D3BaseLite mod v1.4 for Doom 3 by Dafama2k7 (25-06-2k21)


This mod is a compilation of fixes for Doom 3 base, that does just this, fix many of bugs found in the standard, default Doom 3 base, specially in defs and scripts, but also on materials, particles and so on. Also it adds some new stuff, like particles, materials and effects. This mod is not something spectacular with big changes, but is some even inperceptible changes and additions, that fixes small and big bugs and make Doom 3 the most perfect basis for the hundreds of mods available, so every mod runs much better and smoother with this fixes.


v1.4 - Updated shaders.
- Updated A.I. scripts.
- Added optional double barrel shotgun, ready to be used.
- Ready for use with Dhewm3, fully compatible.
- Added pistol at two hands, optional.
- Added new texture for shells models for both shotgun and machinegun, pistol and chaingun, double barrel...

v1.3 - Fixed bugs and added many new features.

v1.2a - More bug fixes and enhanced the plasmagun.

v1.2 - Many bug fixes.

v1.1 - New Sentry A.I. that try not to shot the player if in between combat and more.
- Better lights with shadows.
- BFG has an idle sound.
- Fixed many bugs.

v1.0 - New particles added for brass and debris smoke.
- New FX added for muzzleflash, grenade flash and more.
- Fixed .prt badly named as .ptr on both BFG and ChainGun weapons.
- Added script functions for noammo anim, on the pistol, so when the pistol is empty make the clic, clic sound and animation.
- Fixed some guns sounds, like machinegun, pistol and plasmagun specially, that, before stop the fire sound when reloads or make the clic sound for empty animation, now it doesn't stop the fire sound anymore.
- Fixed some velocity and mass for the weapons projectiles for to be more real and faster, requiring less power and increassing the fire rate.
- Balanced the spread for most weapons, like the shotgun so big spread before and now something balanced but more realistic.
- The grenade is toggable now and it returns to the previous weapon after throwing a grenade.
- The Chaingun acts like Predator movie, continue spinning after fire all rounds.
- Added full muzzleflash to the zombie_commando_cgun, now is fixed.
- Enhanced sounds for some weapons.
- Includes textures and models for moveable objects, now work better and are RoE compatible.
- Added custom E3 Alpha crosshair, in my opinion far better than the D3 default.
- Added translucent console.
- Enhanced with the best A.I. scripts for Doom 3 demons and zombies.
- Dead zombies gib themselves after 20 seconds.
- Sentry A.I. bettered, it try always to not shoot at the player if in between the monsters and the Sentry.
- Tweaked each and every weapon, both defs and scripts.


Strelock - Good ideas.
TRSGM - Shaders.
Phrozo - skins for some weapons.
defs - Dafama2k7
scripts - Dafama2k7

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Bare mod

Feature 1 comment

This mod is the basis i use for make mods, i start from here, it has primarily bug fixes, from small things, like BFG and chaingun def files to change the wrong default .prt to the correct .prt, to big changes, like the muzzleflash fix for the chaingun commando, it makes the fire sounds to not be stopped by other sounds, like reload or noammo sounds.

Has fixes for many models that now can be moveable and before where static, like for example, the model for the Grabber is now moveable in RoE, that's because i used as clipmodel the machinegun moveable model.

The weapons has all dynamic lightning, for example plasmagun and BFG, they also can be heard when the fireball or bullet hits the enemy, the weapons uses tracers for fly bullet sounds, but not shows any tracer.

The grenade doesn't bounce as much as before and has a much better sound specially for the grenade, before it was using the same sounds as the rockets explosions.

All the scripts have been changed for both demons, zombies and weapons. The lights and the materials for the lights have been changed for do more shadows and better lightning effects, but its a start, its not a full mod that has all enhanced and tweaked, this is the basis, then a lot of changes and enhancements can be added but starting from this mod is a good start, another example, the flashlight uses two lights, one cast shadows the other just is for enlighten the surroundings like a real flashlight.

This mod does many hidden things and of course is compatible and can be added HD Textures like Wulfen and Monoxead, change the shaders, enhanced the models of the weapons, change the skins of the monsters, enhance the sounds more, but if you want a starting point but not as complex as Sikkmod and without require a custom .dll library, but with adding new features such as secondary button and more, this is your starting mod.

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zzz onereloadshotgun doom3x

zzz onereloadshotgun doom3x

Weapon Model

OneReloadShotgun mod replaces the default shotgun with a very cool looking shotgun that reload all in just one time. It uses some textures, custom animations...

Double Barrel add-on

Double Barrel add-on

Weapon Model 1 comment

This is an optional add-on file that can be dropped into the d3_gameplay_fixes folder (named d3baselite) that adds the double barrel shotgun on default...

D3 gameplay fixes

D3 gameplay fixes

Full Version 5 comments

This mod is a compilation of fixes for Doom 3 base, that does just this, fix many of bugs found in the standard, default Doom 3 base, specially in defs...

Guest - - 688,627 comments

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Dafama2k7 Creator
Dafama2k7 - - 156 comments

Thanks for your comments, soon there will be a new and better version here... :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
GuyFawkesGaming - - 70 comments

Is this BFG compatible?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dafama2k7 Creator
Dafama2k7 - - 156 comments

No, it is NOT BFG compatible, but i have made a similar mod for D3 BFG here, click on this...: Moddb.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Larback - - 11 comments

I like it, but there's many things here that were simply stolen from the E3 alpha... Also, the glass reflection effect makes no sense and the Machine Gun firing sounds don't mix with the rest of the other guns' sounds, it's too weak and quiet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dafama2k7 Creator
Dafama2k7 - - 156 comments

Thanks, i will check this and try to change what you say and make it better...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,627 comments

Seems working. If you have problems running it with AMD graphics, simply skip the "D3_shaders.pk4" file. If you dislike the modded crosshair, skip the .PK4 file containing "crosshair" word in it. I like how this mod is constructed. It is easy to install, customizable due to being dispatched between several cooperating files, as well as seemingly introducing sensible but soft changes to the gameplay.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dafama2k7 Creator
Dafama2k7 - - 156 comments

Thanks and soon there will be a new version here...

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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