Some script tweaks to Sergeant Mark IV's Brutal Doom mod where you can avoid all damage without sticking to cover if you try hard enough! It's harder than it looks and sometimes requires some complex choice based reflexes, orientation / coordination and pattern recognition. Enemies get sniper accuracy and can sometimes fire in random directions or improve their tracking of your movement, shaving off more of the few deciseconds you have to react. Disengage if you start getting heart problems.

Press R, Q, Space, and Ctrl to reload, kick, jump, and duck.

Warning: Some of your best perfomance during play
can lead to heart problems. Disengage when necessary.


Mod of an older version of Sergeant Mark IV's Brutal Doom mod that
changes gameplay with a few script tweaks and makes further use
of his choice of projectile based bullets over hitscan.

Whether via soldier enhancing serum or extensive training, you have become
far more nimble and alert, making enemy attacks more predictable to you.
You've seen enough John Woo movies and played enough
Max Payne to know where this is headed.

Enemies armed with guns are more accurate unless you're moving out of the way.
This creates more depth for movement system use because some guns, shots and patterns
require different movement, wider side-steps, or more vertical movement
(ducking / crouching while standing in deep water doesn't work for some reason),
so stay alert and adhere to your higher reflexes if you don't want to be
caught off-guard, especially around multiple enemies.
It's not like they're not trying to hit you.
This can possibly create more dynamic gun dodging than
some online multiplayer sessions, where hit detection is
client side (attacker) or server-side, giving the evader
less or no time to react with the latency.

And since you can technically avoid all or almost all damage,
you can now afford to turn up the difficulty with provided addons if you wish.
Difficulty addons increase the damage done to the player, and my favorite
Doom / Brutal Doom difficulty to play this on is
Ultra-Violence / Full Ultra Violence.

Changed splash-damage projectile weapon launch offset to accomodate for your now reduced hitbox,
jump height slightly increased, and your weapons do more damage to common enemy types.
Enemy bullet behavior is accomplished via ScaleVelocity to give more reaction time.
Realistically, bullets travel faster than you move, but I don't know how to
animate the gun going in the exact direction it will shoot and it's just a
video game.

Try the link below to play on generated levels

Try this one for alternate level music.

Or listen to your own music.

Or, you could even listen to this:


I started work using an older version of GZDoom and
Brutal Doom, so don't replace them or the game will mess up.

Click on and drag the mod (brutally frantic - full - ninja.pk3)
into 'gzdoom.exe'.

Ninja is the standard difficulty setting.
If you want the next harder difficulty, click 'bfrantic mode - acrobat.pk3'
and [Ctrl]+click 'brutally frantic - full - ninja.pk3', and drag it
with them both selected into 'gzdoom.exe'.
The first selected takes higher priority.

Or if you want to auto-load your settings next time you run gzdoom.exe, open 'zdoom-Welcome.ini'
find '[Global.Autoload]' and type in the file path. example:

Path=C:\Users\yourPCusername\Downloads\Brutally_Frantic_b\brutally frantic - full - ninja.pk3
Path=C:\Users\yourPCusername\Downloads\Brutally_Frantic_b\bfrantic mode - acrobat.pk3


Path=C:\Users\yourPCusername\Downloads\Brutally_Frantic_b\brutally frantic.pk3
Path=C:\Users\yourPCusername\Downloads\Brutally_Frantic_b\bfrantic mode - impossible.pk3

The first in place takes least priority.

Mod of Sergeant Mark IV's Brutal Doom mod, edited by Ladam.

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Brutally Frantic
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Brutally Frantic

Brutally Frantic

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Mod of an older version of Sergeant Mark IV's Brutal Doom mod that changes gameplay with a few script tweaks and makes further use of his choice of projectile...


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