The famous, or should we say infamous, Youtuber Chad Warden, is on a journey. But not just any journey, a journey that will lead to unimaginable consequences. All Chad wanted to do was buy a Playstation 3 to add to his collection, but when he notices an earth quake has blocked a simple walk down the street to the store, he must find other means of getting there. Little does Chad know, that there are no more Playstations, and the headquarters of Sony have been invaded by a platoon of military operatives. And now Chad must find out who attacked Sony, and what happened to the PS3's, and in the end return to home, completing his quest with a brand new PS3 in his hands.

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The first version of Chapter 1, of Chad Warden: The Game is done. Edits may be continuously added in the future. As of right now, we are planning on having 3-5 chapters, maybe even more. This would probably equal out to about 35-50 levels in total. Each chapter will have their own theme, as with chapter 1, it is a rocky/abandoned + a homely feeling in other parts. We are hoping to have a whole chapter based on these themes: Fan club theme (Nerdy base of PS3 lovers that go wild and attack you after a while), a Microsoft base theme (possibly last chapter), a rats theme (very low possibility that this will make it into the game), a chef/kitchen theme (meh, this may require the addition of extra npcs, which is quite difficult *shakes fist*), and more to come.

-CW:TG Team

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Operator_Max1993 - - 231 comments

the mod's dead :(

game over for Chad Warden......

i do hope one day someone will salvage it, and finally create the Chad Warden video game we Chad Daddy fanboys dreamed off

for now, i just play games that have Chad Warden voice mods
like Brainbread 2

and Fistful Of Frags

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,533 comments

Who the hell is Chad Warden?

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Operator_Max1993 - - 231 comments

Chad Warden is the greatest troll of 2005-2014 era YouTube

he basically managed to troll Xbox and Wii fanboys by saying stuff like
the Wii looks like a *****
the Xbox 360 barely had any games in it's launch day aside from Halo
he got hated, made fun of, though all of them fell for it,

then his sibling or friend made a video of him along with their friends eating shushi in a restaurant, proving that his ganster persona was fake, though he disappeared from the internet for plenty of years, but he released a picture of him saying "still ballin'" in 2014 or somewhere

had pictures with friends and fans
showed another picture of him with his child (yep, Chad Daddy literally became a daddy), saying "dis baby gon love Sony sum day"

and he even appeared on the news for unemployment during the C-Virus from China

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Operator_Max1993 - - 231 comments

is the mod dead ?

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tgx17 - - 27 comments

Mod is alive and will be epic!!... im just joking.

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Suparsonik - - 1,267 comments


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Xylemon - - 2,677 comments

The greatest mod that never was.

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Bj_Bob - - 62 comments

Dead mod? Dat **** aint ballin!!!

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xsantosis - - 717 comments

This mod is dead!!!

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PeterHat - - 731 comments

Dead mod

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NanoXax67 Creator
NanoXax67 - - 11 comments

No, no no, I'm trying really hard to get motivated, so I can continue with this mod. The thing is, I'm at a dead spot, and well I can't fix it. So I will try my very best to get cracking on this again really soon.

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gamefreak42 - - 644 comments

oh over for chad warden

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