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Breakable Boxes causing the Game to Crash (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl : Forum : Support : Breakable Boxes causing the Game to Crash) Post Reply
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Dec 11 2016 Anchor

Multiple Brekable boxes in many levels of the game are slightly in the ground/wall a very small corner or so, and when they break or get a force acted upon them they instantly crash the game. I don't know how to use the SDK or Map editor but i'm willing to go around and try to fix them myself if someone could tell me how.

Here are a few examples of crates that cause the game to crash:

Two stacked boxes in Agroprom Underground exit tunnel to the Army Warehouses (Where the controller spawns)

One of the boxes ontop of the building Forester occupies in the Red Forest

2(maybe more) of the boxes in the room where the Psuedogiant is, in lab X-18.

And multiple more locations that I (admittedly) have kind of forgot. But they are they and they do cause serious problems such as the X-18 boxes being broken by the Psudeogiant attack causing you to be unable to kill him and progress before he hits the ground once and makes the game crash

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Dec 11 2016 Anchor

I never had CTDs with boxes physics. Maybe can be a RAM issue, it's recommended to play with 4gb or more. Also be sure you haven't installed any conflictive addons. If you use SDK for eliminate that boxes, the altered map file maybe makes your CoC will turn incompatible with some future addons or patches.

Dec 11 2016 Anchor

You have to give me a list of the addons you are using and which version you are on. This is something that I cannot reproduce in the vanilla mod.

There used to be a box in brain lab that crashed but that was fixed a long time ago. I broke all the boxes in lab x18 and no crashes. I don't think this is a probably in the base mod.

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Dec 11 2016 Anchor

I'm using STCoP, DoctorX Quest/Relations, and Outfit Addon (modified the files to work with the patch 1.4.18) could it be that its adding like item drops to boxes that are breaking the game or something

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Dec 11 2016 Anchor
ZekeDerevenko wrote:

I'm using STCoP, DoctorX Quest/Relations, and Outfit Addon (modified the files to work with the patch 1.4.18) could it be that its adding like item drops to boxes that are breaking the game or something

Well if it's trying to spawn sections that don't exist or items that don't have cform = skeleton, then yes it could crash. I could try taking a look at the outfit addon.


Have you tried spawning all the new outfits with the debug spawner and dropping them to the ground? One of them can be buggy.

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Dec 11 2016 Anchor

I think the crash might be related to some kind of save file corruption over time... Because on a fresh save file with my modded setup the crashes no longer happen when breaking boxes..

(They never occured on vanilla)

P.s. I dropped all the added outfits/vanilla ones from Outfit Addon and none of them caused any crashes.

Can save file corruption cause the game to crash when Physics/Forces happen? Like something to do with that?

Dec 19 2016 Anchor

hey did you fixed it? It's happening to me too. pseudogiant stomp in lab x-18 and burer shockwave causes CTD.

any environment that has many boxes leading me to CTD. I shot my 40mm in the room and boom, CTD.

Even if I start a new game with my current mod setup, CTD happens with that very few specific moment. god damn this is serious pain in the ass.

EDIT : FIXED : Bruh change audio to Generic Software if you using OpenAL. I just fixed this fucking problem with that.

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Dec 20 2016 Anchor

Ah sound issue all along eh? Crazy

Aug 10 2017 Anchor

ReinaKim Made an account just to thank you! It was literally game breaking for me where there was multiple burers on one of the X-labs. Now I can finally start playing STALKER again!

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