This awesome Classes Overhaul Mod for TL2 adds over 40 new dynamic and Balanced classes to Torchlight II, ranging from every use of weapon and build in the game. So now you can play torchlight II and get plenty of time playing across your network of Toons. It is a Combination of Really Good Small Class Mods on Steam Combined into one Large Pack Mod. Because the game only holds 10 mods at a time, I Figured I would put the Best Class Mods all Together for One Major Mod.

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This mod for Torchlight II adds over 40 Distinct Unique and Incredibly Awesome Classes to TL2, and Utilizes all Weapons and Build Combos to be used across a network of your Characters, Instead of the default 8-9 Classes that come with Vanilla TL2, which only utilizes a few Weapon-types and Builds.

***Classes FULL Should come 1st in your load order.***

Install should go to your:

"C:\Users\*Name*\My Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\mods"
Folder, Place the Entire Classes_FULL Folder here.

this awesome classes addon for TL2 adds:
Embermage - Flame Magi
Emberblade - Flame Blade Magi
Barbarian (TL2) - Diablo 3 Barbarian Clone
Berserker - Fury Dual Wielder
Blackguard - Dark Knight of Chaos
Elemental Blade Dancer - Dual Wield Shaman Like
Netherseer - Nether Magi
Tenebris - Half Demon Half Man
Demon Prince - From DevilMayCry
Destroyer - Ancient Powerful Warrior
Dragonus - Dragon Kin Magi Warrior
Dragoon - Dragon Knight
Dread Pirate - Gunpowder and Blade
Wildling - Nature Druid
Double Agent - Twisted Mercenary
Electrical Engineer - Shock Warrior
Engineer - Ember Warrior
Gunmage - Gun Shooter Magi
Guardian - Powerful Magi
Grand Master - Kung-Fu Martial Art Warrior
Hunter - Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Clone
Theolist - Scientist Magi
Kensi - Bladesman
Mongol Archer - Archer
Warrior Monk - Warrior Monk
Monk - Monk Warrior
Necromancer - Undead Magi
Ninja - Shadow Assassin
Paladin - Light Warrior
Preacher - Light Disciple Magi
Ranger - LotR Aragorn Clone (Bows and Swords)
Red Mage - Powerful Magi
Ronin - Dual Wielding Katana Warrior
Ember Sage - Arcane Magi
Shadowmancer - Void Magi
Skyseer - Sky Magi
Wanderer - (Diablo 2) Powerful Rogue
Templar Paladin - Light Warrior
Templar - Tank Warrior
Theomalpurge - Summoner
Vette - Arcane Shooter
Voidseeker - Alien Magi Warrior
Outlander - Arcane Shooter
Warchief - Dual Wield Fury Warrior
Warlock - Demonic Magi
Warrior - Basic Melee Warrior
Witch Doctor - (D3 Clone) Voodoo Magi
Wizard - (D3 Clone) Elemental Magi
Paladin - Retribution Light Warrior
Dragon Prince - Dragonborn Warrior
Monster Hunter - Cannon Bountyhunter

plenty of classes to utilize all gear and weapons in the game and different builds and roleplaying to experience.

hope you enjoy, i got the classes from steam mods and combined them all into one big pack, so you get all the classes not just a select few.

all classes work fully and are playable and balanced to my experience, though some are more powerful than others.



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Classes Reborn Overhaul

Classes Reborn Overhaul

Full Version 7 comments

Thank you for downloading Classes Reborn Overhaul for Torchlight II. This Mod adds 40+ awesome detailed fine classes to the game to increase your RPG...

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Nice mod to spend good hours testing classes together with synergies mod in single player :3

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Theomalpurge and Necromancer do not appear in class selection at all so not sure why

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Hi, ty for the compilation, im just downloading it, can you please tell me which class/armor is this one in the image 7?

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I have a problem with the mod, in some classes the skill icons and names are (bugged?), i mean, the skill icons are black and the names are only SKILL NAME, in some cases when i select another skill to see the description when i select de bugged skills shows me the skill that i selected previously

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Can this mod combined with Community Class Modpack? Please answer hehe

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Can this be combined with Essentials?

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sw33tsp0t Creator


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