Ignore V1, V2 is the official Darthmod Improvements.

This mod tries to achieve the ultimate napoleon total war experience by combining the following mods:

  • "DarthMod Napoleon" by DarthMod Productions
  • "Reb's NTW Ballistic Realism" by RebelSchutze
  • "DISMOUNT MOD" by Flangled_Mace
  • "Additional Units Mod - Napoleon" by SwissHalberdier
  • "Bran Mac Born DMN" by Bran Mac Born

Disclamer: i do not own or did all the work that is put on this mod. This mod is based on Darthmod and AUM for darthmod, all the other changes made were either copied from another mod or changed by me. I didn't made the new units, texture, graphics, uniforms etc, i only did the pack file manager changes.

  1. Artillery ballistics and economic changes are based on RebelSchutze's mod
  2. Dismounting cavalry is based on Flangled Mace's mod
  3. The Ai is copied from Bran Mac Born DMN mod
  4. HOWEVER the base files are all from Darthmod and AUM

ATENTION: Im not a professional modder, i dont know how to mod most things, i just know how to change stats in PFM, pls dont ask for very complicated stuff. If you wanna work with me or help, just contact me pls

This mods changes the following:

  • Buildings back to vanilla settings (darthmod stats divided by 10)
  • All round shot can ricochet off the ground and water
  • All projectiles have real life muzzle velocity, distance and spread (thanks to rebz mod changes)
  • Grenadiers have grenades
  • Militias can now use skirmish (fall back when the enemy gets close and everyone shoots when they are shooting at cav)
  • All cavalry can dismount with the exception of lancers (lances bug and it sucks)
  • Dragoons can shoot while moving as they should (watch out bc they have 150 range like all the other small guns)
  • Cannonballs are now the same as in Darthmod Empire (the last landing of the round shot gets a shock wave (its actually 10 airgun bullets like in DME, but there's no good way to implement the shockwave without changing textures automagically, pls let me know if you prefer the DME version (both ricochet and final landings shoot 20 grenade fragments in every direction (10 go directly underground so there's a max limit of 11 kills if every bullet hits + the cannonball), every landing/direct hit 3-8 kills average) or the shock wave version (both ricochet and final landings have a 2 meter diameter radios of damage, every landing/direct hit 1-4 kills average) currently is in the DME version))
  • Economic changes from Rebz's mod to the campaign (basically making trade with allies and keeping those alliances more valuable and rewarding)
  • Unit's special ability barrage and accuracy (for arty) take 3 minutes and last for 3 minutes; rally and inspire take 2 minutes and last for 2 minutes; and all can be used 5 times
    • Airgun and pistol muzzle velocity and range fixed from Reb'z mod, airgun - 150 meters engagment, 150m/s, pistol - 50 meters engagment 225m/s (half of a musket), Axe throwing - 10 meters engagment
  • No bonus given from marksmanship to rifles (soldier's accuracy and gun's precision are separated just like irl, so a good rifle can only be good use in good hands and eyes)
    • BUT there's marksmanship bonus for hand "weapons" (axe throwing, grenades, bows, chakkar?) of 75 (points i think? idk what they are refering to when putting this numbers, made it 75 accourding to the vanilla stats, if im correct its a 75% bonus (in vanilla the values of this bonus are from -100 to 100 so i guess it is percentage)), basically grenades are better thrown by an elite grenadier regiment than a normal grenadier regiment.
  • Everyone can hide in dense trees/forests, inf, cav and arty
  • Mobs Skirmish and irregulars can hide in buildings
  • Moral System reworked by rebz, canons have low moral when left alone, units rout when more than half of the unit is killed (level 1), unit positioning is even more important (watchout ot leave your units alone) and morale is much more important now
  • Cavalry slighly faster when running, and a slighly bigger difference between light medium and heavy cavalry
  • Experience system slightly reworded by reb, it takes a little longer achieve level 1 but a little less as the levels increase
  • Ships take longer to build
  • Prestige reworked by reb to meet the diplomacy rebalance
  • You can now ambush in every forest on the campaign map
  • Canons now shoot as in DME but bc of the angle and the game engine its more rare to bounce, but its much more accurate (had teamkilling problems because of the game handeling spread values)
  • Naval canons shots have a low chanceto start fires and Carcass a medium chance
  • All factions Playable in mp, both land and sea
  • Carbine muskets now spread the same as a flintlock
  • Skirmishes (210m) andairgun (230m) now have the same plus meters than in darth in relation to the base distance (150m)
  • Canons now shoot as in DME (unfortunatly due to the game's engine, shooting directly or indirectly inst affected by max elevation (shooting angle) so it looks like a howitzer -_-)
  • French column unit spacing fixed
  • All infantry can shoot while in combat (so basically they can shoot while not standing in a formation like when is fort walls, its still pretty derpy but it works better, also they dont actually have the ability to skirmish, just the behaveour, of course if the unit can actually do formation fire they will)
  • Naval canons shots have a low chanceto start fires and Carcass a medium chance
  • Auto resolve doesnt change depending on difficulty
  • Every regiment costs 500 population
  • Cavalry slighly faster at walking
  • Every nation gets a base gdp of 2000
  • Trade is much more valueable and trade price are all x10
  • Technolagies buffed
  • All light infantry can make a square
  • AI in both battle and campaign improved from Bran's mod

