What is BlackICE?

Black ICE is a major overhaul of Hearts Of Iron 3, The Grand World War II Strategy game by Paradox Interactive.

What does Black ICE add to HOI3?
•Over 4,000 immersive events and decisions
•100+ unique technologies to research
•400+ unique units (including SS and Soviet Guards)
•Completely new artwork and sound effects
•Thousands of hours of bug fixes and play balance

The BlackICE Team

While contributions to BlackICE have been made by dozens of passionate, dedicated modders over the years, there is a core team that handles game-balance, event management, software builds, distribution, and general direction of the mod. Please see the in-game credits for a detailed list! Everyone on the BlackICE team is a bona-fide history fanatic, with a love and passion for trying to create an experience that both educates and is fun to play.


Mod lead. Lives in Blue Mountains, Australia with my splendid wife and mischievous daughters.


The GUI-guy, event-maker. Living in Roosendaal, Netherlands with my wife and 2 daughters.

Developing a offline division builder, fleet builder.

Had a dad

The lua meglomanic, currently residing in North Carolina. Panzeroo convinved me to take on the lua March of 2012 and with the help of many I think I am now half way decent. I have a beautiful daughter, and in addition to my job in IT, I am attending college full time.


I'm a former gaming-company exec, and a former M1 tanker in the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division (Rock of the Marne!). I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my wonderful wife and 2 lovely daughters. I mainly focus on event chains, graphics, sound FX, etc. A little bit of everything I guess!

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Black ICE 11.3.4 released



1)IF You're using the steam version do this:
Move the game out of the steam folder, and launch it using the launcher.exe in the future (create a shortcut or add it to your start menu).

2) Download the mod.
3) Launch the installer.
4) Select the BASE game folder as written in the installer.
5) Let it extract, say yes to any override requests.
6) Run the “zDsafe_ExePatcher.exe” located in the main folder.
7) Start the game. Once in the main menu go into the Utility. On the “Special” page press “Remove Sprites”.
8) Restart and enjoy the game.

11.3.4 Patch Notes


  • removed the unit and year restrictions from the Rhineland reoccupation events
  • Anschluss of Austria no longer has ahistoric chances for AI
  • added a covert ops mission to make PUPPETS build resource buildings on request
  • economy focus tweak
  • reactivated the Brandenburgers Stalin raid events
  • SCW balance tweaks
  • USA will revoke guarantees for american minors once the minor joins a faction (except Panama due to bugs)
  • Buffed Science Minister bonuses from periodic events for all investment levels
  • Tweaked base bonuses for Science Ministers

Units and combat Balance

  • nerfed Electric Submarine sea attack
  • PBB no longer considered capital
  • tweaks to Open/Closed Hangar bonuses
  • tweaked radar techs requirements for ships
  • MTB nerfed back where they belong
  • small nerf to FTR


  • lowered air cooling penalty for CAG
  • rebalanced Proximity Fuze tech and added separate one for ship based AAA
  • added radar tech for subs


  • changed AI leadership allocation
    • tries to always have diplo points available
    • more aggressive spying
    • more aggressive influencing
  • SOV AI will always have to fight the Baltics now (this makes it deploy units to the western front for Barbarossa)
  • SOV AI will build airbases


  • daily ICdays reduction value gets updated instantly now


  • Reims: Urban -> Forest,
  • Wellington: Urban -> Forest,
  • Christchurch: Urban -> Mountain,
  • Aleppo: Plains -> Urban,
  • Urban textures for
    • Portsmouth, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Reims(Small), Dijon, Besançon, Montpellier, Toulon, Cordoba, Wellington(Small), Christchurch(Small), and Auckland(Small).
    • Small meaning visible, but not enough to count as urban.
  • western russia a bit colder now


  • added rivers in the BICE Geo battle plan for Turkey, Japan, China
  • event texts should no longer overflow the event window


