Brutal Doom Redemption. Your are a lone surviving space marine. Hell is every where.They are tough,mean and will give no mercy. You may just be one man but you have an arsenal of kickass weapons at your command. If you wanna get out alive..Lock en load..rock en roll.

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What can I say about this mod, except one thing. AWESOME!!!! The sounds and the new looks to the shotgun and super shotgun were more than I expected. The blood, gore, and everything looked well done. The game play is as smooth as gravy. The creator of this Brutal Doom Redemption Mod put a lot of time and effort into this mod. And in my review and opinion, the creator's time and effort paid off. One of the best Brutal Doom mods I have ever seen.


this is a really great fantastical ideal for what it is worth about at @ least pointing to a better version from id_software or bethesda someday in an official sense in any case and stuff like that et @ alll * ; *


To me, a precursor of the even greater Brutal Doom Black Edition. Realism, best gore I've seen on Brutal Doom derivatives including Black Edition. I still play it alongside Black Edition sometimes because of its faster pace. Thanks Doomguy141 !


I use this every time I play doom its awesome. It just needs a update for GZDoom 3.0 now.


The_Kefka says

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Looks good .

Nice, but nothing else comparing Project Brutality

ive tried this and i thought it was amazing with different system in this version of brutal doom . also the re-shade is a excellent addition to this game

this mod is something I was looking for so much and I did not think it was made. Absolutely wonderful! (For those who like that particular visual extras)


The Sub-mod a.k.a BDR is one of the mods that is recommended for those who are thirsty for gore and blood. Every detail of it is good. The sounds, textures, particles etc. are A-Okay. BD Redemption is still in progress, meaning is not finished yet. It has some bugs but I believe that the creator of it will put it into perfection and vaporizes it's bugs. The chainsaw is quite unique compared to the original. It slashes like a katana and stabs like a drill. You can feel the impact of every weapon as it terrorizes your enemies. Overall, BDR is one of the best sub-mods in the DOOM Community. I can't wait how grotesque and Edgy as **** will this game be especially when it is complete! RIP & TEAR!!

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