Download Castlevania Simons Destiny from here :

"Batandy wrote:I'm writing this to let you know that I have removed your addon from Simon's Destiny's mod page, because I am in the process of completely removing the ModDB page since I only use now.
You're welcome to reupload CV3 (and only that, not the complete Simon's Destiny ipk3) on your profile by stating that it's an unofficial addon for Simon's Destiny, and linking this page instead:
Thank you for your understanding and sorry if this has caused any confusion."--- Zdoom Forum Thread Castlevania 3 For Simon's Destiny

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Hello there! These are definitely the mods you might be looking for!

Welcome to the Debut of Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny. Download here:

Read the Mod Load data supplied in the summary.

This mod is much more than it may appear. It's been stuffed to the brim with many extra goodies beyond just music and maps. It is built off the model of its namesakes rather than just the original Simon's Destiny homage style. This TC doesn't feature many maps, but those maps are built to be full adventures unto themselves; to be grueling and difficult yet rewarding.

  1. So what's the deal? What makes it special?
  2. Randomized enemies which includes the Simon's destiny monsters;
  3. randomized drops from candles and enemies for weapons, armor, and useable items like portable health potions,
  4. the utter fury of losing your favorite Subweapon to another by sheer bad luck.
  5. the utter horror of a Boss monster kicking your Whip into places it shouldn't be;
  6. Infuriating puzzle solving not seen since Symphony of the Night(No theyre not that bad, but they sure feel like it at times. They are facepalm, or OOOoo style most of the time.)
  7. 10, count them, TEN playable characters deriving from Castlevania 3, Simon's Quest, Hexen, Dragon Quest, Ghost's N Goblins, Wizards and Warriors. All these characters are balanced to play as from their OG games for physics and style.
  8. Hours of gameplay or replay. Each map can be beaten in cheesy ways due to the Limit-Removing nature of the gameplay. Some characters like Angmar the Flying Wizard encourage this type of gameplay. So replay comes from the exploration involved, and boy is the scenery worth it. Jeffrey Harvey's maps are literally something to behold.
  9. Each character offers a different gameplay style. Some like Lincoln and Angmar are there to make it easier or just fun. The NES characters are tailored to their old school counterparts.
  10. There are 6 difficulty levels and each is tailored around specific themes. This is most noticeable in episode CV1: Simon's Destiny.
  11. Grant's ability with the Holy Water Subweapon may seem like a bug, but it is not. It grants him the ability to carry Holy Hand Grenades in a separate ammo cache. Slot 5 is where the Grenades are found. One heart use makes one grenade.

And now onto the awesome Demo video. Please note that the Boot time was kept intact with no editing so as to purely hear the opening jingle.

All this and more in Castlvania 3rilogy for low price of Castlevania Simon's Destiny, Doom 2 and Free!
-- Please note that this product is defective if said mods are loaded in the wrong order. Symptoms include substantial derogatory language, sneers and ignorance of a good product. If instructions are followed as prescribed in the File Summary itself then symptoms may vary from smiles, grins, nostalgia and fun. If negative symptoms persist please contact the Mod Author at .---

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CV3 GZD New Master

CV3 GZD New Master

Full Version 3 comments

UNzip and load the PK3 with Castlevania Simon's Destiny as the IWAD. Use GZD3.8 or higher, or LZDoom 3.88.

CV3 for Simon's Destiny +New Castle Pack Maps (8/2/22)

CV3 for Simon's Destiny +New Castle Pack Maps (8/2/22)

Full Version 8 comments

Load Simons Destiny as the IWAD and Then this PK3. This version is a graphical overhaul of textures so that it can run on both LZDoom and GZDoom. Also...

Castlevania 3 LZD/GZD update July 7 22

Castlevania 3 LZD/GZD update July 7 22

Full Version 4 comments

Load Simons Destiny as the IWAD and Then this PK3. This version is a graphical overhaul of textures so that it can run on both LZDoom and GZDoom. Also...

Akira_Hokiwahara - - 12 comments

Script error, "CV3-4-SD v2.2 only needs SimonsDestiny.pk3:decorate.main" line 1711:
Script error, "CV3-4-SD v2.2 only needs SimonsDestiny.pk3:decorate.main" line 1711:
Tried to define class 'Clipper' without definition of parent class 'SmallHeart'

what is this???

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kalensar Creator
kalensar - - 406 comments

You loaded the mod in the wrong order. Simons destiny as the IWAD and CV3 as the mod.

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Santiñoctm - - 1 comments

This is the first time i have a feeling of "What did i just do?" this addon is so weird, the map is a big *** map with tons and tons of enemies that just shoot every time they can, i had to use health regeneration cheats cause i couldn't do it with the options this gave me, my first reaction was like "Oh, i start in another place that isn't the cross like the original game" and then i'm greeted to a kinda acurrate representation of walachia (however it's actually called the town idk) being invaded by Dracula's troops, and this is just the Castlevania three chapter, not the simon's quest one, the classes are so weird, outside of trevor who is just simon with a fully powered whip, all the classe nor look or feel like the actual characters. For some reason you can get numerous weapons that are very out of place. Overall there is a lot of crap that i could talk about, but that's all i can say right now, but i kinda like it anyways.

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kalensar Creator
kalensar - - 406 comments

Very late reply.

Its not 1 map, its actually 9 extra maps on top of Simons Destiny itself. Its a complete ovehaul that includes the main Castlevania 3 characters and 6 more for flavor and fun. The gameplay is more advanced than just point and click so test out each weapon and character. Reload Key is tied to alternate attacks on all weapons that drain hearts for a more powerful attack generally. The main fire attacks consumer Zero ammo except for The Book which consumes hearts on both attacks. Each Character also has different move speeds and jump physics as well! Alucard matches his SOTN physics as close as possible as an example.

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