Unfortunately its not possible to change units speed so columns are faster than lines :(

Possible (mostly hard to happen) changes:

  • Double unit size, up to 1000 militias with X2 in darth definitions, but that would imply rebalancing cannons and cavalry and increasing their numbers and i dont know how to effectivly balance so much units
  • Decrease accuracy for all units to simulate stress and soldiers being "afraid to shoot strangers", that would imply to rebalance moral to be more like NTW3 and i don't know how to mess with moral (no need, darthmod already does that)
  • Half all the fatigue de-buffs for tired, very tired and exhausted
  • Grenadiers have mass fire (everyone shots), but for some reason they aren’t shooting like that in all my tests, apparently the unit needs both voley_fire and skirmish abilities for everyone to shoot, but they keep on shooting by rank; i can make the militias fire all at the same time but i cant do it to other units for some reason. So if any modder knows whats wrong, pls tell me.
  • Mob's and garrisons shoot mass fire, but mass fire makes the unit spread, so its kinda weird, its the same effect with the fire and advance but it's not fixed, so the unit spreads and once no one is in its sights it goes back to normal distancing
  • All Infantries can "shoot while moving" (so you don't have to wait for one guy to reload to start shooting), but that would imply that all infanry just shoot without coordenation, so no rank fire, that will be up to debate
  • Make light inf hide in buildings
  • Cavalry have grappling hook
  • Reduce the round cannonball damage to units
  • Make an iron cannon ball made for direct fire at forts and a lead cannonball for direct and indirect fire that breaks when hitting the ground (not possible)



Follow the installation methods in both of them (first install darthmod then AUM), the download links are this ones:



AUM for DMN:


Then install my mod


  1. Download the zip
  2. Extract files
  3. Copy past the files unto your Napoleon data files, usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War\data
  4. Replace them with the original Darthmod and AUM files from your previous installations (from requirements)
  5. Your script shall have all of this two " mod DMN_DarthMod_Napoleon.pack; mod DMN_aum_nap_mod.pack; " and if you are playing with x2 units, it should automaticly have this one too " campaign_unit_multiplier 2; "

If nothing changes you can always copy paste again

PS: you may need the "use custom script" in the darthmod menu to make aum work

Protip: if you wanna have extra camera zoom copy past this " default_camera_type 2; " into the script in darthmod's menu


mod DMN_DarthMod_Napoleon.pack;
campaign_unit_multiplier 2;
mod DMN_aum_nap_mod.pack;
default_camera_type 2;

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Mod updates

News 5 comments

DMN_DarthMod_Napoleon.pack file is done, only 12 left to edit.

Basically its only left is to add the abilities to the special units that darthmod add, but all vanilla units are gone.

-add skirmish to militia and garissons is missing too

arround 60% done

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Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.2 x2 cannon

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.2 x2 cannon

Full Version

X2 cannons for 1.4.2, NEED TO HAVE 1.4.2 TO COPY PASTE THIS, here is just the files with arty on them

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.2

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.2

Full Version

technolagies rebalanced and infantry shooting made more dynamic

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.1 x2 cannon OLD

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.1 x2 cannon OLD

Full Version 6 comments

X2 cannons for 1.4.1, NEED TO HAVE 1.4.1 TO COPY PASTE THIS, here is just the files with arty on them

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.1 OLD

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4.1 OLD

Full Version

Cannons rebalanced, they now shoot properlly and not like howitzers, apparently the problem was the bullet velocity so i changed it back to darth mod...

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4 x2 cannon OLD

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4 x2 cannon OLD


X2 cannons for 1.4, NEED TO HAVE 1.4 TO COPY PASTE THIS, here is just the files with arty on them

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4 OLD

Darthmod Improvements V 2 1.4 OLD

Script 2 comments

Bran mod implemented/integrated in the mod, the ai in diplomacy and if i'm not wrong the battle ai too Technology greatly improved

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Many units disappeared

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
003skar98 Creator

you probably didnt install it corretly

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Do you have dicord

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
003skar98 Creator

only an account

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have some questions BUT I need use dicord

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I find bug

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how to change wall damage to normal like in vanilla?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
003skar98 Creator

what do you mean by wall damage?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is this a standalone mod or i need DarthMod for this mod to work?

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003skar98 Creator

read requirements

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