Gameplay experience refinement mod for the original Doom-3 (not the BFG Edition!!). This is your one-stop-shop for everything there is to rid Doom-3 of all of its blunders & handicaps - and fully transform it into a finely-tuned exploration/survival-oriented action-horror experience in style of the higher difficulty "Dead Space". Explore and hunt for scarce resources to survive. Make every shot count. Assemble and manage a fearsome arsenal as you progress. Enjoy the hyper-detailed levels of Doom-3 and its demon-slaying action, powered by the completely remade sound FX, visual FX, - and a finely tuned gameplay where nothing is wasted. The most accomplished Doom 3 tribute to date.

- Re-balanced weapons, inspired predominantly by Quake II.
- Seamless exploration and combat due to the integrated atmospheric flashlights.
- Greater challenge with the modified and rearranged levels.
- Powerful, professional quality sound effects - redesigned from scratch.
- Completely remade weapon/monster visual effects.
- Every single weapon is now made useful and enjoyable.
- See and appreciate the superb level of detail in the worlds of Doom 3.
- Maximum quality of life adjustments.

Doom 3 Bravo 3 6 Last Bullet f



(A) Optional "Survival Expert" difficulty - this difficulty is soft-coded into Bravo 4.2. Meaning, that you are not forced to play the mod with this setting in effect. How to activate this mode: by default, in Bravo 4.2 - you are required to kill the walking zombies with the Flashlight, (or fists, should you so desire) - all the way until you get the chainsaw. (unlike the vanilla, here it is actually fun)
So, instead - commit to shooting the sleepwalkers with a gun. While it may sound minor, but i assure you - it is not. The difference will be formidable.

1) Atmospheric flashlights that compliment
and work seamlessly with the environments of Doom 3 .

Rating by light effectiveness / ambient effect:

- Fists: none / N/A
- Grenades: none / N/A
- Soul Cube : none / N/A
- Pistol: minimal / blood-red
- Machinegun: weak / soft green (mixed)
- Rocket Launcher: mediocre / soft orange
- BFG: good / clear
- Shotgun: very good / soft green
- Chaingun: excellent / focused clear
- Plasmagun: excellent / soft blue
- Default Flashlight: your best exploration light (v.3) / very slight soft green
- Chainsaw: maxed / blood-red

2) Quality of life:

- Grenades no longer bounce like tennis balls. Makes them extremely useful.
- Taking damage from basic demons does not spin the camera.
- Firing your weapons no longer fills the screen with smoke. All weapons fire clean.
- Revenant's rockets and Mancubus' missiles can now be destroyed.
- Oxygen canisters completely refill air gauge.
- Chainsaw sounds remade: no longer annoying, nice & comfy for the chainsaw exploration.
- Running speed +8%
- Speed while crouched +15%
- Imp's fireballs no longer fill the screen with smoke.
- Hellknight's fireballs no longer fill the screen with smoke.
- Cacodemon's fireballs no longer fill the screen with smoke.
- Lost Souls no longer fill the screen with smoke.
- Revenant's rockets no longer fill the screen with smoke.
- Health loss rate at vacuum/poison environments - reduced to 50%
- Eliminated Chainsaw and Chaingun delay.
- Eliminated fall damage (unless a lethal fall)
- Eliminated NPC whining and the player sounding like a bitch

3) Weapons re-balancing.

This was gradually calculated and fine-tuned over a very, very long time. If you notice, adjustment numbers look rather like something that comes from and RPG game, rather than a traditional first person shooter. That is because the changes were incorporated via small increments, very gradually - until the desired balance was achieved. D3:Bravo weapons are distinctly divided into 5 categories: melee weapons (flashlight, chainsaw), pistol (a category in itself) light weapons (machinegun, shotgun), heavy weapons (chaingun, plasmagun), explosives (rocket launcher, grenades and the BFG). All categories are interconnected: lighter weapons essentially preserve ammo for the heavier weapons. The most effective damage output is achieved only by weapon combos.

- Flashlight: is now necessary (since version 4.2) It has to be used as a weapon against the sleepwalking zombies, - right until the moment when you get the chainsaw. If you refuse to do so, and shoot zombies with a gun, - you will automatically engage the "survival expert" difficulty, by the time you get to Mars Administration. (that's just past the first two levels). That level of difficulty is only for those demon-killing machines who know the how to use the environment, can dodge repeatedly, wield the chainsaw like a samurai sword and always place their shots right between the eyes of whatever is in the crosshairs.
+4% range

- Pistol: +100% clip capacity, +55% fire rate, +7% damage. No longer useless.
- Machinegun: +10% damage. Just what it needed.
- Chaingun: +15% fire rate, +20% accuracy, +60% clip capacity, +5% damage.
Spin-up delay removed. Fires instantly. When you need things to die,
and on the double. The Quake II chaingun.

