Just like Kane's Vision, this mod aims to perfect the gameplay experience of Kane's Wrath. With countless new faction unique upgrades and units, this is a comprehensive overhaul of this already great game. Every change that was introduced in this mod was with quality gameplay in mind and do justice to the lore of the factions. Furthermoe, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible.

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This annonucement coveres the release of an open beta of the upcoming version. I further summarize the journey so far and what you can expect for the future of the mod.

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Beta Release: One Vision 0.92

Kane Tacitus

It's been more than a year since the last release of One Vision, but the mod continues to evolve! It is in active development, but getting everything right takes longer than anticipated.

We are working actively in our Discord channel on making the mod more polished and making it more fit for comeptitive play. Which is a delicate process when so much content is involved. However, I'm very satisfied with the work so far and decided to have a beta release on moddb.

One Vision 0.92 - beta

If you remember the last news update, the upcoming version is all about improving the existing content in the game. This includes not only polishing, balance and bugfixes but also new abilities, better sounds and overall making the mod more fun.

We've made substantial advances in these areas and so far we've got an impressive changelog that has tripled in size since the last update: Full Changelog

Note: Because this is a beta release, everything is still subject to change. If you find any glitches or bugs, please don't hesitate to contact me. Gameplay suggestions welcome!

Agonizer EMPTraveler-59 Agonizers can be upgraded with EMP Pulsars to shut down enemy vehicles


Overall, this release should make many units feel more "responsive" and fun to play with. Furthermore, many upgrades, abilities, support powers and useless units were changed to make them more significant. Among my personal highlights are:

  • Balance changes and tweaks to nearly all units
  • A new economy system for a more fluid game experience
  • A more "responsive" feel on many units
  • Improved Commandos for RRF, Black Hand and Messenger-8
  • New audio and visual effects
  • Tweaks and balance changes to all T3 tanks
  • Revised mutations for Reaper-17
  • Vast improvements to heavy infantry (such as Zone infantry) or specialized infantry (Ravagers, Shadow Teams)

Mastermind Aura   small
The Mastermind increases gained EXP for all ground units and buffs infantry

As well as a complete balance rework of many units and bugfixes. I also added several new effects and textures to the mod. I hope this convinces you to try out the new version of One Vision!

Discord Channel

The reason for the lack of updates is that Discord has become my primary center for developing the mod. We've established a small community of active people and if you want to join our regular play tests or just want to watch a stream of people playing, this is the right place to be.

I continue using Moddb for big releases and I force nobody to join my channel. However, this is a one-man project and my time is limited. If you want to lend a hand in development, or meet other player of the mod, this is the place to go. It is the central hub for One Vision with:

  • An active player group
  • Streams and recordings of multiplayer games
  • WIP versions of the mod
  • Many compatible maps
  • Technical support if you cannot launch the mod
  • Make bug reports and share balance concerns

Join Here
Fight for Nod   small

Future Goals

The goal of One Vision was never to make a content mod that is overloaded with TS references and CnC 4 models but to bring the best Kane's Wrath experience. And the upcoming release serves as a clean slate for the features to come.

At this point, I don't think the mod doesn't need many more units. Instead, I want to focus on a distinct thematic playstyle of each faction. As well as adding more experimental gameplay features. But most of all I want to focus on the "fun" part of the mod. Commandos and Epic Units will also play a more important role and provide unique abilities and advantages that fits each of the 9 faction.

Core goals for version 0.95:

  • More interesting mechanics to "brute force" factions like RRF, Steel Talons, Black Hand and Reaper-17
  • More late-game options for Traveler and Marked of Kane while preserving their "weirdness"-
  • A general rework of Steel Talons to make their visuals and gameplay more distinct.

I think that sums it up nicely. There is still a lot to do!
I hope you have as much fun playing the new version as I had making it :)


Nice, though I dk if I agree with the responsive part (they feel more or less the same to me and still have random visual and sound bugs), or best KW experience cause it's mainly subjective xP

As you already know me by now, it's really hard for me to accept a mod for a game (for any game in general) that claims it stick to the vanilla game's plot yet add a lot of stuff that are questionable when it comes to the lore (And only to the lore), I can play and enjoy any mod in any form ofc but when people claim X and go to their own kind of lore without admitting/realizing it, my brain tend to send me waves that should make feels annoyed xD,
But as I've said it is subjective and not stopping me from play OV or make me really hates it or anything (till it gave General ZH tech to GDI :0.... Jk xP) it's just a matter where I feel the creator claim stuff that aren't feel true and should rather admit he went a different way (but since it's a subjective matter, most won't see it the same way so...).

