Harder survival balanced for VR

Many Doom 3 players prefer to experience a more survival-oriented version of the game by using hardcore mods.

However, these mods are typically developed with the PC environment in mind, causing a number of gameplay, compatibility and performance issues when applied to Doom 3 Quest.

This mod was developed specially for Doom3Quest by Dr. Beef and balanced for VR.

I recommend playing the game with this mod on marine(medium) difficulty, but without saving too much.

List of changes short:

  • Less ammo pickups
  • Less armor pickups
  • Reduced light weapons magazines
  • Increased heavy weapons magazines
  • Large increase of the plasmagun firepower
  • Batteries give very few cells
  • Pistol and machinegun not gib
  • Change order of weapons for more comfortable switching



As any Doom 3 modification:

Way 1

Unzip archive in d3q folder.

Start game

Select mod in mods menu

Start new game or load game

Way 2

Copy pk3 file in base folder

Rename file with yyy prefix, like “yyyy_less_resources.pk4”

Start game, mod already loaded

Start new game or load game


List of changes full:


Pistol magazine reduced to 8

Pistol firepower increased +7%

100 pistol bullets limit


Shotgun magazine reduced to 6

50 shotgun shells limit


Machinegun magazine reduced to 50

300 machinegun bullets limit


Chaingun magazine increased to 99

300 chaingun bullets limit


Plasma magazine increased to 80

320 plasma cells limit

Plasma increased x4 (sic!), but cells is rare now

16 grenades limit

30 rockets limit

20 BFG ammo limit



Pistol ammo:

6 (from gun)

10 (clip)

20 (box)

Shotgun ammo:

4 (from gun)

8 (small box)

16 (large box)


20 (from gun)

20 (clip)

40 (double clip)


40 (from gun)

70 (large box)


30 (from gun)

10 (small battery)

25 (large battery)


4 (box)

Armor shard reduced to +1

Armor plate reduced to +25


After armory on second level you take 44 pistol bullets +6 from pistol near airlock=50 where firefight starting

Machinegun not gibs

Pistol not gibs


Order of weapons to switch:












Now you can quick switch between shotgun and chainsaw for close combat

Also you can faster switch between chaingun and plasmagun without risk of accidentally throw a grenade at your feet. Also between plasmagun and BFG not rocketlauncher anymore and you will use BFG more often.

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less resources v5 final

less resources v5 final


This mod was developed specially for Doom3Quest by Dr. Beef and balanced for VR.


I love everything about this mod except for the weaker low-tier guns and the fact they don't gib anymore... besides that very immersive and good :)

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Anatoliy7 Creator

Guns not weaker in damage. Only by magazine capacity.
PS If you need version with standard gib by pistol and machinegun, I can sent it to you personally.

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