- Plasmagun: +5% damage. Latest sound design for this weapon makes it
feel absolutely epic.

- Shotgun: +18% accuracy, +10% rate of fire. Now it's a shotgun.
- Rocket Launcher: +16% damage
- Grenades: +7% damage
- BFG: standard shot +25% damage / splash +20% damage / overcharge +10% damage
- Chainsaw: firing delay eliminated. +8% range
Now you can attack with the Chainsaw in a split-second!

4) Demons.

- Imp: health increased +70% (Imps now can survive a shotgun blast to the face...)
+33% damage (fireball) / +20% damage - leap

- Maggot: health increased +70% (still dies from a shotgun blast to the face)
+100% damage - slash / +25% damage - leap

- Cacodemon: +65% health, +30% damage (fireball).
You're gonna need a bigger boat. Most definitely.

- Wraith: +48% health, +20 up to +40% damage. You snooze - you lose.

- Revenant: +33% health, + 60% damage

- Arch-Vile: +21% health

- Pinky: +100% up to +150% damage

5) Items:

Almost all items now give considerably LESS ammo, armor and health, making exploration and resource-hunting mandatory.

- Shotgun: 50% and less
- Machinegun: 60% and less
- Chaingun: weapon pickup gives +25% ammo. Otherwise, unchanged from the original game
- Plasmagun: 50% and less
- Rocket Launcher: 80% and less
- Grenades: 80%
- Pistol: unchanged from the original game
- BFG: unchanged from the original game

- Small health pack now heals only 6 points.
- Large health pack heals 12 points respectively.

- Security armor provides only 6 armor points.
- Armor shard provides only 1 armor point.


(for shotgun, machinegun, flashlight, chainsaw, pistol and chaingun)
***Plasmagun wounds cause enemies to catch fire instead.

Weapon and missile REMADE VFX:

- Plasmagun: projectile explosion, ambient firing flash, ambient explosion flash, target ignition effect

- Rocket Launcher: projectile explosion, ambient firing flash, ambient explosion flash, projectile

- Grenade: explosion, ambient explosion flash

- Chaingun: ambient firing flash
- Shotgun: ambient firing flash
- Pistol: ambient firing flash
- Machinegun: ambient firing flash

- Imp: fireball, fireball explosion, fireball trail, ambient attack flash, ambient explosion flash

- HellKnight: plasma-ball, plasma-ball trail, plasma-ball explosion, ambient attack flash, explosion flash

- Mancubus: plasma-ball, plasma-ball trail, plasma-ball explosion, ambient attack flash, explosion flash

- Barrel: explosion

- Lost Soul: trail, death explosion

- Revenant: rocket explosion



- Flashlight: swing / Flashlight hit

- Pistol: fire / reload / pickup / ammo small / ammo large / pistol equip

- Shotgun: fire /reload/ pickup / ammo small /ammo large

- Machinegun: fire /reload/ machinegun pickup / machinegun equip / ammo small /ammo large

- Chaingun: fire / chaingun pickup

- Plasmagun: fire /reload/ pickup / plasmagun equip / ammo small / ammo large /projectile impact

- Rocket launcher: fire / reload / pickup / rocket launcher equip / ammo small / ammo large

- BFG: fire / overcharge / BFG equip / BFG reload

- Grenade / Rocket explosion

- Chainsaw: pickup / idle

- Low ammo sound indicator

- 'no air' warning signal

- Pain fx. When hurt, our Marine will no longer sound like a bitch.

- Revenant: rocket attack / rocket explosion

- Machinegun zombies: fire fx

- Imp / Hellknight / Mancubus: fireball explosion

- Armor shard pickup

- Health pickup (rev.3)

- Security armor pickup

- Barrel explosion


- radio chatter in Mars City Underground no longer bothers the ambiance.
- bullet ricochet sounds, as these constantly distort the main gun SFX
- 'enemy attack hit player armor' sound will no longer annoy you
- annoying gasps while walking outdoors
- sentry bot beeping while waiting for the player
- player landing old-man-style whimpers
- scientist whining in dark passage in the Alpha Labs 2
- several miscellaneous sounds which either disrupt the atmosphere
or distort weapon fire fx


replaced the gibberish talk of the zombie soldiers with other sounds
from the game. One of the simplest and the best decisions in the D3
soundscape redesign.