Anyway, taking all of this aside, it's a great mod that have more of stuff for every faction and really different gameplay style (way different than vanilla and from v1.00 which I see as the true vanilla KW before EA screwed it), I would've say it's the beat OV experience over KW's though cause OV start to be its own thing.

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Zocker4ever Author

"Bringing the best KW experience" is my design philosophy. Nothing is every going to be perfect, but that doesn't stop me from trying. More importantly, I want to elevate the gameplay of the originale game instead of creating something entirely new.

You could say I try to enrich the experience of KW. Frankly, the factions in vanilla KW are hardly fleshed out and there is a lot of room for interpretation. The best way to see One Vision is as a second expansion pack which advances the lore (and timeline) and fills out the blanks with my own imagination.

I have very strict guidelines about the factions and I have detailed narratives for each faction. For me, it is the gameplay that dictates the flow of development and not the question of "how many units can I squeeze into the mod".

Perhaps I should communicate this more clearly. But I must admit I haven't put too much thought into what "OV" actually is and just continued development in a very disciplined way.

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more responsive units? uh oh. i hope this isn't turning into Starcraft with instant turn rate and acceleration. but i'll try the update anyway.

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Nah it's not like that, the turn rates are a little bit faster and more fluent compared to before where it was unrealistically sluggish and absurd.

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Zocker4ever Author

I'm sure you know how the Flame Tank will sometimes stop shooting to re-adjust its turret. Or how the same thing happens to Slingshots. I fixed those kind of things.

Some other units like Corrupters are also a pain to use and Mammoth Tanks are often outclassed because of their short range. I want to make it easier to use the units, so they do exactly what you tell them and don't bug out!

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Good work!

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Zocker4ever Author

Much appreciated!

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The Steel Talons removal of 2 garrison slots and the Steel Talons Commando is questionable, Since the faction was the weakest faction in Vanilla KW.

I hope further updates don't nerf the faction to it's equivalent in vanilla Kane's Wrath.....

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Zocker4ever Author

I don't get what you mean, in no way was ST nerfed. The MRT was only reverted to its original stats (instead of having 2 slots where none of the infantry could shoot out).

The ST Commando received several buffs and they even have Sniper Teams now.

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But why remove the ability to have 2 Garrison slots? That was the "fun mechanic" of the faction.

I understand giving the MRT ability to have garrison units shoot from garrison slots but why ALSO remove the 2 garrison slots?

Lowered rate of fire to 3.25s (from 2.8s).
Lowered damage to 500 (from 550).
Lowered range to 300 (from 325).
Lowered damage of orbital bombard shells to 825 (from 900).
/\ /\ /\
These aren't nerfs to the ST Commando?

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Zocker4ever Author

Those changes are not as significant as they sound. Playtesting has revealed that the Commando was simply too powerful and could take on too many heavy tanks at once, so I mitigated it.

But what I find much more significant is that the Commando's ability are vastly easier to use. Especially the increased range and that the delay before deploying was removed.

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But that answer the question as to why the 2 garrison slots upgrade from the Steel Talons faction was removed.

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There are several bugs which were not addressed in the changelog.
1. RRF Hammerhead loses its original audio.
2. All GDI Sniper Teams would gain the heroic veterancy label first, then the elite label. The bonuses remain their ordinary order though.
3. ZOCOM Slingshot attack's impact effect is not affected by the weapon upgrade.
4. MoK Basilisk missiles can accurately hit moving infantry targets.
5. ZOCOM and ST's Bloodhound power will grant a flawed version of APC and Wolverine, which are unable to benefit from weapon or armor upgrades. These airborne gun vehicles are also counted as different units (separate portrait when selected with the produced ones).

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ST AI doesn't buid Tank Armory at all, They only built it in one match I had and they had built it like for 8 times. I've noticed the rest of the factions sometimes do this as well. Should be like that? I love this mod, by the way

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Zocker4ever Author

the AI is a bitch to deal with unfortunately... it's a highly complex topic that I didn't want to touch yet.

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