This mod catapults Empire at War into 2018. It maintains the game's design philosophy, while adding new units, better graphics, and deeper gameplay.

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Finally done class star destroyer
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Awesome work!

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absolutely beautiful

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This ship...this ship has some work in it. In several remakes of the textures (it uses 2, plus 2 bump maps) to the hours uppon hours of coding and experimenting with turret rest angles and fire positions (I eventually lost to the game engine and had to replace the quad with the ones you see here) and ofcourse, the hours put into the model itself. The texture is made in a new, darker style, it's an experiment of which I still have to see if I like it yes or no.

This model, has been very, very time consuming. Very time consuming. Extremely time consuming. Weeks have been spent on this one thing and now I'm finally calling it done. It has details on its details and more details in places you'll never look, the hanger for example.

So enough apologizing for not updating in the past month, I've taken a (I like to think deserved) vacation from modding. But the last few days I've been busy again. The ability I had originally envisioned is not possible due to restrictions in the game engine, and I've changed it around a bit.

Instead of a power to weapons ability it now has a lock S foils ability. It hyperspaces onto the field with the wings extended. With the wings "deployed" it only has one fifth of the movement speed, but full firepower (turbolasers, ion cannons and a bunch of missile launchers, both the ion cannons and missle launchers combined do about 2.5 times the damage of the original Victories ion cannons, so damage with the wings deployed has been increased greatly) and with the wings closed it has 1.2 the movement speed of the original Victory, but only one fifth the firing speed. Sadly I cannot keep the missile launchers from firing, so they'll still fire occasionally. Move the Victory into the position that you want with its wings closed and then go into assault mode and open the wings for full damage. Shields are lowered slightly to make up for increased firepower.

I also took some shots of the Victory compared to the Imperator, they're both to scale.

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