Adjusted footsteps sfx: to remove the odd 'gloopy' sounds.


- Mars City Underground.
Removed all health-stations, except for the secret one. This level has a ton of secret areas, - so now you'll need them all.

- Return to Mars City (Mars City 2).
Sentry bot aid removed. No wimping out on the Zsec-gauntlet now. You'll find a couple of extra machinegun clips instead. And none of them cheating health-stations.

- Mars Administration.
Rearranged battles. More interesting and tougher monster array. Slightly different ammo pickups. No wimpy backpack. Medkits only. No cheating with the "get the chaingun early" Martian-Buddy-nonsense. I call this level "a soft deathtrap".

- Alpha Labs 1.
Removed all health-stations, except one. It is placed close to the final fight area.

- Alpha Labs 2.
The contents of the backpack have been made symbolic. Removed all health-stations, except one.

- Alpha Labs 3.
No health-stations, medkits only.

- Alpha Labs 4.
Removed all health-stations, except one. It is placed right before the boss fight.

- Enpro Plant. No sentry bot aid. You have to clear the Imp gauntlet all by yourself. No wimping out. Some extra chaingun ammo is given, and a couple of grenades. All explosive barrels have been removed as well, so you'll have to fight each and every enemy in the level. Only one health-station - at the very beginning.

- Communications Transfer.
All explosive barrels have been removed. No health-stations.

- Communications Tower.
Removed all health-stations, except one in the security room where you activate the sentry bot. Yes, this time around - it is there and will help.

- Monorail Skybridge / Recycling Sector 1.
No health-stations. Medkits only.

- Recycling Sector 2.
Two health-stations available. However, their capacity has been reduced.

- Monorail.
All explosive barrels have been removed. Two health-stations available.

- Delta Labs.
ALL battles have been completely rearranged. Things are going to get tough. Each subsequent Delta level becomes progressively harder, and the starting bar is pretty high already. Delta 3 and Delta 5 have no health stations. Yet tactics, smart movement, knowledge of the game and using the environment to your advantage - still win the day. These new levels are the most fearsome centerpiece of the campaign, surpassing Site 3 and The Caverns. If you decide to choose the "survival expert" difficulty - make sure you know exactly what you're doing (or are willing to learn), otherwise it's an irreversible defeat.
Includes maps Delta1, Delta2a, Delta2b, Delta3 and Delta5.
Expect much more aggressive fights against the classic Doom demons, instead of the cheap-o-matic chaingun zombies and lazy sleepwalkers. Arch-viles and Revenants. Hellknights. Heavy weapons & high action. Quake II says hello.

- Hell.
Compared to the Delta remakes, - this is a breeze. Instead of the berserk artifact - you get the BFG. Now, you have to take that fight, - and fight it, instead of the default way of wimping out via the berserk powerup.

- CPU Complex.
Only two health-stations remain, and they have a reduced capacity.

- Central Processing.
Only one health-stations remains, at 50% capacity.

- Site 3.
Only two health-stations remain. Light weapons supply has been reduced in half (irrelevant here anyway). No time for peanuts. You need the big guns here.

- Caverns 1 and 2.
Medkits only. Light weapons are no longer supplied (not that you'll need them anyway). Focus on shredding demons with the Plasmagun, Chaingun, Rockets and the BFG. There is more than enough ammo for that.

- Excavation.
Most of the ammo has been removed. You should be stocked anyway. "Survival Expert" difficulty does not affect the post-Hell section of the game.

DOOM 3 BRAVO title overlayed



- Extract the archive.

- Place the PAK099_Bravo4.2.pk4 file into your Doom3/base folder.

- Play! ('veteran' difficulty is recommended!
This mod was made for it.)


Extensively tested with original Doom-3, patch 1.31



DOOM-3-BRAVO Mod (all versions, all effects, all sections) - created by HexenStar.

The flashlight part of the mod - is a derivative work: it is my modification
of the "TH Lights" mod, - which was originally created by Talon Hunter, and
is used here as a base material for further modification, with permission.
His idea of making atmospheric flashlights was absolutely genial!

Special thanks to the modder 'Dafama2K7', - for getting me
into particle effects editing, and helping to make sense of it.
Without him, the entire visual fx upgrade part - would not be possible.

