The definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Adds realistic gore, dismemberments, headshots, executions, lightning effects, particles, makes enemies smarter and harder, makes gun louder and beefier, and adds epic new boss battles.

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Brutal Doom as Custom Game General Talk WinstonSmith6079 WinstonSmith6079 - read

Oct 20 2020

Help-BD going to hell on earth General Talk sixlayersdeep sixlayersdeep - read

Oct 17 2020

Don't Cycle Empty Vehicle Weapons Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Skibicki Skibicki - read

Oct 15 2020

Help General Talk thoughtfulloris thoughtfulloris - read

Oct 4 2020

Help Wanted! People Who Know How To Brutalize Realm667 Monsters Editing Excalibird Excalibird - read

Sep 29 2020

BD Mod Ideas Since I Don't Know How To Make Mods General Talk Excalibird Excalibird - read

Sep 27 2020

BDv21Gold player pushes pain elemental corpse as if weightless Bug reporting (Brutal Doom chebmaster BLOODWOLF333 - read

Sep 20 2020

Want your bugs fixed? Bug reporting (Brutal Doom BLOODWOLF333 BLOODWOLF333 - read

Sep 19 2020

Unknown Scripts Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Scarlet_Dragonwing BLOODWOLF333 - read

Sep 19 2020

Reporting two bugs with purist mode. Bug reporting (Brutal Doom C4RNAGE6 BLOODWOLF333 - read

Sep 19 2020

Waving locks me in third person Bug reporting (Brutal Doom slgalaxy53 BLOODWOLF333 - read

Sep 19 2020

What am I doing wrong? Brutal doom doesnt work Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Razaile13 BLOODWOLF333 - read

Sep 19 2020

How to enable the BROKEN morph demon rune! (Brutal Doom v21) General Talk robbiemetcalf5 robbiemetcalf5 - read

Aug 23 2020

How to fix the BROKEN Demon Morph rune! (Brutal doom v21) Bug reporting (Brutal Doom robbiemetcalf5 robbiemetcalf5 - read

Aug 23 2020

PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.o October 2019 github General Talk minigunner_ali minigunner_ali - read

Jul 29 2020

Help pls - Spectre Sprite General Talk jmorganpapworth Tomtefar1988 - read

Jul 8 2020

Cannot open extract General Talk GARPFloyd GARPFloyd - read

Jun 29 2020

Extermination Day Pre-Beta Download

(1, 2)

Bug Reporting (Extermination Day) Sergeant_Mark_IV 40  44Nichipan - read

Jun 13 2020

Extermination Day Beta 001 Download Bug Reporting (Extermination Day) Sergeant_Mark_IV 12  osjclatchford - read

May 19 2020

problems with brutal doom - during fight with a lot of monsters and fire Bug reporting (Brutal Doom erezz erezz - read

May 18 2020

Auto quote General Talk C4RNAGE6 Tomtefar1988 - read

May 8 2020

Tired of the ironsight shenanigans General Talk Randomguy7 Tomtefar1988 - read

May 8 2020

Dual (Sawed-off) Super Shotguns Editing Zodomaniac Zodomaniac - read

May 8 2020

HD / Hires Texture Pack for Brutal Doom General Talk Cuckcake ElVitt0 - read

Apr 23 2020

Brutal Doom HD General Talk ElVitt0 ElVitt0 - read

Apr 23 2020


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