DiG: The race is exactly that, a race. Except you get to shoot at your fellow racers. Every Racer is given a RaceWeapon that can shoot any number of projectiles. They are:

  • Homing Pack:
  • Primary: a homing missile
    Secondary: a transponder that attracts homing missiles

  • BioDeath Pack:
  • Primary: shoots a bouncing ball of bioDeath
    Secondary: drops a ball of bioDeath for someone to run into

  • Physical Disrupter:
  • Primary: ejects a projectile that will slow down opponents
    Secondary: drops a mine that will slow down opponents

  • Shield:
  • Puts a shield around you that will protect you from all ammo types except the fire shield (3 charges Max)

  • Fire Shield:
  • Puts a shield around you that makes you invincible and lethal to any players you touch

  • Speed Boost:
  • Boosts your speed for 3 seconds.

  • Invisibility:
  • Primary: Makes you invisible and invincible for 30 seconds.
    Secondary: Drops and Invisible block that will slow other racers down

  • Matthias' Earth:
  • Primary: Launches a lethal boulder in front of you.
    Secondary: Launches a lethal boulder behind of you.

Ammo can be picked up in boxes around the track. You can hold a maximum of 2 packs.

Once you are killed you start over at the place you started the race. Placed through out the tracks are white X ahnks that when touched updates your start position. Once you touch these, your start spot moves.

DiG stands for Digital Image Games. In the future... The machine AI obtains consciousness and over throws the human race. Humans are still around but they are few and far between. Many humans live in the slave pens of the machines. There are some tasks that the machines just don't feel is worth their time...so the humans do them...or die.

Creations tend to reflect their creators. Much of the AI that took over was based on gambling algorithms used to try to get a leg up in Vegas. As a result...deep with in the AI...their is a desire for risk. Due to the binary nature of the machines, this desire cannot be satisfied...or as soon as a process is designed by one machine it is broken by another. There for the Machines turn to humans to fulfill their lust. The developed the Digital Image Games(DiG). Humans are plugged into a neural network and engage in many contests....the prize? Less time in the torture chamber back
at the slave pens and the opportunity to dream of freedom....

There are two modes of play. One is a foot race where you play standard UT player models. You can also play in car mode. To do this, open the DiG: The Race menu from the Mod section of the menu bar. In this window check the "Play With Cars" Check Box. In car mode, each player is replaced with a hover car.

You can speed the race up by using the Game Speed Slider in the standard Practice Session/Multiplayer game menu. Car mode is really fun at a speed of 150%.

Recommended Settings
Frag Limit = 0
Time Limit = 10
Auto Adjust Skill: Unchecked.
Initial Bots = 7
Max Players = 8

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    Um, this is one hard mod to play (I can never win!!). Turning the car looks a bit crappy. But this is a good work. Congratulations!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    I love this mod =p

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    I agree with Darkness.

    It is simlar to Mario kart, but isn't as good..
    I expected the vechiles if they were, to be faster.. the courses to be bigger and besides from that its quite a good little mod.

    It kinda reminds me of the Half-Life: Bumper Cars mod.
    If they made this a bumper cars mod, this would rule!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    lol this is funny

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    good job

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    Darkness Creator

    Ahm... no! :P

    Reply Good karma+1 vote

    man after all this time: Should i download this?

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    Darkness Creator

    It's something like Mario Kart, but badly done... it doesn't have a vehicle code.. you'll easily notice that you're not a vehicle, but a person with a vehicle "sprite", that's what it looks like...

    Anyway, it's funny... for a while.

    Reply Good karma+1 vote

    is this what im thinkin it is?
    a Twisted Metal Like gameplay?!!!!
    but thought UT did not allow the vehicle code? WTF how is this possible then

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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