Special thanks to the venerable Sir Sherlock Holmes, - for lending
his wisdom in the cases when the modding process reached an impass.


- incompatible with the BFG edition

- there seems to be a bug that temporarily negates all flashlight shaders. This is a bug of Doom-3,
nothing to do with the mod, as it also affects the default D3 flashlight. I have observed that happening often enough in the Communications level, (or - in the Recycling Sector 1 / Recycling Sector 2).
It seems to go away on its own, later in the same level. It doesn't happen every time, but there is nothing i can do about it. This bug can get quite annoying, and occasionally turn deadly - if it hits you in a wrong place, such as the middle of Recycling Sector 2. What you can do, - is go to console and enter the "testlight" command, if the bug catches you in a pitch-black area.

- on rare occasions, red mist from the remade Lost Soul's death explosions will remain in mid-air, - after a Lost Soul is killed. For some reason, this is also accompanied by Lost Soul's death screams. This is rather rare and nothing game-breaking, but i was not able to fix it, - even after investigating and verifying the remade effect multiple times. Encountered the bug in Delta 1 and Recycling sector 2.

- some soundcards may glitch with a strange effect: where machinegun and
pistol will sound considerably louder than everything else in the game.
This is not an issue with the mod. This is an issue of Doom3 itself, and
its hardware compatibility.
In order to resolve that, - turn up Doom3 volume in the game's options
menu - to about 90-95%, and at the same time - lower the global volume
from the Windows. That should fix it.

Encountered the above issue occasionally with some built-in soundcards
and with Soundblaster Audigy as well. Fixed successfully in all instances.

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DOOM 3 BRAVO title overlayed

Since the very distant year 2004, when i first got the shiny and new Doom 3 in a box, i was as equally impressed with the game, as i was appalled by it. The highlights of the new ID Software creation were on par with its blunders. On the negative side of the terrible design decisions were the clunky combat that almost always would commence after you give the enemy a "chivalrous" headstart, tacky and tasteless use of darkness, which made most of the splendid artists' work shamelessly obsolete, an obscene amount of health and ammo at every turn, which made doing even an iota of exploration completely pointless (despite the game having a rather hefty amount of secret areas), botched weapon balance and handling...and this list could go on and on, - until it tops off with the icing on the cake: the abhorrent sound design, which makes the original Quake II SFX sound like a blockbuster...

At the same time, - i was in awe of the design of the Demons, and the levels filled with insane amount of detail and the seamlessly operating inricate sci-fi machinery (where i could actually take a half-decent look at it), - just took my breath away. While the weapons handled (and sounded) like a combination of a constipated frog and a rusty car with missing front wheels, - yet they definitely looked the part. The level ambient soundscape was also top notch, - and even legend-to-come: Dead Space, wouldn't quite surpass that.

Plasmagun glow 1a

Without troubling myself to endure this equal parts mix of flies and ointment - i went for the modding solutions even before getting past half of the game. The potential for something truly magnificent was there, and i saw it clear as daylight. And thus, the story of Doom-3-Bravo mod has begun.

Plasmagun glow 2

And that brings us to Doom-3-Bravo, version 3.4 - which i have significantly upgraded with features and the scope of functions that the mod does, to further polish and maximize the Doom-3 experience, bringing it as close as possible to the style established by "Dead Space" - perfectly becoming the dark eerie corridors of the Martian UAC facilities and relentless demonic hordes you face there.

My aim with the mod is to tailor the gameplay as closely as possible to mandate exploration, - taking full advantage of the plentiful secret areas; upgrade certain demons to a more challenging level,
re-balance weapons into a reasonable hierarchy - and encourage their combining in battle; eliminate nonsense ID blunders, - such as your own weapons obscuring the screen with tons of smoke - for one (among many), provide integrated ambient flashlights that work seamlessly with the environments of Doom-3, and of course - completely new weapon/item sound design from scratch, which will bring some real oomph to the gameplay experience. All of this, - and more (view readme for the complete list of changes) is a neat little package that is Doom-3-Bravo, version 3.4. It is definitely not the final version, as i will continue experimenting to tune-up the gameplay even tighter, to truly rely on everything you've got, down to the last bullet and frag grenade. If i missed any further quality of life adjustment, i will incorporate these as well (even though the vast majority of that is already done). My commitment to this game is rock-solid, as this is the case when one little mod - has turned this beautiful action-adventure into one of my top 5 first-person shooters, the kind i play and still can't get enough of.

