Stardrive has always been a very good real time x4 game with excellent mod support. The main issues of the game were low performance on end game and bugs.

The Blackbox project addresses these issues. And we decided also to work on and improve some of the better mods out there, created for StarDrive 1 over the years.

Combined Arms is based on Combomod (keeping the best parts in Combomod). We did a lot of balance work on Combomod and added such vast amount of new content that we decided it deserves a new name.

A short summary of the new content:

  • 118 New ships 3D models and hulls. Every role (besides Titan) has 2 more 3d ship designs to research, along with dedicated slot maps. This is of course, per faction. So with the new Bomber and Drone ships, each faction will have a total of 19 hulls to design ships for. The new Titan per faction is truly big. Draylok Titan, for instance is 4.8k slots.
  • 8 New Missile 3D models: Blackbox code opened the option for us to create different 3D models for missiles, instead of using the default 2.
  • Kulrathi and Vulfar got their own 3D freighter models, instead of using the Terran ones.
  • Two new space station models; Small Station and a huge Sector station.
  • New drone role - a 4-6 slot (based on faction) small, automated fighter which is launched from drone bays
  • New ship hull (classified as Fighter Role) per faction - Bomber, which contains internal slots to unleash Anti capital bombs
  • New weapons, such as Rapid Blue lasers, new versions of mass drivers (extended, compact)
  • New Reactors. You can take a path of lower output, but non exploding reactors such as the Cold Fusion or Quantum Fusion reactors, or go crazy with very high output, but highly unstable Anti-Matter or Dark Energy reactors
  • 19 new types of armor, including shields combined with armor, self repair armor and more. These were present in Combomod but got new textures and massive balance
  • New, hi-res textures for all the lower texture modules in the game
  • Tech tree is 2.5 times the vanilla one


In order to install and play Combined arms you need a Vanilla copy of StarDrive 1. Once you have that installed, you need to install the alpha version of Blackbox, called Texas. This are not the mod itself, but major code refactoring and new features of StarDrive core game. Once you have the above installed, you can download the latest copy of combined Arms from Bit Bucket.

  • Get a Vanilla copy from Steam. If you have the game already installed, a re-install its recommended, since we saw several early game crashes being solved by re-installation).
  • Install Texas latest build (Texas is now the only supported version of Blackbox)
  • Download the mod and extract it into the mods dir of StardDrive
  • It is recommended to remove your saved ship designs if you saved designs using the old combo mod. Usually its located in c:\users\[username]\.appdata\roaming\stardrive\saveddesigns
  • Start the game and load the mod from the mod menu.
  • Drop us a note in Discord chat.

Other Recommendations:

  • Galaxies larger that "Large" might still cause memory issues. We are not certain and it is under testing
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Texas_A2_RC2_342 is uploaded. This is a test build (it was stable for me, but you might encounter issues).

It contains

1: massive performance improvements for ship design. More data to the player (like peak power time, real EMP protection and more).

2: Symmetric ship design feature. symmetric module mode can be toggled on or off with a button in the bottom of the ship design screen or M key.

3: Bulk module replacement feature: For bulk module replacement - you select the new armor (or other module with the same rstrictions) and click on a module you wish to replace, along with shift key.

4: power calculations and data display calculations in ship design were all fixed. Now you will see the real data, like Ammo time and power time, and be able to better design your ships.

5: Re-implementation of undo/redo feature in ship design. Undo - Ctrl Z. Redo - Shiftt + Crtl Z or Ctrl Y.

Please note that you might encounter issues with these feature. It would be very helpful if you elected to help us test those features, before we release Texas Alpha 2.
You can find it here:
You can open issues here:
and you can join discord and discuss stuff with us. We welcome feedback.

Symmetric Module Design -
Bulk Module Replacement -

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How do i download this godlike mod?? Edit: nvm im a fookin ediot

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I'm seeing no files, was it taken down?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
fizban1978 Creator

no, the files are there. We are alive and kicking.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I need help installing. I get sent to codegremlins and then my head starts spinning.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
fizban1978 Creator

I think you are now ok, after discussing with us on Discord?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This looks amazing. Keep up the great work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
fizban1978 Creator

Thanks :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How do the AI react toward new features? Do they use them at all?

What about adding ship designs with the new tech? To me that's the biggest feature. I don't always want to spend time making variants for AI to use right after I make mine. I've also had CTD issues trying to save my bigger ships. Shipyard blues... Also fleet screen blues on my custom ships, but that's for Grem to fix. This was during RE last year. Of course I run BB.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
fizban1978 Creator

Currently I am personally working on Designs for the AI (and players who don't want to design from scratch). This work will take a lot of time. We have full arsenal of ships for Pollops and Cordrazine by now.
Right now, Texas is a more stable than RE.

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Woah is this mod for real?? ty

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