For: M&B: Warband 1.158 and above

Welcome to the Europe In Flames Series for MB Warband

There are two separate pieces in the Series:

EIF2: EnEx - XVII Century Wars , Beta 1.1

EIF1: 1618 AD (only the 30 Years War), Final1.0

Modification Type: Total Conversion / Historic Simulator

Mode: Single Player


EIF2: English

EIF1: English/Español/Chinese

Author: Jatynski

Official development and reports thread:


Special thanks to TaleWorlds for this fantastic game and their modding policy.
Thanks a lot to Snowbird Games for their permission in ussing their work.


Few years since the last war, the King of Romans, Mathias von Osterreich want to unify again the Empire under the Catholic faith and he will do whatever for achieve it.

The Evangelic League, with Friedrich von Palftz leading it, is ready to fight against that impositions.

At the same time, the United Provinces are in permanet tension with the Kingdom of Spain: the spaniards claims the territories at the Netherlands holded by the Provincies and don't recognize their independence.

Polithics and Religion is a latent and dangerous explosive cocktail, about to explode. More than 5 millions of deaths will be the consecuence of the 30 Years War.

The real first WW is coming ...

Fight with the Spanish Tercios; be a Swedish Reytar, a Scotish Mercenary or become a more famous general than Von Tilly or Lennart Tortenson.

Main Features: EIF2

-11 factions, Full Europe map and new features.

Main Features: EIF1

-Factions: Imperio Español (Paises Bajos), Kingdom of Denmark, United Provinces, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Sweden and Evangelic Union.
-Central and North Europe Map.
-Historic characters and location names as accurate as possible.

Out there:
-Pre-battle orders and deployment. Advanced formations.
-Entrench your troops.
-And more ...

-Civilian/Military buildings and map icons, mainly from WFAS.
-New scenes.
-Flora and landscapes improved.
-Varied and accurate clothing, both civil and military.
-Ambientation: Musicans not only at the taverns but playing at the Courts. New characters at the streets: clerics, noblesse, gamblers, etc.
-Hair and beards of that era.
-New music
-And more ...

Many elements from WFAS
TOTSK - Artillery and some other little stuff (but very useful :) )
PBOD kit by Caba Drin
Custom Player Party Name by Caba Drin
Formations, Code by Motomataru
Entrenched Camps kit by Tempered
Tavern Animations kit by Slawomir of Aaaaaaaaaaaargh !!! :D
Map icons by Al-Mansur
Grenades Code by Screamingcommie
Recruiter Kit by Hesuuuu
Perfect troop tree presentation by Rubik
17th Century OSP by Willhelm
Flintlock Weapons OSP
Flipping coins with tavernkeepers Code by Albertus Magnus
Beer drinking for Warband! Code by Lumos

A lot of single items, took from other OSP, retexturized or light-modified by me. Thanks you guys

Special Credit to:

I'm sorry if i missed someone; please, contact me and i will include you !!!

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Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein ; Czech: Albrecht Václav Eusebius z Valdštejna; 24 September 1583 – 25 February 1634),also von Waldstein, was a Bohemian[a] military leader and politician who offered his services, and an army of 30,000 to 100,000 men, during the Thirty Years' War (1618–48), to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II. He became the supreme commander of the armies of the Habsburg Monarchy and a major figure of the Thirty Years' War.

An imperial generalissimo by land, and Admiral of the Baltic Sea from 21 April 1628, who had made himself ruler of the lands of the Duchy of Friedland in northern Bohemia, Wallenstein found himself released from service on 13 August 1630 after Ferdinand grew wary of his ambition. Several Protestant victories over Catholic armies induced Ferdinand to recall Wallenstein, who again turned the war in favor of the Imperial cause. Dissatisfied with the Emperor's treatment of him, Wallenstein considered allying with the Protestants. However, he was assassinated at Eger/Cheb in Bohemia by one of the army's officials, Walter Devereux, with the emperor's approval.


EIF 2 - Beta 1.1

EIF 2 - Beta 1.1

News 16 comments

Europa in Flames Beta 1.1 (with HOTFIXES) avalaible



News 1 comment

Europe in Flames:EnEx (EIF2), Download is already avalaible.

EUROPE IN FLAMES 2: Beta 1.0 Release

EUROPE IN FLAMES 2: Beta 1.0 Release

News 7 comments

Realeasing the new Europe in Flames: 2 (Enhanced and Expanded)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

News 5 comments

Europe in Flames 2 is coming soon. What are the news?

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EIF 2 - Beta 1.1

EIF 2 - Beta 1.1

Full Version 50 comments

Europe in Flames 2: EnEx Beta version 1.1 Includes: Freelancer, Diplomacy and PBOD With several hotfixes over b1.0

EIF 2: Beta 1.0

EIF 2: Beta 1.0

Full Version 10 comments

This is the EIF2 vBeta 1.0 . This is a separate module from EIF1 1618AD, savegames and installation are not compatibles. Install it as a new folder under...

EIF 1 chinese translation

EIF 1 chinese translation


This is the EIF 1 Chinese Translation. Thanks to BBCN.

EIF 1 spanish translation

EIF 1 spanish translation

Patch 1 comment

Traduccion al español mas completa que la anterior



Other 2 comments

SPANISH TRANSLATION traducion al español actualizada, puede haber algunas partes de ciertos menus sin traducir, pero la mayoria esta completa



Full Version 25 comments

Fight for God and your Realm !!! You must show heretics the Lord's strenght is your arm strenght. Fight at the Spanish Tercios, be a defender of the Gospels...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 355)
Kriegtooth - - 1,608 comments

Yearly comment lamenting the end of this mod, why god why?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JusChekkin1 - - 1 comments

I saw your comments so... Well, the creator is spanish called Jatynski and before he post the mod here, did it in a Mount&Blade; Spanish Forum ( and the mod ''Mike'' asked him some questions in the comments so Jatynski answer and say somethin' like ''I start this mod for my personal use but my son and her friends encouraged me to post it'' so we can understand he was a grown man. Well with some online searching of his name, you can find her youtube with some videos of airsoft and videogames (Hoi4 and Quake) there is too a Instagram post of some airsoft thing and her account is tagged and i could see some 2023's photos of him, he is like 30-45 so... I think he just quit of the games also in the forum says he's working alone. Sorry for the english like every non-native english speaker, im glad to hear your questions!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kriegtooth - - 1,608 comments

Yearly sad comment that this didnt continue. Im actually doing a full playthrough of it again, good times, but the lack of notifications is so weird. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix that in the code?

Anyone know what modding a mod would entail? basically just need to fix bugs and add units, and modify character faces. Seems like that could be done without too much trouble, but I dont know my *** from a hole in the ground when it comes to actual modding

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
DUCATISLO - - 133 comments

tfw no update

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,656 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Batman_of_Gotham™ - - 147 comments

Isn't Poland in this mod??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kriegtooth - - 1,608 comments

Comment for the year, god I wish this mod had been completed. I'll always wonder what happened to the creator. Did he quit, or something worse?

Hopefully someone can make it for Bannerlord. At least once Bannerlord is "complete" and we dont have to work around new features

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Operator_Max1993 - - 231 comments

i hope nothing bad happened to the creator

there is "The Deluge" Warband which id really awesome

and there's "The Deluge: With Fire and Sword" being made on Bannerlord, inspired by both WFaS and The Deluge

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CesarFox - - 18 comments

Is it dead ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Maroes7 - - 44 comments

how to turn on in the lower left corner?

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