This unit compilation adds more than 450 units to all major and minor factions. each major faction has unique units which only they can recruit. by adding hundreds of custom armours, shields, helmets, greaves, gauntlets, etc. the units look very unique and there are close to no clones among the men, which is very immersive and good looking :) the rosters are not just being pumped up with units they don't need. when there are unnecessary gaps in vanilla, my mod fills them up with high quality units. high quality does not mean they are op, though. several hours have been spent just on balancing, and the units fit vanilla very well. thousands of subscribers can confirm that! :-)

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The winners have been announced for Total War's first mod awards.
Congratulations to the winners & nominees, here's a taste of what you will be receiving.

Each trophy contains a genuine historic coin from the ages and cultures featured in the game.

Nominees and winners will also have a custom badge to display on their modDB profile, your profiles will be updated with these shortly.

Best Unit Mod

ChampLoo Gold Unit Compilation - Winner
Radious Unit Pack: Rise of an Empire - Commended

Best Overhaul

Divide Et Impera - Winner
Constantine: Rise of Christianity - Commended

Most Innovative

Sell your Slaves - Winner
Hellbent Traists, Talents and Toadies - Commended

Best Graphical

GEM - Winner
Authentic Ancient World - Commended

CA Legacy Games

Europa Barbarorum - Winner
The Great War - Commended

It's been our pleasure to be involved in this historic event, lets hope more studios join in celebrating changing the game!

The full awards presentation can be seen here.


How do you exactly install this mod as well as the Constantine Rise of Christianity one? Like where does it go in the files so that they play?

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champloocedi Creator

after subscribing on steam workshop, it will be downloaded automatically. the file(s) will be in your steam/steamapps/common/rome2/data folder

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Thanks man! I was just wondering because I was worried that the mods would conflict if I tried to download both at the same time. :)

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champloocedi Creator

There should be no conflict. If so then please tell me so that i can do something about it.

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