The definitive gameplay enhancement mod for the GZDoom and Zandronum engines. Adds realistic gore, dismemberments, headshots, executions, lightning effects, particles, makes enemies smarter and harder, makes gun louder and beefier, and adds epic new boss battles.

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Starting level causes character to always look up Bug reporting (Brutal Doom goggler goggler - read

Oct 5 2022

I'm looking for a original map of Brutal DooM General Talk fantasmalero fantasmalero - read

Sep 6 2022

Release Candidate 10 Testing Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Sergeant_Mark_IV 24  Guest - read

Jul 17 2022

ZDoom- Infinite ammo won't work! Bug reporting (Brutal Doom AlphaWalker PrB00Mguy+ - read

Jun 12 2022

Latest version of Brutal Doom? General Talk Ja7dal lyhwha - read

May 20 2022

Spider MasterMind Weapon Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Gate12 Gate12 - read

Apr 10 2022

weapon firing when "using sv_unlimited_pickup 1" Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Kovalsky267 Ja7dal - read

Mar 31 2022

Good Weapon Pack mods? General Talk NateBoi NateBoi - read

Mar 22 2022

doom 2016 and eternal weapon packs Editing DoomForever DoomForever - read

Feb 15 2022

doom 2016 pistol Editing DoomForever DoomForever - read

Feb 8 2022

doom 2016 pistol Editing DoomForever DoomForever - read

Feb 7 2022

(Any interest in?) Making an updated Brutal Doom Monsters Only mod Editing TheBoltCatcher eviltechno - read

Jan 14 2022

Shooting not working Bug Reporting (Extermination Day) lerugray lerugray - read

Oct 6 2021

Looking for the Shoulder Cannon mod Editing AnimalCrossingSucks AnimalCrossingSucks - read

Oct 4 2021

TomtefarsCompat.txt error for Brutal Doom when running mods Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Sad.txt That1OneKobold - read

Oct 3 2021

Maps to try out Editing DarynS DarynS - read

Sep 28 2021

XVME 1.3.1 Monsters only Monster Respawner broken for GZDoom Bug reporting (Brutal Doom TheBoltCatcher TheBoltCatcher - read

Sep 21 2021

Bug with explosion marks Bug reporting (Brutal Doom Evil_CT Evil_CT - read

Jun 12 2021

Help no face Bug reporting (Brutal Doom ozgamer73 ozgamer73 - read

Mar 8 2021

Can't release marines Bug reporting (Brutal Doom adfaust18 adfaust18 - read

Mar 5 2021

Waving locks me in third person Bug reporting (Brutal Doom slgalaxy53 adfaust18 - read

Mar 5 2021

Weapons switched from Brutal Doom’s to Classic Vanilla. Bug reporting (Brutal Doom MattMayhem MattMayhem - read

Feb 27 2021

Extermination Day Beta 001 Download Bug Reporting (Extermination Day) Sergeant_Mark_IV 16  PlutonianEmpire - read

Feb 7 2021

Meatshield Enemy Toss then CRASH. Bug reporting (Brutal Doom MattMayhem MattMayhem - read

Jan 27 2021

Weapons keep firing on their own Bug reporting (Brutal Doom cheezkid cheezkid - read

Dec 4 2020


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