This Mod requires the latest, official release of GZDoom and a copy of Doom, Doom II, or Final Doom.
GZDoom (PC) can be obtained here:
GZDoom (Mac) can be obtained here:

Gameplay Description:
The Screecher: A faceless monster who makes it his sole mission to swallow your soul. An avid lover of the dark, he relies on it to stay hidden, appearing only when he feels you're vulnerable. Looking at him for too long angers him greatly and he lets out an ear-piercing screech. Get caught too many times and the Screecher loses his patience, shattering your lantern and claiming your mortal life. Avoid direct eye contact as much as possible, or be ready to lose your light.

The Creeper: The Creeper is an initially passive creature, wandering through the area minding his own business. His signature hum can be heard well before he can be seen and the closer you get the more his presence affects your reality, assaulting your mind with images. And if you grow ever closer and shine your lantern on him, his dislike of the harsh light source pours forth and he warns you to put it away. Fail to do so quick enough and he ends your life, with little care about your remains. Unlike the Screecher, he's seen less often and makes little effort to directly chase you, but his temper is extremely short, killing you instantly if you hold the light too close. It may be best to put that lantern away when you see him wandering, but don't forget your vulnerable to the Screecher with your light away!

The Stalker: This deadly woman appears through the inky blackness, surprising you and suddenly giving chase. It's best you turn tail and run as fast as you can or she'll make quick work of you with her gruesome cleaver. If you manage to outrun her and break the line of sight long enough, she'll let out a wispy sigh and return to the darkness from whence she came. If you manage to give her the slip for a brief moment, but she spots you again before she gives up, she comes at you with renewed vigor. Just because she's gone don't think it's over yet, she'll return soon enough to test your mettle again.

The Lantern: Try to keep this lit at all times. Putting it away or having its fuel run out draws the Screecher ever closer to your defenseless self. Keep it out too close to the Creeper and you'll incur his wrath. You'll have to rely on scattered cans of lantern oil to keep it going. They can be identified by their orange label and found in three sizes; one that fills only a small amount, one that fills a hair more than 1/3 of its max, and a final that refills your entire lantern. A full container of oil will last you a little under 7 minutes.

Yourself: You are utterly defenseless. All you can do is run to avoid the ever-pursuing monsters, but be mindful, you can only run for o' so long. In your desperation, you can attempt to throw rocks at your assailants, who will most likely laugh at your futile attempts, so it may just be better to use the rocks to activate switches that you couldn't normally with a press. Fear not, though, while being taken by your pursuers is an instant kill, any health you may have lost to slime or lava is healed automatically when you enter a new area! Be mindful that you won't find medikets around before you decide to cross a lava pit, though.

Items: There are few scattered items you can find throughout your travels. Maps of the local area can be found and utilized to better search for the exit. Occasionally, suits that provide protection from slime pools and lava pits can be found, but they're a one time use and last only so long. Besides that, only the sporadic can of lantern oil is the only thing that can be utilized.

Easy Mode: On Easy, you are given five chances to be caught by the Screecher, before he claims your soul. However, entering a new area seems to calm the Screecher, giving you another five chances. Your health is restored alongside entering a new area, so it's almost like a fresh start. The Stalker will not appear as frequently on this skill.

Hard Mode: On Hard, you are actually given ten chances to caught by the Screecher, but there's one important difference, his anger never goes away. Entering a new area does not quell his rage, and that's a fact that you'll have to deal with. You'll have only ten chances to complete your journey and escape the Screecher's pursuit. No matter what, your health refills when you enter a new area. The Stalker will also show up more often, hindering your efforts.

NOTE: Difficulty does not affect the Creeper.

- The Stalker may be aggressive and fast, but is not the brightest being. Weaving through corridors and many rooms should aid in your attempt to lose her.- The Stalker will appear less often depending on two variables: whether you're playing with other monsters on and the selected difficulty. Playing with other monsters AND on Easy will produce the longest gaps between her appearances.
- The Creeper hates light. If you hear him hiss, put your lantern away as soon as you can. Unlike the Screecher, the Creeper can be seen wandering through the darkness.
- Holding "Shift" (Or your default Run key) will cause the player to sprint. You have stamina, so you can only sprint for so long. There is a toggle to give yourself unlimited stamina if you are too hindered by it.
- The sole purpose of the rock is so you can activate panels that required you to punch or shoot in Doom. You have unlimited of them, but there is some delay between uses. And don't even try to hit the monsters with it, unless you're suicidal.
- This wad was designed to be played with pre-made level sets. Play on the classic Doom levels or load up some of your favorite Vanilla/Boom-Compatible level sets and be ready for the Screecher. Map sets like HellBound, Icarus, AV, 1024, and more work very well. Straying into more modern level sets, such as Voodoo Guns, KDIZD, Unloved, TUTNT, etc. are not fully supported and glitches are likely to occur. There is nothing I can do about this and I would appreciate not hearing about my wad failing to work with them. Stick to Vanilla/Boom maps.
- If you are playing a map set that conflicts with the predetermined footstep sounds (Ex: You're walking on grass but you hear metal steps), you can turn off footsteps by changing the option in the menu.
- Turning off all of the monster toggles activates "Passive Mode," where you are free and safe to explore the map in total darkness. Additionally, "Unlimited Stamina" and "Unlimited Fuel" can be turned on, giving you no worries to calmly enjoy the lonely wandering.