And on that note, i invite you to rediscover this game with the 'Bravo' mod. Hunt for scarce resources. Explore everything. Manage, combine and maximize the use of every weapon in your arsenal. Make every shot count. Challenge Hell...and survive. No reason to wait, - download Doom-3-Bravo now.

Doom-3-Bravo, version 4.2

2022 Modding Year In Review - Quarter 1

2022 Modding Year In Review - Quarter 1

Feature 6 comments

Check out our breakdown of the top modding headlines from January to March 2022!

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Doom-3-Bravo, version 4.2

Doom-3-Bravo, version 4.2

Full Version 35 comments

This, is what i always wanted Doom-3 to be like. Far superior to any previous version of the mod, - Bravo 4.2 has everything. Sound FX, visual FX, lights...

Doom-3-Bravo v3.7 (Obsolete, no longer relevant)

Doom-3-Bravo v3.7 (Obsolete, no longer relevant)

Full Version 5 comments

Bravo 3.7 is an early version of the mod, and it deals only with the sound, flashlights and gameplay adjustment. Numerous elements lack the proper polish...

Doom-3-Bravo v.3.4 (obsolete, no longer supported)

Doom-3-Bravo v.3.4 (obsolete, no longer supported)

Demo 3 comments

Lite version. It is incomplete. Basically, a rather extensive demo.


Excellent mod.
I must say I absolutely loved Doom 3, despite its flaws. Doom 3 is an inspired game, the science fiction backgrounds second to none, and the creepiness of the demons really nicely captured. Instead of flamey eyes, you get dark eyesockets, and instead of horns, you get bloody innards peeping through dark skin.

This mod makes Doom 3 a desperate fight for survival. You MUST open every single ammo locker, look beneath all of the stairs, and go inside each vent, to scavenge every possible bullet.
In many occasions, there were so many enemies, and so little ammo, that the answer is to run! Run for your life!! You have to be quite tactical with the enemies you kill, and many times, its just better to outrun them (if you can). You develop this constant exercise of accounting every spent bullet, to the point that sometimes, a wasted machinegun burst made me want to reload!

At times, this mod felt almost sadistic. In the very beginning, I remembered that I had completely ran out of bullets, and had to resort to finishing the last Imp with my bare fists! Truly, this mod makes you desperate, and going for headshots is now a matter of your survival. I am almost certain that, if you dont go for headshots, its just not possible to complete certain levels with this mod.

This mod is also incredibly balanced. I mean, it's almost uncanny. Many times I've found myself up to the last bullet, but I was literally in the last enemy. Many, MANY times! It's so incredibly balanced, that it almost feels like there's a ghost keeping track of your ammo, and giving you just 4 more shotgun rounds when you need to complete the level.

Without a doubt the most intense 1st person scavenge horror game ever made, with that OUTSTANDING Doom 3 lightning and sci-fi creepiness.

P.S.: That being said, I recommend the following weapon tweaks, which is what I did to my game: 1. Massively decrease the spread of the shotgun, in fact the way I like my shotgun is with the settings: Spread:7, Damage:7, Number of pellets:26.
2. Slightly increase the damage of the machinegun to 12, and increase the damage of the plasma gun to 20.

Good hunting, marines!

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hexenstar Creator

Mod creator here. I am glad you enjoy the mod so much! Thank you for your feedback, and sorry for responding late, i am currently heavily invested in an extensive Hexen project, which is my top priority mod.

A couple of things to note though: Doom3Bravo has two intrinsic difficulty levels, which are soft-coded. I mention this in the mod description and readme. There is the standard mode and "survival expert". Survival expert difficulty will be automatically engaged, -if you choose to shoot zombies with a gun. It becomes irreversible by the time you reach the Administration level, so you have the time to reconsider.
The standard mode requires you to kill the melee zombies with the flashlight. I have put some work into it, to make this process more fun than in the original game. In fact, it can get pretty addictive.
The standard mode, - provided you also take all the secret areas (one of my goals was to make exploration mandatory) - leaves you with more than enough ammo to kill absolutely everything, which i always do and recommend to. I had a conversation in the comments regarding this very subject and i even posted my ammo numbers for all weapons at the end of all pre-Administration levels. (both for standard and Survival Expert modes).

