This compilation includes the latest versions of best graphic mods and particle effects for Doom 3. RoE not supported.
This stuff includes:
- Sikkmod 1.2 (Sikkpin);
- High-poly models meshes (Sikkpin);
- High-poly weapon LWO (Rockmong);
- Enhanced Doom 3 models 1.1 (EvilEngine);
- Monoxead Texture Pack (Monoxead);
- Wulfen Texture Pack 1.0 (Wulfen);
- Wulfen Texture Pack 2.0 (Wulfen);
- High-res Pipes for Wulfen's textures;
- Parallax Occlusion Mapping plugin;
- Xio's skin pack (Xio);
- 6th Venom's HQ Mainmenu (6th Venom);
- D3 Fullshadows 1.4 (Dafama2K7);
- 1024x1024 jumbo size monsters skins (Sadicimus);
- 1024x1024 textures 1.3 (Dafama2K7);
- Enhanced particle effects;
- Improved A.I. (Realism Mod by Strelok);
- New weapon animations (S.T.A.R. 1088 by Chimueloeldragon2011);
- Double Barrel Shotgun from RoE.


Doom 3 must be patched up to 1.3.1 version. The game must be without installed mods.


Run installation package and install mod into your \Doom 3 folder

If you need disable POM (parallax occlusion mapping) for HD textures, go to 'Doom 3\absolutehd' directory and delete 'glprogs' folder.

Known Issues:
1. White screen on the ATI videocards:
This is a fairly common problem with Sikkmod on ATI videocards. Need disable Catalyst A.I. in the settings of videodriver, or make the following:
- Press Win+R;
- Write: 'regedit' and press Enter;
- Find folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} \ 0000 (or 0001) \UMD\";
- Change "CatalystAI" key value: 31 (or 32) to 30, then change CatalystAI_DEF key value to 0.

2. Small FPS freezes:
Write command in the console:
\image_anisotropy 8

3. Low difficulty:
Start new game and write command in console, depending on the needed:
\g_skill 0 - (Recruite) or
\g_skill 1 - (Marine) or
\g_skill 2 - (Veteran) or
\g_skill 3 - (Nightmare).

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Doom 3 Absolute HD 1.6

Doom 3 Absolute HD 1.6

Full Version 97 comments

New graphic compilation for Doom 3 by Domansu and Cverdzislav. This modification includes the latest versions of graphic improvements and particle effects...

Absolute Gameplay Fix 1.32

Absolute Gameplay Fix 1.32

Patch 27 comments

Removes gameplay changes from Absolute HD mod, leaves everything else.

Doom 3 ROE Absolute HD 1.1

Doom 3 ROE Absolute HD 1.1

Full Version 54 comments

This is basically Absolute HD that has been modded to work correct with Resurrection of Evil

Comments  (0 - 10 of 486)

One of the best Doom³ mods around. Enjoy playing it on Veteran difficulty on the original release with 1.3.1 patch and the vanilla guns patch. Very easy installer, too.

Best looking version so far, and the added double shotgun is necessary over the major fail that the original doom3 shotgun is.
Unforturnatly, I've encountered a few bugs, too.

1) I've been having the same issue that Fady117 is having regarding the toggled run and crouching resetting itself every restart, even with .cfg edits. I still have to try setting this to autoexec, but it's still annoying.
2) This is an original sikkmod issue, I think. While most paralax textures look fine, I do have major issues with terrain applied ones, which seem to blur and float all over the place. Noticed this mostly on hell scape textures. Removing the file interaction.vfp from absolutehd/glprogs is removing the issue while retaining most of the surface quality improvements. Like I said, mostly an original sikkmod issue (running win10 / x64 with an nvidia 6gb graphics card).
3) Central Processing, had a major glitch here due to random encounters. An imp spawned beneath the final elevator, causing it to not halt at the final stop, instead returning to top. I was forced to noclip there. With a few random issues with random encounters as well, I actually cannot recommend the setting turned on.
4) This is an original sikkmod issue. With softshadows on, I'm having weird interactions between the weapon modes and the shadow renderers. This is mot notable on the machinegun which has a massive box that alters soft shadows. Removing soft shadows also removes this issue. Same issue with most SSIL options.

Still probably the most complete true-to-vanilla overhaul of Doom³, so I'm going to keep this. 9/10

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Hi, i have problem with this mod. NPCs like robots, humans have trouble finding correct paths, they can spin themselves around for like 20 seconds. Can somebody help me?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

have the same problem, hope anyone know how to fix it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i have a solution, if u using russian version of doom 3, just use english version+ english version of absolute hd. I can understand english, so its not problem for me.

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i'll try, tnx

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I have been enjoying this mod a lot. I've reached Delta Labs Sector 3 so far, playing on Veteran difficulty, only running Absolute HD v1.6 and 2-Eyed Imps. I'm using the original retail CD version patched to v1.3.1.

It's honestly the best Doom 3 mod I've found. It packs together several beautiful graphical enhancements and gameplay improvements.

Performance-wise, I have disabled all the following:

- Soft Shadows (fairly unnecessary to turn this on in my opinion, the minor differences we spot in shadow quality aren't worth tanking the fps).

- SSAO, it causes a lot of visual glitches even when I tried something other than the Crytek option, it also contributes to fps tanking.

- SunFX, only the lens flare is enabled, the rest are unnecessary fps-tanking visuals like Soft Shadows.

- Motion Blur and some other blur options. Too much blur disrupts gameplay for me.

