This awesome Classes Overhaul Mod for TL2 adds over 40 new dynamic and Balanced classes to Torchlight II, ranging from every use of weapon and build in the game. So now you can play torchlight II and get plenty of time playing across your network of Toons. It is a Combination of Really Good Small Class Mods on Steam Combined into one Large Pack Mod. Because the game only holds 10 mods at a time, I Figured I would put the Best Class Mods all Together for One Major Mod.

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bobby22 says

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Adds 40 or so new classes that utilize every form of build the game can possibly have, well done mate 10/10


revevil says

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There are a ton of classes to choose from. This improves over the original so much, which only gives you 4 classes. You can get 8 with Synergies, but this mod combines with Synergies very well. I place Synergies on the top in the ModLauncher. The eastern gear is awesome! The Theolentist is glitchy and causes crashes, but I have not tested all characters yet. Overall, a large improvement over the original!


Stickyboard says

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swich01 says

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Not balanced well, not all complete classes and multiple very similar classes.

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