It's not what I'd call a finished mod, need more work and be aware of any mistakes or bugs. Mod provides only English localization. I'd be happy to get any suggestion around the mod and reasonable critics.

Instructions to install the mod:

extract zip file;
put everything you get in your C:\Users\<your user here>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod
enable mod in the launcher;
enjoy :) (or comment to get help if something went wrong)



* New Caucasian cultures added as Caucasian culture group: Circassian, Durdzuk (Vainakh), Dagestani ( just an umbrella term for many local ethnicities there), Caucasian Albanian ( present day Udi people). Culture group doesn't include already existing Alan, Georgian and Armenian cultures.

* Border changes:

county of Imereti created from parts of Odishi, Svaneti and Guria;

county of Racha ( important feudal entity in medieval Georgia) created from eastern parts of Svaneti.

county of Odishi shrinked to only 2 coastal baronies, mountainous barony transferred to Svaneti.

capital of Abkhazeti changed to Anacopia ( it was the capital of Abkhazeti instead of Tskhumi in early medieval period).

barony of Speri transferred to county of Tao from Theodosiopolis ( Bagrations claim their origin is from Speri and it was considered part of their realm)

kingdom of Albania created from parts of kingdom of Daylam and Armenia.

duchy of Khachen created taking counties of Khachen and Suenik ( Suenik took barony of Ktis from Khachen)

duchy of Ardabil created taking counties of Ardabil, Talish and Mugan.

Ardabil took 2 border baronies from Tabriz while Tabriz took 1 barony from Urmya.

duchies of Khachen, Shirvan and Ardabil transferred to kingdom of Albania.

duchy of Circassia created from parts of Alania and Azov.

Tmutarakan county transferred to Circassia, it's 2 northern baronies to bordering county of Khumar.

duchy of Circassia including counties of Tmutarakan, Zichia and Maghas.

counties of Durdzukia and Khundzia created from parts duchies of Ciscaucasia and Alania.

duchy of Alania expanded eastwards.

*Culture changes:

Circassian culture in duchy of Circassia

Durdzuk culture in Durdzukia.

Dagestani culture in Khundzia.

Caucasian Albanian culture in duchies of Shirvan and Khachen.

Georgian culture in counties of Tbilisi and Lori in both starting dates. duchy of Chaldea now has Georgian culture because this area was populated by Laz people. Although kind of hellenized in that area, Laz people still represented Georgian culture more than Greek one. (people there still speak Laz language, related to Georgian, to this day).


Bagrationi dynasty split between Bagratuni and Bagrationi. Armenian Bagrations were called Bagratuni, Bagrationi is Georgian branch name. Game has it's localization for Bagratuni dynasty but they didn't use it here just like in CK2. I renamed Bagrationi dynasty to Bagratuni and keep it to Armenians while created new dynasty named Bagrationi and gave it to Georgian branch. I had to create a new dynasty because Armenian branch still controls some lands in Armenia in 867 and Georgian monarchs tend to create a cadet branch, also Bagrationis are mostly known for their Georgian branch and I decided to create a separate dynasty rather than cadet branch for them, idk, I might change it in the future. Coat of Arms for Bagrations are same just flipped the colors.

Circassian dynasties are represented by their 12 tribes. You can suggest any changes to that.

example: dynasty of Natukhai

Durdzuk dynasties are represented by modern day tukkhums ( kinda like tribes). You can suggest any changes here as well.

exaple: dynasty of Sharoy

Dagestani dynasties are represented by modern day ethnicities of Dagestan. I know it isn't perfect representation and I'd like to get any suggestions about this one the most.

example: dynasty of Tsakhur

Caucasian Albanian dynasties are the least diverse, I couldn't find any source for Albanian medieval houses so I just put in random dynasty names. ( I used wikipedia to see some notable people of Albanian (Udi) descent and used reasonable last names too).

All the names for Circassians, Durdzuks and Dagestanis are just copied from Alan culture. Caucasian Albanian names are copied from Armenian culture.

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Caucasus 1.01

Caucasus 1.01

Full Version

update: add new dynasty for Durdzuk culture ( one of proposed historical Tukhums that was missing)



Full Version 1 comment

see instructions to install the mod in main descreption


where abkhazian culture?))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
xvicha123 Creator

included in circassian

Reply Good karma+1 vote

If you are still working on this mod, can you add Äkkhiy to the Tukkhums of Durdzukia, change the culture name to Nakh and replace the Alanian names with Nakh ones (you can copy from the Caucasus mod for CK2). I have tried to change these things for myself but they never seem to change in the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
xvicha123 Creator

I don't work on the mod anymore, however I'll add the new Tukkhum.

For culture naming, I still prefer to remain Durdzuk because Georgians and others knew Nakh people with this name in medieval times. You still can change localization file, you don't need to replace everywhere the name, just replace:
durdzuk:0 "Durdzuk" with durdzuk:0 "Nakh"
durdzuk_collective_noun:1 "Durdzuks" with durdzuk_collective_noun:1 "Nakhs"
in C:\Users\MyPC\Downloads\Caucasus\Caucasus\localization\english\culture\cauc_cult_l_english.yml

Sorry, no updates for names, you can do it yourself. I guess the issue is with localization, try to add localization for each name or put them in quotation marks like this: "random-name"

For further development, I actually thought to expand dynasties for Durdzuks. I wanted to change Tukhums with Teips to add more variety but there are many new Teips that didn't existed in medieval era and I didn't want to include some new ones so I left Tukhums there (also shortened work time there haha ). You can change that as well, even I think Teips represent actual dynasties and houses more as being family unions rather than Tukhums which I assume are more like tribes. Also, I'd love to see names changed to authentic Nakh names because I suspect oy and iy finishes are just from Russian language.

Also, feel free to add Teips/Tukhums or equivalent for Dagestanis and Circassians if they happen to have such social entities. Especially for Dagestanis, because modern ethnic groups as dynasties seems kinda strange and incorrect after all.

keep in mind, everything new might need new localizations as well.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
xvicha123 Creator

C:\Users\<your user here>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\Caucasus\localization\english\culture\cauc_cult_l_english.yml

sorry, that pass was incorrect

Reply Good karma+1 vote

thank you for helping me out

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ყოჩაღ, კარგი ნამუშევარია :-)

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