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Return to Alpha - the mod which return the players to similar old versions CoD4 (Pre-Alpha). This mod restore unused and cut things which developers not use it in release version. The missions will be provided as planned by the developers, but with some of my improvements, which don't having even in Pre-Alpha Builds.

All copyrights own to Infinity Ward and Activision!


Last Update 08.11.21

*updated* - shows where was updated.

Name Level - Level Status Progress

  • "F.N.G" - 80% completed *updated*
  • "Crew Expendable" - 80% completed
  • "Coup" - 40% completed
  • "Blackout" - the work has not started
  • "Charlie Don't Surf" - 95% completed
  • "The Bog" - 70% completed
  • "Hunted" - 75% completed
  • "Death From Above" - 50% completed *updated*
  • "War Pig" - 70% completed
  • "Shock and Awe" - 95% completed
  • "Aftermath" - 100% completed
  • "Safehouse" - the work has not started
  • "All Ghillied Up" - 30% completed
  • "One Shot, One Kill" - the work has not started
  • "Heat" - the work has not started
  • "The Sins of the Father" - 70% completed
  • "Ultimatum" - 50% completed
  • "All In" - 90% completed *updated*
  • "No Fighting In The War Room" - 98% completed (final test) *updated*
  • "Game Over" - 5% competed

Current Version of the mod : v2.5, in development : v2.6

Some about version 2.6

In this version contain more fix errors rather than new mission scripts.

  • Gameplay
    - Fixing some errors in weapon fire mode script.
  • Weapons
    - Changed some ADS animations on more old from 253 build.
    - Weapon icons in HUD was fixed and now they showed is correct.
    - For MP5/MP5SD been changed walk anims settings.
    - For Skorpion, Mini-Uzi were restored old reload empty animations.
    - Weapon "m4_silencer_acog" now have suppressor for "weapon_" and "viewmodel_" models.
    - ACOG also slightly changed, now player can't hold the breath.
    - For some weapons was changed ammo counts in stock.
    - For RPD been changed clip size: 75 instead of 100.
  • UI
    - Changed location some UI elements.
    - Changed size some UI elements (grenade, flash and smoke icons).
    - Changed game fonts.
  • Levels
    Mission 'All In'
    - Added variant of the mission for the USMC.

Special Thanks to this peoples which helped me with mod!

Bogdan Konstantinou
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RSS Articles

New gameplay CoD4 MW : Return to Alpha IS HERE! version 2.5


- Problem with memory limits no longer exist for now. Special thanks to Bogdan Konstantinou for help!

- 'mod.ff' file now no exist in mod. For launch mod just need open the .exe file of the game

- Changed default values for some dvars

- Added more HUD images from pre-alpha builds. Special thanks to Adam445 for help

- Restored weapon firing mode (full-semi) for AK-47 AK-74u, M16A4 and M4 (without attachments, only stock version)

- Re-worked some sounds

- Re-worked battlechatter scripts: for americans was restored more voicelines, which no plays in CoD4 ( Example : 'Alavi reloading!', 'Barb covering!', 'Enemy troops! 150 meters' and etc.) and removed some scripts lines from CoD2

- For R700, Desert Eagle, M9, W1200, M1014 been returned old names from 253 build ( Example : R700 - Remington 700, M9 - M9 Beretta, W1200 - Winchester 1200 and etc.)

- Restored old textures for S.A.S, USMC Force Recons and Ultranationalists. For better view you can watch on ModDB

- Fixing HUD elements

Mission changers :

- 'F.N.G' : was changed spawn point in beginning of the mission and changed .vision scripts for the level

- 'Crew Expendable' : added more dialogs on the level, include and on the russians

- 'Coup' : added more dialogs, fixed some sounds and sky box on the level was changed

- 'Charlie Don't Surf' : restored old loadout of the mission (M16A4/M203 instead of M4)

- 'The Bog' : added some random game event. They have in ModDB page

- 'War Pig' : changed scene with alley and will be added dialog about one H.I explosives round

- 'Ambush' : restored unused enemies on the level

- My custom levels was ported to the mod, but, this levels WILL BE REWORKED IN FULL!

Announcement mod on ModDB

Announcement mod on ModDB


Announcement mod on ModDB.

CoD4 MW: Return to Alpha - UI

CoD4 MW: Return to Alpha - UI


Update for UI (menu, game hud) for CoD4 MW: Return to Alpha.

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This is really awesome!, hopefully it will be out in a few months or less

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Amazing work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey will this mod include cut missions and weapons?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
JerryALT Creator

I can't promise that they will be added, at least weapons.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Any updates on the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JerryALT Creator

Yes, but they are not particularly significant. Moreover, at the moment I do not have enough free time to develop a mod, but this does not mean that I stop developing of the mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you for the reply!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will immediate action (Cut mission) be in the game? There's some unused dialogue and other stuff

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

are you going to add the removed missions like "Thats no sandstorm"?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
JerryALT Creator

We only have a map for the compass in poor quality, maybe I'll make it as a remake.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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