- My Brother - Having me create the Lantern and Running Script for his Gunfighter wad (Which I borrowed for this), Support, Beta Tester
- - Misc. Sounds
- The Zombie Killer - Footstep Script
- TorridGristle - Lantern Sprites
- Headfirst Productions - Breath Sound
- Lucas Arts - Lantern Ignite Sound
- Freedoom Team - Screecher Sprites
- Eriance - Creeper (Originally Nightshade) sprites
- Scallino - Stalker sprites
- Stephen Gammell - Horror Images
- Monolith Productions - Misc. Sounds and music
- Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Misc. Sounds
- Tiberium Soul - Death scream, Support
- Ed the Bat: Coding help, Support
- The Screecher (Mod for Don't Starve) - Influence
- Slender - Influence
- Many Authors- The Doom Guy Master Hand Sheet

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Past Change Logs


Version 1:
- Released

Version 1.1:
- Fixed Epilepsy inducing light and integrated Solid Light Patch.
- Slightly increased sprinting speed (Full sprint is about on par with the Doom Marine).
- Added Read Me to actual game file.

Version 2:
- Widescreen (16:9) support!
- Fixed a glitch about the Screecher killing you when your light is off.
- Fixed a glitch about rock throw delay.

Version 3.1:
- Added 5:4 support.
- Added "Lasting Light Settings" in Options menu.
- Added "Footstep Toggle" in Settings. (Effect applies instantly)
- (Reluctantly) Added "Automap Overlay Toggle" in Settings. (Requires map to be reloaded)
- Added "Screecher Toggle" in Settings, giving you the option of whether you want to face him. (Requires map to be reloaded)
- Added "Creeper Toggle" in Settings, giving you the option of whether you want to face him. (Requires map to be reloaded)
- Fixed a glitch with the title screen.
Version 3:
- Added the Creeper, another monster to fear.
- Added title song
- Fixed ANOTHER glitch about the Screecher killing you when your light is off.

Version 3.2:
- Fixed a glitch when you go to the next stage upon death and the lantern wonks out.
- Added ambient music. (Thanks, Tiberium Soul)
- Added oil can pickup sounds. (Thanks, Tiberium Soul)
- Added death scream sound. (Provided by Tiberium Soul himself)
- Added "Unlimited Lantern Oil Toggle" in Settings. (Effect applies instantly)
- Added "Unlimited Stamina Toggle" in Settings. (Effect applies instantly)
- Added "Ambient Music Toggle" in Settings. (Requires map to be reloaded)
- Added visual tweaks to the menu.
- Added quit messages.
- Moved AddPlayerClass from KeyConf to Mapinfo's Gameinfo (Thanks, Ed)

Version 4:
- Added the Stalker
- Added a toggle for the Stalker
- Added realistic (I guess) light and a toggle for it
- Author's Note: Please give me feedback on this. I'm not too happy with how it came out, but I can't think of ways to improve it. Also, Solid Light Toggle is affected by this as well.
- Added Intermission music
- Reform: You can no longer activate the Screecher when your lamp is down
-Author's Note: I kept getting "seen" by the Screecher when I put the lamp away to calm the Creeper and I found that to be unfair. The Screecher will still kill you if you put the lamp away for too long, though.
- Reform: Less delay between rock throws.
- Reform: Found a cleaner version of the title music
- Fixed a oversight on random music selection

RSS Files
Lasting Light V4.1

Lasting Light V4.1

Full Version 16 comments

Latest Change Log: - Fixed a glitch with the Stalker going through walls and mid-textures. - Added addendum to the Stalker on Normal mode, giving you...

Lasting Life

Lasting Life

Singleplayer Map 2 comments

A single map designed for lasting light. Authornote: I've decided to make a custom level for Lasting Light, that involves thinking, not just being jumpscared...

Lasting Light: Version 4

Lasting Light: Version 4

Full Version 1 comment

Version 4 of the Doom mod Lasting Light. Previous versions are considered obsolete and will not be uploaded.

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time to load this with nuts2

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How am I supposed to kill the Icon Of Sin?

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You can't, not in any normal fashion. Though, it might be theoretically possible if you're willing to entertain more outlandish ideas.
You would have to somehow get the monsters to line up perfectly to shoot you into the Icon of Sin, killing you. You would then have to get the Creeper or the Stalker to teleport into there with you and damage the Icon of Sin. However, I'm not sure if you can get either of them to actually attack Romero, never mind even getting in to the room in the first place, which may not be possible without an Arch-vile or rocket launcher.
So, I wouldn't hold your breath it's going to be possible anytime soon, unless Ral22 decides to resurrect this project and implement a way to beat the Icon of Sin.

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I found really hard and creepy mappack.It has really good sprites.Try it.Here is the link -------> Author H.R. Giger. It's for LASTING LIGHT. I tried it.;D

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Man, this is awesome! You are awesome!

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here is a really good map pack with this super scary and horror.
straight to download too :D

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