The story will take place in a real abandoned factory named East Factory, located in Sweden near Jönköping, Huskvarna. The physical environment will be based on all 26 factorial-buildings and the forest-clad surroundings.

We will be using interactive- and non-linear storytelling as for a such of degree that it not turns out in a sandbox game.

Much more information will come up throughout the development!

Elapsed working-time: 367 ± 1.0 hours

[ ] Milestone 4:
Fulfill a complete outline for the story, which includes storytelling, theme, setting, characters, plot and narration.

[X] Milestone 3:
The structure for 26 of 26 planned buildings are built in the outdoor environment (100,00%).

[ ] Milestone 2:
The structure for 15 of 26 planned maps are built (57,69%).

[X] Milestone 1:
All factory buildings and environment are measured with a laser tool and all 26 engineering drawings are made (100,00%).


• 22/1 - School has just started. I will have 25% more scheduled time, so I need to come up with a new time plan that enables continuously work with the mod whilst studying.

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It has been over a year since I for the very first time attempted to design and develop a mod for Amnesia, which resulted in Disponentia. I remember back then that even though I was a bit proud and content with Disponentia as a mod, I wanted to start up a much greater project – I wanted to do something more original and revolutionary. My thoughts began to wander off towards to the old factory area just a stones-throw away from Disponentbostaden. After some thinking, I decided to make a story based on the factory and the new game engine from Amnesia - A Machine For Pigs.

It turned out that the release of the new Amnesia got delayed, so I could not follow my original plan. Instead, I had to start focusing on everything that was not bound by the game. Photographing and documenting the factory became the new focus.

During the winter, I decided to visit the factory and settled down in a room on the third floor of Disponentbostaden (the least creepy floor in RL). Whilst being there, I sneaked around the factory area from early morning until dinnertime, and after a week of 80 hard working hours, I managed to finish the first milestone of this big project – creating 26 engineering drawings based on the entire East Factory.

After that, it has been a period of doing nothing, whilst waiting for the new Amnesia game and engine. But the waiting turned out to be in vain. When the game finally came out, I got a bit disappointed. It was no longer possible to use the inventory- and sanity-system in a FCCS mod if you based it on the new game engine. The idea of using AMFP was no longer possible, so I decided to use the old TDD instead.

Now, I am back from the state of doing nothing and everything is going as planned. Building after building is constructed with help from the engineering drawings and a lot of other work is being done!
Soon we will probably see the second milestone being achieved – construct all buildings.

East Factory

The factory has always been an interesting area. I have been sneaking around there a lot as a kid and I have investigated almost every single corner inside the decaying buildings. It was always really exciting being there and you never knew what to find among all the machine gadgets and interesting items.

As I might have told you earlier, the factory activity ceased quite instantly during the 80’s. Because of that, all machines, devices and items have been left as they were, creating a really odd and mysterious atmosphere. There are just a few buildings left that are being used for storage and experiments – the other ones are left in a state of decay.

(Pictures that I took yesterday – 2013-09-21)

My goal is to try to build up the same atmosphere by re-creating every single building and use the same sound that exists in the factory area. The story will have some influences from real things that have happened there, but some parts will of course be made up or not be accurate to the real history.

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tobey0425 - - 1 comments

ill keep my eye on this!

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TheGamerPro9071 - - 315 comments

man when you are released this mod, we are in 2017 is passed 3 years

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TiManGames - - 270 comments

You do understand that he won't relase it, do you?


No. He stopped working on it, it got abandoned. That's it.

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janfokke - - 1 comments

Can I help you with making 3d models.

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Guest - - 695,813 comments

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Guest - - 695,813 comments

are you going to make your own monster

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Mackiiboy Creator
Mackiiboy - - 93 comments

I will try to make the mod 100 % custom as far as it is possible, and that will include monsters, so yea :]

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Torreno - - 5 comments

When do you think this awesome custom story will come up?

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Mackiiboy Creator
Mackiiboy - - 93 comments

My goal is to release it this year. If it will be possible will depend on how much time college will steal.

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jjulia.stefan - - 17 comments


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