Portal: Citrus is a Portal 2 modification, which takes place in middle of 1995 in one of the departments of Aperture Science called Collaborative Production Department. The story tells about the collaboration of Aperture Science and Juicers Bros. and related secrets that you have to uncover.
The joint product they produced was a dessert consisting of Aperture Science gels and Juicers Bros. fruit syrups, created to stimulate brain activity. In fact, the testing track was named after the most popular taste of the product - "Propulsion Citrus".


  • Storyline with new characters

  • New locations and aesthetics

  • New soundtrack

We want to complete the development as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can follow our actions here, on this page, or on our Discord server.

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Greetings to everyone in the first development article of the mod Portal: Citrus!

During all the time of silence, we have reworked and understood a lot. In this post, we would like to tell you a little about some aspects of Citrus development and share information regarding the very lore of our mod.

2 dowedo

During these months, we were able to build a certain concept of our mod from which we will already build on. The stage of writing the main script - passed. So, we are happy to announce that we have already started working on maps and content creation. At the moment, the first maps for the demo version are ready. But we still have to overcome many thorny stages of development.

2020 11 01 11 23 18

The mod will have 9 chapters of 4 acts as in Portal 2, about 30 maps.

portal2 2020 11 01 12 33 36 015

portal2 2020 11 01 12 35 46 506

Talking about our team.

The main thing in our team is a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to this, we get together every day and do the modification. The team is fully staffed and at the moment we are not interested in new employees.

What's the plot?

We thought it unfair to keep you confused and to keep the details of Citrus lore secret. This is what will be discussed now. We will reveal to you new details of lore.

1 portaldevice

Aperture Laboratories present you a device called "Aperture Science Quantum Tunneling Device-03P" (Patented!)

ASQTD-03P - a prototype of the same portal device from the series of games "Portal". This prototype was created in 1988 year!

Fun fact: in 1989, Aperturе Laboratories created many color variations for this device.


We decided not to move away from the original gun and to create a prototype of it. One of the distinguishing features of the prototype from the original is the ability to compactly fold.


Jusers Brothers is a new company in our mod, founded in 1972. The company specialized in the production of drinks in the United States.Juse logo

The head of the company takes a risk and decides to collaborate with the Aperture laboratories in order to save the company from ruin.

In the course of cooperation in 1984, new drinks with different tastes were created and the "Citrus" project was launched.

"Citrus" is a new test route created to advertise a range of drinks.

In 1992, construction began on a second track in new laboratories, but in 1996 there were numerous complaints about drinks with parts of the propulsion gel. The gel affected the metabolism and people grew old quickly.

portal2 2020 11 01 18 54 19 645

The construction of a new testing track is stopped, the project is closed. In the process of litigation Jusers Brothers was declared bankrupt.

With the money raised, Aperture continued to build new laboratories.


At the moment, our goal is one - to finish the mod. The mod will have its own voice acting, music and storyline. We plan to release a demo version of the mod in early 2021 with initial maps in order to attract the audience to our work.


The release date of the mod itself, unfortunately, so far remains a mystery for ourselves.

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Guest - - 692,910 comments

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Endergamerrrr - - 11 comments

Wait so in the lore Aperture just partners with this juice company, started building test chambers, and took money from them? And how are these testing tracks different from the standard portal testing tracks?

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Guest - - 692,910 comments

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fleaman427 - - 1 comments

looks great!

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ZasSal? - - 1 comments

мод будет топовым ЗУБ ДАЮ

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Guest - - 692,910 comments

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lazulicreeper - - 4 comments

Cool looking mod! Shame its cursed, though :(

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

I like where dis is going

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leankee Creator
leankee - - 2 comments

sorry, but we already have a composer, thanks for the offer!

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c0rruptpixel - - 19 comments

Do you already have a composer for this? If not I think I'd be up for it.

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