This brings us to the Survival Expert mode. First of all, it is absolutely possible (and recommended) to kill everything. Trust me, this mod comes from a player who absolutely despises running away as an option - in any game. So naturally, i wouldn't make a mod that forces the player to do that. No way. "No one lives" - is my FPS policy. Survival Expert is oriented for players who not only are great with a gun, but are also required combining weapons for the best ammo management and DPS. And, incorporating chainsaw into the gameplay - is a huge difference. Once the chainsaw is acquired - a lot of enemies become chainsaw fodder right away. This chainsaw was modified for an instant switch and instant attack, so it's nothing like the drag it was in the vanilla. You can ambush enemies in doorways with the chainsaw, duck under the tentacle zombie attack and finish him in less than 2 seconds with chainsaw. Same goes for the Cherubs (hasta la vista, baby!) Even Arch-Vile!! While he is busy posturing - ripping him apart with the chainsaw is the fastest way to kill. And it can be also used as a finishing blow in a close-range gun combo. So there is that too. I show all of these things in this video:

Last but not least, - i did balance it very carefully for a very, very long time. Aiming exactly for the last bullet gameplay. I also captured that on video. The main inspiration was the original Dead Space, which i consider the best game of all time. The combat in that game consists of smaller encounters, but against more meaningful and dangerous enemies. There is no way to double-jump a la Mario out of any encounter and shots feel weighty and immersive. This is complimented by the remade VFX and the many new, professionally crafted sound effects in D3Bravo - that you virtually feel like the guns are talking to you during the game.

However, there are still enemy AI issues in the remade Delta levels in the version 4.2 of the mod. And there is a flashlight bug that happens in the Recycling/Communications level, that i was not able to solve. I have started working on the new version of the mod, which will be anywhere between v4.4 and v5.0 - depending on how many new features i am going to implement. Currently i have paused the work in favor of Hexen mods, but so far i fixed AI errors in Delta and redesigned the battles in the Delta complex completely from scratch. Guess became much tougher.

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good mod to try.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this compatible with the duct tape mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

How does your mod compare to Overthinked mod? I played that mod a few years back, and i had fun with the more tactical approach.

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For anyone trying to play this mod, I have a lot of issues with Doom 3, even if I'm trying to play it in a windows 7 platform. One is the bane of not being able to change resolution, settings wouldn't be applied no matter how I hard I tried (I followed steam guides, posts on steam, forum all around the world, etc etc).

These are my suggestions (and they can be applied to Bravo too).

1) Install Doom 3 + ROE and upgrade it to patch 1.31
2) Install the following mod:

You can find informations about it here: - note that you are supposed to install the main file, not the file intended for mods.

3) [optional] Install Bravo mod

4) Some unrelated notes] Note that if you mess something up and uninstall the game, if you try to reinstall ROE you will get a message writing that you cannot install ROE due to the fact that DOOM 3 is already patched. In that case, you are supposed to do the following:

1) Insert the CD.
2) Double-click on the My Computer icon.
3) Right-click on the CD-ROM drive that the disc is in and select Explore.
4) Open the Setup\Data folder.
5) Right click on the d3xp folder, and select Copy.
6) Go to the directory where Doom 3 is installed to (the default is C:\Program Files\Doom 3).
7) Go to menu at the top and select Edit > Paste.
8) Once the d3xp folder has finished copying over, right click on the Doom 3 executable, and select 'Create Shortcut'.
9) Right-click on the shortcut that is made, and go to Properties.
10) Click on the Shortcut tab.
11) Add this to the end of the target line: +set fs_game d3xp

Your entire target line should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +set fs_game d3xp

12) Click Apply then OK.
13) Launch the game from this shortcut.
14) The first time the game is launched, it will ask you to enter your Resurrection of Evil CD key. Enter it, and you will be able to play the game normally.

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Will you make a version for resurrection of evil?

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hexenstar Creator

Your question has been answered in detail here (the comments):

BTW, i don't know why the mod's page at Moddb lists status as "released", since it is not 29.4.2022 yet. Lol, not for another 20 hours or so. And the mod launches in about 38 hours from now. :-)

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Which files does this mod affect? I'm trying to change the shotguns damage spread in the regular pak files but it doesn't seem to have an effect in-game?

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hexenstar Creator

The mod does not affect any files of Doom3. It's a completely standalone package and it DOES NOT change anything in Doom3 game files. Tested countless times on dozens of machines. Even with the ancient Bravo-1, which is over decade and a half old - never a single glitch. Bravo-4 is gonna shred everything else to dust.

If you want to change weapon stats - you can't do it in the pak file.
You need to follow the same method that this mod does. Create a mirror directory, where you copy the settings files from the pak. Maintain naming convention and a sub-directory structure. Copy respective def files. Change the settings you like. Works automatically.


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