For 150 years, the Alliance-Imperial war has been raging across the galaxy. Fought between the autocratic forces of the Goldenbaum Dynasty and the democratic Free Planets Alliance, the war is finally reaching its conclusion. The next generation of military geniuses is making its debut and no one can tell who will prove more cunning. The "Blond Brat", Reinhard von Müsel, recently promoted to admiral, sets out to conquer the galaxy with the help of his childhood friend, Siegfried Kircheis. Across the galaxy, Commodore Yang Wenli, "The Hero of El Facil", fights to uphold his democratic ideals in spite of a corrupt and decaying republic. When these strategists clash, the fate of the galaxy will be decided. Dämmerung einer neuen Zeit is a total conversion mod for Star Wars: Empire at War Forces of Corruption, bringing the game into the universe of Yoshiki Tanaka's Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The mod is primarily based on the OVA series adaption of the original novels.

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Mod Announcement


Welcome to the Legend of the Galactic Heroes mod for Empire at War. This mod is something I thought would exists but was surprised to find the spot vacant. I have already been working for about a month and am making good progress so I thought I would announce the project publicly. Development will be mostly closed but I am always open to occasional help, questions, and suggestions so don't hesitate to ask.

I briefly set up a discord to use for the mod community but there's no one in it as of writing this. If you are interested please do join as I've been wanting to get it at least a little populated.

permanent discord link:

An FAQ about the mod is featured on the discord but I will repost it in its current state here.

Q: What is Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LOGH or LOTGH)?

A: Legend of the Galactic Heroes is an epic space opera novel series written by Japanese author Yoshiki Tanaka from 1982 - 1987. The novels have had several animated adaptions made, most famously the 1988 OVA series, clocking in at 110 episodes making it the longest anime OVA ever released.

Q: What is Star Wars Empire at War? A: Star Wars Empire at War is a 2006 real time strategy video game made by Petroglyph Games based in the Star Wars universe.


Q: Why are you making this?

A: I only recently watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes but I have become captivated by its storytelling and universe. What surprised me was how few games and mods existed for this IP. A few games exist but they are almost impossible to play without an understanding of Japanese. As for mods it isn't much better, but there is one very well made one for Sins of the Solar Empire. Of course I could have just been happy with that but I was not. I grew up playing Empire at War and have played almost every popular mod released on it, so I finally decided to do some modding myself. I have modded several other games in the past and know my way around code. 3d modeling is really what I need to learn.

Q: How long is this mod going to take?

A: This is not something that should take years to complete. Already I am making good progress but as said 3d modeling will be a big hurdle for me moving forwards so I don't know how long that aspect of it will take.

Q: How do you install this mod? A: Well it isn't out yet but when it is, just like any other. I plan to release on ModDB and the Steam Workshop

Q: Do you plan to continue updating the mod after release?

A: Right now I am. There are so many possibilities within the LOGH universe and I can think of several factions I can add on after the initial release. It really depends on how I feel after the first release.

Q: What will be in the initial release?

A: Currently planned is Skirmish mode featuring the main 2 factions, the Empire and the Free Plants Alliance. I have loc for Phezzan as well functioning as the Consortium, but I don't want to spend any more time than I need for the first release of the mod.


Q: How should I contact you?

A: Mainly discord (Ekaylor#2796) but Steam also works

Well, I suppose that's it for my opening remarks. I really hope this mod works out and I can get all the ambition in my head out into the game.

Signing off, o7


-Svarog- - - 213 comments

I've been waiting for this for a very long time. It would be the best mod

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Darth_Nissarus - - 207 comments

Hello man, at first i want to say i love original LOGH OVA. It is a good anime to make a game on it, specially strategy. But. EaW is a different type of space RTS than LOGH idea - there is no line battles, no 20k - 40k fleets and you can't move you're ships up\down for tactical maneuvers and other like EaW have particular laser bolts and make ray lasers problematic... Anyway good luck on it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Warper243 - - 243 comments

I would have recommanded you learning to 3d model (or at least kitbashing) before starting this as if you dont have an understanding of that this will just become another "ideas mod" with not much more than some textures being changed.
Lotgh will require you to create both spaceships and ground armies (and then rig them) from scratch, and thats not including uvs and textures, which is a big task, which will require tons of time, from learning to actually making models.
Anyways good luck.

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pax_romana82 - - 161 comments

Very long waiting for Legend of the Galactic Heroes mod for Empire at War,the most interesting anime! Welcome commander! Waiting mod!

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