cRPG is a modification for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. It adds persistent multiplayer character stats, hundreds of unique items, an online campaign, clans, duel ladder, a co-op game mode and a few more things.

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A great and addictive mod, I don't even want to know how many hours I ha e spent on it.


Absolutely the best multiplayer (and arguably the best single player) mod for Mount and Blade: Warband.

Active, friendly community, usually 100+ people on at all times on the main server, more during peak hours (5pm-10pm CET), and a great atmostphere all around.

The game itself is brilliant, regular updates (even after 3 years of the mod's release), many of these updates bringing significant changes to aspects of the game, or just adding a hell of a lot of new weapons/armours/horses etc etc, as well as a combat system which is excellently fast pased, highly skilled, and yet somehow also enjoyable for both brand new players to the game and those who have played for countless hours.

Honestly, if you're looking for the best Warband mod, or hell, even if you haven't even played Warband before, i'd reccommend buying Mount and Blade Warband just for this, it's definitely the one to try.

After trying many multiplayer mods, I stick with cRPG, for these reasons:

1.- Greatest variety and quality of gear to choose from.
2.- Ability to choose your build as you level up like in singleplayer.
3.- Game-modes: battle, siege, duel, rageball, DTV (coop) and strategus.
4.- Big community, excellent forums, IRC chat.
5.- Improved game mechanics, many of them aimed towards realism.

After you play cRPG, Native or any other mod will look so unbalanced and poor that you will want to stay in cRPG.

I probably spent thousands of hours playing this. It's quite addicting and surely the best multiplayer mod for Mount & Blade.

amazing mod, unfortunatly it's newbie unfriendly, but the player's community is ready to help


A challenging learning curve bears fruit to rewarding and deep gameplay. Offensive and defensive play continues to vary itself and evolve as you improve and understand what to do. After you feel comfortable with one style, there are plenty other options available to explore.

You level a character that you can quickly identify with as you craft your stats around your preferred playstyle. You can be an agile swordmaster or even a dagger user donned in plate armor if you feel like it. Cavalry play is the best I have experienced yet, while some may find ranged styles satisfying as well.

The choice to fight under your own banner allows you to play cooperatively with your friends or other players. The large-scale battles of strategus and co-op DTV against hordes of CPU-controlled enemies provide some appeal to those looking for different forms of entertainment from the mod.

If you like challenge with proper reward for your efforts, there is probably none better that can match it at the moment.


Apsod says

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Yeah I like it.

Simply the best -MULTIPLAYER- warband mod.

I started playing videogames back in 2000 when I was just 10 years old.

I have played a lot of multiplayer games (Counter Strikes, Call of Duty, Battlefield, were some of them), and still do, but most of them become boring and repeating after some time.

We, the veteran c-rpgers have an inside joke, that the only way to leave c-rpg, is only in a body bag, and thats for a reason.

C-rpg is the most addictive mod because of two reasons :
1. It never gets repeatative
2. The challenge level, never gets decreased. No matter how good you think you are, there will be always someone better than you.
To some, this may sound repulsive, but if you count yourself to be a true gamer, then you will love the constant challenge that the mod offers.

Did I mention that c-rpg is the paradise of nerds like me, who love roleplaying?

Pick your favourite gear, from more than 250 body armours and more than 200 helmets.

Either you want to roleplay a Varangian Guard with a big axe, or a mounted Templar Knight, or a Byzantine soldier, or a Rus Druzhina, or a Samurai, we even have ninja gear!!!

The possibilities are endless, and on top of that, there are big clans with very good veteran players who are willing to help newcomers.We have a Byzantine clan, a Templar clan, a Nordic clan, we have 2 big Turkish clans (Seljuks and Kapikulus) , we have several clans that roleplay as Mercenaries who fight for gold, and I could go on and on all day long about how many roleplaying options c-rpg offers.

Before I close this review, I need to tell you about heirlooming.
When you hit level 31, the mod gives you the option to retire your character (level 1 again) and gain a loompoint. You can spend your loompoint to upgrade your favourite gear, thus making it better (faster, stronger, more durable to hits), You can heirloom EVERYTHING that you buy from the marketplace.

Please, do yourself a favour, and try c-rpg, you won`t regret it.



Its the best mod ive ever played i spent more than 4000 hours playing it throught last 4 years and im still playing it from time to time. Feeling of progression is epic. Superb community is most mature community in internet. There are still new patches coming out and battles still hit 100 people from time to time

The only game I come back to again and again.