Readme File:
This is the V4 version of the command squad mod, hope you like it:


- Eldar Command Squad:


Dark Reaper Exarch

Warp Spider Exarch

Banshee Exarch

Fire Dragon

Chaos Space Marines:
- Chaos Command Squad:

Chaos Lord

Chaos Sorcerer

Possessed Marine Champion

Exalted Khorne Berserker

- Ork Command Squad

Ork Warboss

Ork Mad Dok

Ork Big Mek

Ork Flash Git Leeda

Ork Mega Armored Nob Leeda

New!! Tau:
- Tau Mont'ka Command Squad

Tau Commander

Vespid Strain Leader

Shas'Vre Stealth Suit

- Kauyon Command Squad

Tau Commander

Kroot Hounds

Kroot Shaper

- Ethereal can now be attached to his bodyguards

- Necron Lord can be attached to:

Basic warriors squad

Flayed Ones Squad

Pariahs Squad

Immortal Squad

New!! Space Marines:
- Inquisitor Toth and Retinue



Skull Probe

- Command squad removed

- Force Commander can produce and deep strike:

Anti-Infantry Marines

Anti-Morale Marines

Anti-Vehicle Marines

Anti-Heavy Infantry Marines

New!! Imperial Guard:
- Colonel Brom and Retinue


Kasrkin Sergeant

Ogryn Bone'Ead



- Just copy&paste the two files into your dark crusade directory which is usually:
c:/program files/thq/dawn of war - dark crusade
- Please Delete any previous versions of this mod before install.

- feel free to do whatever you like with my mod, i don't care, but do not advertise it as your own.

Contact Details:
- Email LaybobATgooglemailDOTcom

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Command Squads 4.0

Command Squads 4.0

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This is an update to the Command Squads mod.

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