This is Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Patch 2.13 files adapted over 2.01 exe made to run on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

It will change Textures, Sounds, Plane Models and Configs. I also adapted Tiger Moth plane to work with it without replace any playable aircraft so doesn't breaking campaign or other plane sounds. (As it uses patch 2.01 exe it doesn't include many fixes like AI improvements, new ground objects and MultiSkin feature from Patch 2.13)

I also added to this patch many personal addons made by me (If you don't like fictional Addons I added a backup for all original planes from patch 2.13). So after you install this Patch it will appear a new folder "Addons (OPTIONAL)" inside your "Battle of Britain II" folder, so inside it you will find all my addons and the default 2.13 Patch addons so if you want to restore 2.13 original plane textures install the files inside "7-DEFAULT 2.13 Patch Addons" folder.

V.1 Change List (20/09/2019):

-New Main Menu Background
-Added Playable Tiger Moth plane for Instant Action without break campaign or any aircraft sounds (It replaces Defiant model and uses unused sound slots for engine sounds)
-2.13 Textures, Planes and Sounds adapted for 2.01
-Fixed Spitfire unstable landing on ground leading to wing drop crashes
-Edited planes weight problems that made some aircrafts heavy (Like Bf109 hard climb that causes A.I unable to accomplish loop manouvers making them stalling in the air like sitting ducks)
-Edited Gunsight position for all planes for better shot accuracy
-Made all Clouds more transparent so you can see enemies inside them when close
-Eagle Squadron Spitfire Fictitious texture from Pearl Harbor Movie
-Rafe McCawley skin from Pearl Harbor Movie for Spitfire/Hurricane/Tiger Moth pilot (It also changes parachutist model)
-Sikh Indian Spitfire/Hurricane Planes Textures and Pilots (OPTIONAL ADDON inspired by Squadron Leader Mohinder Singh Pujji)
-Erich Hartmann skin for Luftwaffe pilot (Just a Homage to the Ace of the Aces)
-BF 109 Fictitious Erich Hartmann Karaya Emblem (Inspired by Adolf Galland painting over M109ULF_IIJG26_G_V3 texture from Bf109 more solid colours by Boreas)
-Stuka Fictitious Texture (Painting inspired by 4/st.G77 France 1940 + st.G77 Balkans)
-Pin-UP Cockpit Girl Pictures
-Fixed "ObjectAdds" invisible ground objects collisions Bug
-4GB RAM Patched 2.01 exe

V.2 Change List (12/10/2019):

-New Spitfire Mk.IIa Texture (Optional Addon)
-New Spitfire Cockpit
-New Hurricane Willie McKnight Painting
-New Options Background
-Some Texture Fixes

V.3 Change List (29/11/2019):

-Added 2.13 Cockpit Instrument Textures to fix Spitfire Directional Gyro
-Added Spitfire Mk.IIa Czechoslovak Squadron Insignia (Optional Addon)
-Fixed Hurricane Willie McKnight Painting adding Skeleton Decal on both sides like real one
-Added Tiger Moth Serial Number
-Improved Bf109, Bf110 and Stuka Cockpit View for a better Nose View
-Bf109 red light reflex under cockpit like IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
-New Erich Hartmann Blue Flying Uniform for Luftwaffe Pilot
-Inverted Magnetos On/Off position for Stuka cockpit texture
-Fixed daily "JU52.pcx" crash bug (INVALID TEXTURE crash may still happen)
-Fixed "Preload Standard Files" bug creating infinite # UDETBUOY and # BULLET1 lines inside "Preload" folder
-Added Mouse as Stick Config for who wants to play without Joystick (Optional Addon)
-Many Texture Improvements

V.4 Change List (28/12/2019):

-New WW2 Propaganda Posters Campaign Background
-New Replay Menu Background
-New Fly Menu Background
-New Tree type
-Improved Gunsight and Bullet Textures
-Activated "Bullet_DragGravity=ON" for more realism
-Edited some Mouse as Stick config keys
-Added DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) to Installer file



(Attention: This Patch requires BOB2 Original CD Release since it needs original registry. It will not work on BOB2 Matrix Games version since it comes with 2.06 Patch included. So if you installed any previous patched versions before uninstall it first and install old BOB2 Original CD Release again to restore registry)

1-Install original "Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory" game from CD

2-Install this "BOB2 Windows 10 Patch" over your bob2 game directory at: C:\Battle of Britain II

3-At the end of the installation a window will open and ask you to Install DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010). Install it since it's needed for BOB2 works on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

4-Always run "bob.exe" as Administrator and in Compatibility Mode "Windows XP" (Or else you may have mute radio chat sounds and other bugs)

5-On Game Main Menu go to Options / Menu / Controls / Key Mapping


And then Clear [Alt+X] command and replace it to another key of your choice like [End] for example, then click save. (It helps in case your Windows uses Alt+X for some system shortcut command causing the game to crash)



-If you don't run "bob.exe" in Compatibility Mode "Windows XP" your radio chat will become mute cause "SFX Quality" in Sound Menu config will automatically revert from High to Low and it also will set "Radio Chatter Volume" to OFF (So if you forgot this step use "Windows XP" Compatibility Mode and go to sound menu change back "SFX Quality" to High and set a new "Radio Chatter Volume" instead OFF value to fix the radio chat)

-This Patch uses old Hurricane and BF110 models cause 2.13 new models with movable pilot head have bugged wings' damage plates so they don't show damage holes on wings when hit

-As Tiger Moth plane model doesn't have Low LOD (Level of Detail) mesh for the cockpit if you use in "bdg.txt" the command OPTIMISE_OBJECTS_DURING_RUNTIME=ON the cockpit will become invisible so to fix always use "OFF" for this line like: OPTIMISE_OBJECTS_DURING_RUNTIME=OFF
(This patch already comes with a bdg.txt using OPTIMISE_OBJECTS_DURING_RUNTIME=OFF to fix it)