  • removed some nono symbols

Bug Fixes

  • fixed some missing Spanish civil war modifiers
  • fixed a CTD in the statistics window
  • fixed the “30 divisions plan” OOBs spawning for USA instead of CHI
  • fixed a duplicate Rokossovsky leader for SOV
  • fixed the French-Polish unit in Syria
  • fix soviets getting expelled from the league of nations even when not doing the winter war
  • fixed missing difficulty decisions for USA
  • fixed custom production slider lend lease allocation
  • fixed soviet industry evacuation
  • fixed GER suggesting alliance to already hostile FIN
  • fixed US BASE SECTION 4 spawning in hostile egypt
  • fixed OP Torch not requiring Gibraltar
  • fixed unaligned buildings in province tab
  • fixed CAG Aces techs not having correct values
  • fixed CSS battle gfx bug


Download link: Drive.google.com




News 1 comment

Change of the team, last few years, direction and upcoming updates



News 11 comments

Black ICE is moving to HOI IV !We have started on the long road of modding HOI IV into a game we will all enjoy playing.

Let's Play BICE + TRE video series

Let's Play BICE + TRE video series


A great new "let's Play" series of BICE with the TRE submod by Gamer_1745

BICE - Next Version is close

BICE - Next Version is close

News 26 comments

New Version will include reworked transport ships, rebalanced infantry based units and a host of bug fixes and rebalances.

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Black ICE version 8.4

Black ICE version 8.4

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Black ICE Version 8.2 Patch

Black ICE Version 8.2 Patch

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Black ICE 8.2 is out! Checksum: LXUG This update cumulative which means it includes the 8.1 patch. You do not need 8.1 to install this. You do however...

Black ICE Version 8.1 Patch

Black ICE Version 8.1 Patch

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To install this update you have to have Black ICE 8.0 already installed. Then simply put the exe in your main Hearts Of Iron 3 directory where your hoi3.exe...

Black ICE Version 8.0 Alpha

Black ICE Version 8.0 Alpha

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Please beware this is an alpha version of BICE. It may contain more bugs and balance issues then usual. At this point we have tested it enough to establish...

Black ICE Version 7.53

Black ICE Version 7.53

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Installing BlackICE may seem daunting at first, but provided you follow the directions here, you should have a relatively easy time with it. Step 1: After...

Black ICE Version 7.4

Black ICE Version 7.4

Full Version 390 comments

To Install Manually delete any old versions of BICE from the TFH/mods folder and remove the previous mod exe. Step 1: After you have downloaded BlackICE...

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LeoMajor - - 18 comments

I miss you Panzeroo!!!

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Guest - - 692,396 comments

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razzorblade7 - - 2 comments

Germany has a convoy/commerce raider ship in its navy is there any tech i should research would like to know how to get more. I tried to research tech to unlock them but i see nothing i don't know if it is even possible to get access to this units. I hope someone has a answer to my question

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Alozuer0900 - - 1 comments

Keeps crashing on creating texture for quad 12

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miku87 - - 1 comments

Im in need of some help. I've been trying to get back to BICE with no luck. Even though vanilla loads fine, any version of BICE keeps crashing on the loading screen. I did switch to a new PC last year which runs on windows 11. Could that be an issue?

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emrecanarduc1453 - - 26 comments

guys there is no new update for moddb , look paradoxforum for newer versions

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Inquerion - - 36 comments

Guys, this legendary mod is still supported and well (as of 2023).
Sadly due to some issues, devs can't post new version (11.3.3) here.

You can download the mod from official Paradox (creators of Hoi3) site.
There is a BlackICE modpage there.
To see the modpage, you will likely have to register your copy of the game.

Link: Forum.paradoxplaza.com

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Guest - - 692,396 comments

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Guest - - 692,396 comments

Dealy beloved BICE gang:

I have the opportunity to help the game Supreme Ruler Ultimate, to be modded to display NATO counters on the units. This is a something I am volunteering to do and there is no money in it. Is it possible to be gifted graphics files that were used in the counters display for HOI 3? I could then convert them to 1024x1024 PNG files for each unit. Any help?

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retarded_neko - - 55 comments

Can this be a practical replacement for lack of the DLC?

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