As far as performance issues go:

- I've had minor flickering on wall and door writings. I've read that disabling POM, Glare and/or HDR can get rid of this artifact, but I'm enjoying Glare a lot, and the HDR works fine so it'd be a shame to disable it. I accept the minor flickering as something that doesn't disrupt gameplay.

- The Plasma Gun often tanks the fps when firing, because of all the added particle effects on its projectiles. I love how the Plasma Gun and its projectiles now illuminate walls and floors, I absolutely love the rework overall, and I don't wish to disable these major effects, so I tolerate it.

- If you chainsaw a zombieman near a door, right in the doorway, some door textures will flicker.

- In my specific case, the default mouse smoothing setting (set to max) breaks the aiming so I have reduced it a lot.

- Some of the settings in Sikkmod Options don't work.

- Not sure what the Thermal Vision is good for; zombiemen, Z-Secs, and Imps don't give off heat patterns in Thermal Vision, so it only complicates the gameplay. I'm sure more enemy types don't give off heat patterns either. It's a shame because I love the Thermal more than the Infrared.

- I have set Random Encounters to "On" in Sikkmod Options, I love the added challenge, but sometimes enemies can spawn in mid-air and start walking on thin air and some of them die on their own because they spawn above a drop.

- Doomguy's shadow gets funny sometimes, when aiming down, crouching, or coming too close to walls. Also, when you reload the shotgun, the shadow retains the original Doom 3 shotgun reload animation, while Absolute HD plays the improved animation on the character. I have first-person fullbody disabled.

- I've been unable to open the console in-game. I also tried with Ctrl and with Ctrl-Alt, didn't work. Is there a way I can get the console to open?

Additional changes I'd have loved to experience with this mod:

- Chain Gun has its entire ammo as ammo belt, like the one in Brutal Doom / Project Brutality, rather than a 60 rounds clip limit. So the Chain Gun won't need reloading.

- Chain Gun has a neutral spin firing mode, which lets it fire twice as fast, like in Brutal Doom / Project Brutality. However if you do this it can heat up halfway through its entire ammo capacity, and will jam for a few seconds, stopping the fire but it will keep spinning, with a beep and a short cooldown.

- Doomguy can kick as melee, it does half the damage of Pistol and can stun zombiemen (except fat zombie), Imps, Z-Secs, Trites, Ticks, Wraiths, and Cherubs.

- Pistol dual-wielding as an additional firing mode, when you dual-wield you cannot aim, mouse1 is left Pistol and mouse2 is right Pistol, and both Pistols get reloaded during reload.

- An alt attack for the chainsaw with mouse2, a more aggressive lunge attack that deals more damage.

- Grenades have an alt mode where you can plant them on the ground like mines then detonate them.

- Machine Gun needs a bit more damage and accuracy to cope better with the higher difficulties.

- More improved Shotgun and Super Shotgun sounds, particularly the Super Shotgun, as it feels a bit muffled considering its firepower.


Overall, I rate this a 10/10. Some issues are always expected, but the graphical enhancements, gameplay improvements, and greater immersion far outweigh the issues I've encountered. Thank you for this beautiful mod.

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Little update:

- When you chainsaw ANY enemy close enough to a door or wall, the door / wall will have texture flicker. Sometimes if you get rid of the corpse, the flicker goes away. Nothing major, tolerable bug.

- In Sikkmod Options, the Lens Flare scale value doesn't seem to work, it does not modify the Lens Flare size or intensity. Minor bug, doesn't disrupt gameplay, Lens Flare isn't an integral element and can be disabled when necessary.

- Every time I start up the mod through its launcher, ALL my settings remain saved except for Toggle Crouch and Toggle Run, they always revert to "YES" even though I always select "NO". I tried modifying the DoomConfig in the absolutehd folder to have the change permanent, doesn't work, the DoomConfig even resets my changes with these two specific settings after I quit the game to desktop. Minor annoyance, doesn't affect my enjoyment of the mod.

- I can't seem to be able to get the console to work. I tried with Ctrl, Ctrl-Alt, Ctrl-Alt-Shift, Ctrl-Shift. I also tried modifying the DoomConfig and the AutoConfig to have : set com_AllowConsole "1", doesn't work. I'd appreciate any advice on how to get the console to work in Doom 3.

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Update: I finally figured out the Tilde key problem and why the console wasn't opening. The Tilde key won't register when typing unless it's held down for at least 0.550secs, and the same is true inside Doom 3. So I went and created a macro which presses the Tilde key then releases the key after exactly 0.550secs, and assigned that macro on the keyboard. Now my Doom 3 console opens normally with Ctrl-Alt-Tilde.

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Does anyone else's blood pools lack reflections? If I remember correctly, the blood spatters and pools have specular lighting to them, making it look more realistic, like it's freshly wet and shiny. My blood pools are essentially matte, simply being transparent enough to see what's underneath them, but no reflections.

To clarify, in the hallway before you enter the room with the portal that leads to Hell, the entire hallway is covered in blood. Normally, said blood would be shiny and reflective, but in my game, it's completely dry and dull. It used to work for me, but I'm not sure what changed it. Is there a setting in the cfg or Sikkmod that affects blood spatter lighting?

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For anyone who had a flickering texture bug with HDR enabled, if you have the latest graphics drivers and a 10XX or 20XX series GPU, then the texture bug should be fixed now and you can enable HDR again without issue.

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Feb 7 2012 by ASTRAL2k1

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