-As Tiger Moth doesn't have Interactive Cockpit you will not be able to manual start engines so if you are using "Engine Management: Manual" you have two ways to start engines and take off:

1-Press "Control + A" to activate Autopilot and wait for your aircraft start engines and take off only then take back control

2-Press "M' to open the Map then press "1" 1.Accel and press again "1" 1.Forward so when you return to game you will be in the air

(If you want to Turn Off Tiger Moth Engines just keep your throttle at 0% on ground for 10 to 20 seconds that it will automatically turn off. So if you want to keep parked on ground without turn off your engines keep at least 10% throttle. And if you landed and turn off engines but you want to start engines and take off again don't use autopilot pressing "Control + A" that your plane will crash on ground, instead press "M" "1.Accel" "1.Forward" since autopilot only works for the first time you take off your plane)

-Sometimes Engine or Cannon and Guns sounds become mute in the middle of the battle, so if this bug happens just press "P" to pause the game that the sound will be fixed

-When you fly Bf110 using Engine Management Manual and during the mission you use some Autopilot Accel command like pressing "Tab" or Pressing "M' to open the Map then press "1" / 1.Accel / 1.Forward. When you take over control the right engine will always shut down cause the Right Fuel Cock will automatically be Turned Off to save fuel. So always remember to Turn On the Right Fuel Cock back



[Patch 2.13 Credits]

-For all BDG Team Patch 2.13 files added like Textures, Sounds and Plane Models please read Credits from "BoBII v2.13 Manual" included in the file.

-Also visit the thread linked below for prior game version credits:

[Tiger Moth Addon Credits]

- 100% authentic Gypsy Major engine sounds
- Hi fidelity flight model by BlueSix
- Skin by Bader
- 2D gauges by Stickman
- Coding by Osram and Buddye
- 18 new Tiger Moth Instant Action missions including 3 basic training missions, 8 advanced training missions, 4 Special Operation Executive missions and 3 bonus 'Challenge' missions by WhirlyBird.
Remember, we are providing this aircraft free of charge, and are a group of volunteer BoBII enthusiasts, so we value highly the help of our BOBII community in bringing this aircraft to life in the BOBII world!
Regards, HeinKill

[Artwork Credits]

-New Main Menu Background (Supermarine Spitfire MK 1a Artwork by Adam Tooby)

-New Campaign Background V1 (Battle of Britain Artworks by Wojciech Nieweglowski / Marek Rys / Simon W. Parry / Wojciech Kliment Nieweglowski / Piotr Forkasiewicz)

-New Campaign Background V2 (WW2 Propaganda Recuitment Posters Artwork by Wee Blue Coo)

-New Load Game Background (Airfix MESSERCHMITT Bf109E-4 + Hawker HURRICANE Battle of Britain Artwork by Adam Tooby)

-New Replay Background (The Few Messerschmitt Bf 110 zerstorer Artwork by rOEN911)

-New Options Background (Artwork from Plane Mechanic Simulator game)

-New Fly Menu Background (Battle of Britain Combat Archive Vol. 4 Artwork by Simon W Parry / Wojciech "Kliment" Nieweglowski / Slawomir Ostrowicki / Marek Rys / Piotr Forkasiewicz)

[Addons by Felizpe Credits]

-New Spitfire Cockpit
-Hurricane Willie McKnight Painting
-Eagle Squadron Spitfire fictitious texture from Pearl Harbor Movie
-Rafe McCawley skin from Pearl Harbor Movie for Spitfire/Hurricane/Tigermoth pilot (It also changes parachutist model)
-Sikh Indian Spitfire/Hurricane Planes Textures and Pilots (OPTIONAL ADDON inspired by Squadron Leader Mohinder Singh Pujji)
-Erich Hartmann skin for Luftwaffe pilot
-BF 109 Fictitious Erich Hartmann Karaya Emblem (Inspired by Adolf Galland painting over M109ULF_IIJG26_G_V3 texture from Bf109 more solid colours by Boreas)
-Bf109 red light reflex under cockpit like IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
-Pin-UP Cockpit Pictures
-Stuka fictitious Painting (Inspired 4/st.G77 France 1940 + st.G77 Balkans)
-New edited Tree
-Many other file editions, fixes and adaptations by Felizpe

(All my personal addons where edited over 2.13 patch files so credits belong to all Chaps too)

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BOB2 Windows 10 Patch (V.4)

BOB2 Windows 10 Patch (V.4)

Patch 25 comments

This is Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Patch 2.13 files adapted over 2.01 exe made to run on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10


Hi. I managed to get the game working for windows 10. But I am unable to change my resolution. It just keeps it at a low poor resolution. No matter how much I try to change it, it won't let me change it or it stays at the old resolution. Could I get some guidance on how to fix the resolution problem?


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Felizpe Creator

Hi yes it's common when "Use Desktop Res (Recommended) = On"

So to fix that go to "Options" and change:

"Use Desktop Res (Recommended) = On"


"Use Desktop Res (Recommended) = Off"

Then manually choose your video resolution in "3D Resolution" and "Campaign Resolution" fields

For example, my desktop video resolution is 1366x768 so my config is:

Use Desktop Res (Recommended) = Off
3D Resoluttion = 1366x768x32
Campaign Resolution = 1366x768x32

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Wonderful!- Thanks for resurrecting this brilliant game for me on Windows 10.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Felizpe Creator

Thanks for the message ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Excellent !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Felizpe Creator

Thanks for the comment! ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So nice!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Felizpe Creator

Really Thanks :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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