A more classic version of brutal doom, taking elements from v18, v20, and v21 for the best possible brutal doom experience.

NOTE: Brutal Doom v21 is now required to run the latest version of the mod


- updated version of v18 kick physics
- added v18 screen effects (can turn off in Brutal Doom Options)
- added different options for ADS
- v18 kick sprites
- v18 rifle
- v18 minigun
- v18 shotgun
- removed scientist zombies
- no more zombieman/shotgunguy last stand
- added RC1 level enhancments (mostly just replacing lights with breakable versions)
- mancubus flame cannon's altfire is like the flamethrower
- added v18 corpse kicking
- added v19 armour sprites
- added v19 difficulties
- default GZDoom jump physics

- intermission screen explosion sound effect replaced with v18 explosion sound effect
- replaced classic plasma rifle cool down sprites with smooth doom sprites

- removed tactical mode
- removeed flamethrower
- removed smg
- removed auto shotgun
- removed machine gun

*note: bloodsplashing is basically how it was for BDv18, but the fundamental difference in gore physics makes it a little different

Credit goes to:
-Tomtefar for the code for visible weapons while kicking, as well as several sprites
-IKDFA for some of the code and some sprites
-Ali JR./BLOODWOLF for enemy side roll code
-Ali JR. for help with muzzle flashes
-D00Dguy for some of the sprites used
-goldenmob72 for one of the sprites used to create the dual v18 rifles
-DERO, Lord Lothar, Demon Slayer, and DogeLord for a lot of sprite help and code

Cover art by Frinfrosk

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Over the years, Brutal Doom has been one of the most influential mods of all time. Its campaign, Extermination Day, has also been apart of its success. Though, while EDAY had story, there just wasn't to much of it, and a lot of textures were misused and not properly aligned, which is why I'm proud to introduce: Extermination Day: Custom Edition!

What does the "new" version of EDAY here have?

  • More Texture usage
  • More lore
  • More story
  • More content
  • And a whole lot more!
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Brutal Doom Classic Edition v18

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v18

Full Version 11 comments

Some enemy AI enhancements, added bright maps, dual wielding is back again, added proper credits, e.t.c. Full list of changes will be in the changelog

Brutal Doom Classic Edition  v17

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v17

Full Version 5 comments

This version of Brutal Doom Classic overhauls the bloodsplash effect. It still works basically the same as v18, but the logic is completely different...

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v16a

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v16a

Full Version 4 comments

This version has a bunch of bugfixes mostly. I also changed the mod so that it runs like an addon. This was done so that it would be easier to port all...

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v15a

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v15a

Full Version 7 comments

Rejoice multiplayer gamers, for Zandronum compatibility has returned! Several other bug fixes have been added, but this is one of the big ones. Unfortunately...

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v14b

Brutal Doom Classic Edition v14b

Full Version 11 comments

Version 14b of my Brutal Doom Classic Edition mod. A few bug fixes and some minor things added. NOTE: Zandronum is currently not supported.

Erx real metal doom soundtrack

Erx real metal doom soundtrack

Music 12 comments

Real metal pack in instrumental versions of the best bands for DooM as Rammstein and Pantera among others. Randomized, so as not to burn your ear. If...


Does this remove the glory kills and the profanity, spewed from a beta trying to be tough?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is great for bringing Brutal Doom closer to the vanilla gameplay!

Can I make a few suggestions for the Vanilla Monsters mode if you ever make an update?

-Remove last stand/severely injured states for other monsters (especially those that can attack in their injured state like revenants and pinkies) as well as zombiemen

-Remove 'meat shield' animations that soak up automatic fire

-Revert monster melee range to vanilla doom

-Revert pistol and minigun to vanilla firing speed (may require a damage buff to cope with BD's increased monster health)

-Restore vanilla revenant missiles (BD revenants never shoot unguided missiles)

-Make headshots deal the same damage as body shots

These are just my personal suggestions to make this the ideal way to play vanilla doom with all the enhancements of BD, and I have no coding experience to understand how much work those changes would take, so I appreciate that if these aren't issues you care about you won't spend your free time implementing them

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no me fusiona el mod pongo todo los archivos y no sirve al un problema o algo

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey guys I'm new here. I don't know how can I download the first one. doom 1 mod. Is it free? or I have to pay for it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How can I download the first one? doom 1 mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

why remove auto shotgun

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mechanical-Sanity Creator

Because it just bloated the arsenal. There was really no point for it.

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