Dark Interval is a restoration/revision mod that lets you play Half-Life 2 as it could have been: with custom maps, new voiced dialogue, new models and textures, all based on Valve's early concepts. The mod is released in episodes, the most recent being Dark Interval: Part I - an intro chapter to the bigger story.

RSS Dark Interval Part I - Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1 is live! Full changelog at the end of the article.

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Patch 1.1 brings numerous bug fixes, level improvemends, and is generally aimed to enhance player's experience with Dark Interval: Part I.

How to install:

Once downloaded, use 7zip or Winrar to extract the archive 'patch_1_1' into your sourcemods folder (provided you have Dark Interval: Part I installed). When asked to overwrite files, press OK. Once all the files have been extracted, you're ready to go! You do not have to restart Steam for the patch to take effect.

Note that your old saved games will not be compatible with this update.

Also, you may have noticed that the main upload (Dark Interval: Part I) has been reuploaded with the patch. If this is your first time installing this mod, you can skip the rest of this article, and just go download that archive - it already has the patch in it.

Main changes:

- Lipsync added (huge thanks to ildarion for pointing us in the right direction)

- Critical crash scenarios eliminated (including crash when picking up a medkit, crash on physic prop breaking)

- Greatly reduced risk of key NPCs getting stuck in their script (please notify us if that still occurs to you)

- Odell is now invlunerable to player attacks

- City residents now properly respond to player interaction, and behave in a more natural way

- Manhack camera has been fixed, and no longer clips through walls inside simulation

- Radiostation level has been improved, to provide clearer player navigation

- Picked-up prop transparency improved, plastic crates no longer turn invisible

- Main menu music/new ambient tracks added (credits go to CW3D)

- On Terminal, fade-to-black cutaways have been replaced with continuous level design (i. e. actual passable tunnels, with no immersion breaking fade-aways)

- On Lab level, it is no longer possible to get stuck in the lift, or enter the shaft under it. Also, following the telepod malfunction, Barney & Kleiner are no longer speaking through the radio channel.

Overall, Patch 1.1 includes more than 65 changes/fixes. You can find full changelog here: Pastebin.com

Have a nice time. Please report any further issues to us!


Thank you guys so much for this patch. Lipsync was definitely needed. With the bugs gone, too, there isn't very much that could be improved with this mod.

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FINALLY! Many things that we needed!

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Wonderful, To keep good work.

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Great patch, nice to see you guys keeping up with it.

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You can walk through part of the wrecked cars. Is the UI supposed to never show up? There's also a door or two that isn't properly attached, allowing you to see through the map. (Most of this is after you save the citizen).

With the Vortigaunt in the sewer part (right after he's supposed to say something about it reminding him of a place they once called home), I couldn't break the ice. Had to noclip past it.

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Cvoxalury Author

Well, the reason there's no full UI is because you're not in the HEV suit yet. You're in the worker suit, which is far less advanced. But you still have the bars around the crosshair, no? The ones that show your health level and ammo reserve.

We are working on a simplified yet functional UI for the early chapters, though.

The 'ice' (it's actually supposed to be web) suffers from one not-so-good idea of mine. It won't break until you dealt with the headcrabs but they sometimes get stuck up on the ledges in that tunnel. We're now well aware how awful that idea was!

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Maybe keep the UI more similar to that of HL1's. That could make for an interesting transition for when you get the HEV suit. For visibility's sake, add a bit of an outliine, if necessary.

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