The action takes place in an alternative reality different from our invention in an effective and relatively cheap way to destroy the means of a nuclear attack. After the saturation of NATO air defense with antinuclear emitters, the last factor that prevented the Alliance from attacking Russia and China disappeared.

the main single player campaign allows the player to fight for Russian motorized rifles, paratroopers and special forces. Additional campaigns reveal the themes of the wars in Chechnya and Iraq, and also complement the main campaign. All the missions support the cooperative step, some are more suitable for the cooperative, some were developed mainly for single-player games. Part of the main missions of the campaign supports the transfer of troops and the results of the battle to the next mission.

the multiplayer mode basically includes the principle of the division of troops by birth into a small number of teams: specialized groups that prefer a certain tactic, play a certain role in combat and are equipped with a certain technique. Examples:
Russian motorized rifles or the US Army. UU In the arms of tanks and infantry. They are in direct contact with the enemy, they maintain the front.
- VCS RF or UU of the US Air Force UU In service with airplanes and helicopters for various purposes. Provide air support to ground troops, destroy tanks, long-range artillery and air defense.
- Artillery and air defense.In the arsenal of artillery, MLRS and military air defense. The artillery and missile attacks are carried out in the front and back, covering the ground parts of the air attacks.

at the beginning of the battle, the player chooses one of the brigades. After that, he can only acquire specialized troops from the brigade and selected public troops, but he does not have access to the specialized forces of other brigades. The brigade can be changed during the battle, but the change takes several minutes, during which it is impossible to ask for reinforcements.

there are several types of multiplayer battles, including the "Tank Biathlon" competition: the race and the shot at that time on the rebuilt Alabino test track.

1291069715 preview 1

mod demonstrates a large number of different techniques and weapons, from pistols to tactical missile systems. The weapon is configured according to the characteristics of the real prototypes, insofar as possible in the GEM2 game engine and within the data published in open source. When real parameters can not be established (for example, the shooting range), different translation scales are used. Fashion developers believe that the transfer of technical characteristics of troops closer to reality allows achieving a balance in the game. The entertainment of the game is carried out not at the expense of realism.

1291069715 preview 2

the role of the player is the commander of the company or the battalion level, so attention is paid to ensuring that troops under the control of the computer can independently use the new capabilities of the mod without overloading the player. For example, the refusal to manually escort the target while controlling the ATGM (after all, it is not the company, but the operator of ATGM) which allows artificial intelligence to apply it independently or together with the player.

to play Cold War mod from version 1.6.8 you need a licensed copy of the game Men of War: Assault Squad 2 of the current version on Steam or pirate.

If you have a licensed game:
1) Register for the Steam service:
2) Install the Steam client
3) Install the game Men of War: Assault Squad 2 from the Steam service
4) After installing Men of War: Assault Squad 2, you must subscribe to the Cold War Steam service.
5) Wait for the mod to download through the Steam client (Note: Steam now does not show the downloads of the workshop, you can verify the download by placing the cursor over the stimulus icon in the tray)
6) Connect the mod (menu Main - Configurations - Mods).
7) Play.

Existing developers:
- BACKFIRE aka Metis;
- $ an-SchezZzzz;
- Cagyar;
- MONST3R666;
- old_fox98;
- Maksilin;
- deadhead1 aka Toxa88;
- BARMALIE aka ZeeF;
- ICeFlanker.

Previous developers:
- Pheonix (main developer);
- Simus aka g521;
- Kemper;
- StarMeh;
- flank;
- Flatron525;
- Anton- [Panzer].

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Troubleshooting the mod

Feature 1 comment

Troubleshooting the Mod

Every bug will go here, you can also put them in the comments.

Modification Bugs

  1. Bug: for not having the latest version of the game.

APP_ERROR: SDL file '/interface/text/#dlg_frontend.Ing' is not valid:
BOM brand found. (ESDLReader.cpp, 81)

EIP = 76ab0192 [main_loop]
EAX = 031cf6e0 EBX = 031cf974 ECX = 00000004
EDX = 00000000
ESI = 031cfa10 EDI = 242928a0 ESP = 031cf6e0

2016.07.09 12: 08-0x00C5D174

  1. Solution: Update the game to version 3.262.0, the only solution.

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Cold War English patch (NEW)

Cold War English patch (NEW)

Patch 20 comments

Developer: Timosh, Pheonix. (Cold War Team - Pheonix). Translation Version: 1.6.9. For the game: Cold War. Translates the mod to English. Installation...

Cold War 1.6.9 (3.262.0) (NEW)

Cold War 1.6.9 (3.262.0) (NEW)

Full Version 9 comments

Version of the mod: 1.6.9. For the game: Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (3.262.0). Languages: Russian, English.

Cold War 1.6.8 (3.262.0) OLD

Cold War 1.6.8 (3.262.0) OLD

Full Version 24 comments

In this update, players expect several new missions dedicated to the fighting in Syria, sponsored by Virpil; the next set of new and updated armored vehicles...

Cold War Chinese Patch (NEW)

Cold War Chinese Patch (NEW)


Developer: Timosh, Pheonix. (Cold War Team - Pheonix). Translation Version: 1.6.9. For the game: Cold War. Translate the mod into the Chinese language

Cold War 1 6 7b // Adapted for version 3.262.0

Cold War 1 6 7b // Adapted for version 3.262.0

Full Version 6 comments

Update 1.6.7b. Mod adapted for version 3.262.0. ATTENTION, YOU NEED UTORRENT TO BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE!

Parche en español v1.4

Parche en español v1.4

Patch 3 comments

Versión de traducción: 1.0. Para el juego: Cold War. Traduce el mod al español. Instalación: descargue el parche, copie todo y colóquelo en la carpeta...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 107)

hello, can you make VALOUR for cold war? i see there are some version , and i downloaded them and not working, i try even to change the name of the version from

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

sirve para el CTA? intente bajarlo de Mow-Portal pero me dice que faltan texturas y algo de la camara de 3era persona

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

me pone algo asi:
Program will be termintaed.
APP_ERROR: Trying to modify nonexistent level

RIP=7fefd56bdfd {main_loop}
RAX=746c19c3 RBX=0bad0001 etc.
mas abajo pide texturas y aparecen comandos, mi call to arms es 1.000.8 quiero saber como solucionarlo gracias

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
SuperNick01 Creator

It does not work for CTA

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hay man how to i get the hover mode working because its not work for all my air units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SuperNick01 Creator

Hi, Try the new version.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Better than MoW:Cold War release...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

hi comrade when i use a vehicle or a tank or shoot something i get an fx glitch when i deactvite the mod the fx glitch is gone plz i love this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

may i ask is i saw a video from raptor that the cold war has a mission the title of the video battle of empire cold war mod so is that a mission from this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have some knowledge in coding and want to covert a particular vehicle (bmp-2m) in Cold war mod into vanilla version.(just the vehicle, not the weapon on the vehicle) Which line in def. and mdl. file do I need to replace in order to do so?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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