy!

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