Blood in the West is a Lord of the Rings modification for Mount and Blade Warband. It focuses on the SP campaign.bitw2

future, 'FINAL' V1.0 Features:

- Middle-Earth campaign map
- 18 factions of Middle-Earth
- Some custom locations, such as Helm's Deep
- Custom LotR NPCs
- 2000+ new items, hundreds of new troops, including mercenaries
- New races like: Orcs, Uruks, Uruk-Hai, Dunedáin, Northmen, Middle-men, Elves, Dwarves, Ents, Trolls, Goblins and Hobbits
- Unique weapons & armor of Middle-Earth
- Ride Nazgul fellbeasts, the mighty Oliphaunt or a warg beside horses

bitw intsall

For both Steam and CD users:
1, Download the mod from here moddb:
Blood in the West DOWNLOAD
2, Extract it (using Winrar or Winzip)
3, Grab the extracted folder named "Blood in the West Final 1.0" and search for your MAIN Mount and Blade Warband folder on your computer. (steam users in their usual ...steam/steammaps/... etc, CD users usually in .../program files (x86)/...)
4. When you find your Mount and Blade game folder, go inside, there you will find a folder called "Modules". Paste the mod INTO it (you're doing it well if you find the Native folder and the other mods you've installed in the same folder).
5. Launch MB Warband, and scroll down in the Launcher for Blood in the West. Keep in mind, set the game to English in the Options!
6. Play! :)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here:

Blood in the west team; Full invasion 2 team, TLD team, TLD Overhaul team, Sidney, mackie, Brytenwalda team, barf, bogmir, SSH, Addonay, spak, faradon, Ak Ela team, Akathir and ivanhoe95

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1, How to install the mod?
After the download is complete, open it with Winrar (download it from here, if you don't have it:
Extract it, then take the Blood in the West folder to:
..../Mount and Blade Warband/Modules/ "here in this folder"
Then start warband, and roll down from 'Native', select mod, and play.

2, What version do I need to play?
Mount and Blade Warband 1.153 or higher

3, About graphic problems
If your computer struggles to deal with the graphics, try to lower it. If anything else beside lag happens, please report.

3, Is it English?
Yes, it is, you can only play in English, otherways you will have Native (vanilla) names, for example, if you're German, and you play in German, you will have Vaegir Soldat instead of Gondor Footman, and so on.
Due to the tendency of Eastern people writing about quite a lot of time, I try to make it clear:


Mod sadece İngilizce olarak oynanabilir!
Modul poate fi redat numai în engleză!
Mod ini hanya dimainkan dalam bahasa inggeris!
Mod hanya bisa dimainkan dalam bahasa inggris!
आधुनिक अंग्रेजी में केवल बजाने योग्य है!
мод доступен только на английском языке!

4, Why do I have Native (vanilla) names for cities, heroes, troops?
See answer at question #3

Damn it! :D

5, Is it SP and/or MP?
It is only Singleplayer for now, the multiplayer part is messed up a bit.

6, Does it has Middle-Earth map?
Yes it is, tha game is played on a (bit small) map of Middle-Earth

7, Does it has Middle-Earh scenes?
Not all scenes are made yet, only the most important ones (only to be included from FINAL 1.0 version)

8, Some of the animations don't work, what shall I do?
If they're stuck/ you don't like them, then just simply copy the original actions.txt from Native folder to the mod's foldr, and overwrite.

9, Why does the companions complaining about each other, and complaining false things?
Those are the leftover conversations from Native, which haven't benn converted yet. I'm working on them, but it takes a lot of time, and it's somewhat boring to do. The same thing is about that sometimes Orcs, uruks, and special characters are being referred as a Lady...

10, Are there any special Lotr creatues?
Yes, for example Mumakils, Nazgúl fellbeasts, wargs, trolls and ents.

11, About choosing faction at the beginning
Due to the MB Warband limitations, in FINAL 1.0 version, you can start as whatever creature you want, wherever you want, you won't be chased by any realms, and you can visit their locations, which may seem odd, but deal with it.

12, I don't speak English, but I want to help
Thanks, but no, we can't communicate, sorry.

13, I do speak English, but I can't do modding - still, I want to help
Well constructive criticism is always welcome, though not always taken into consideration (for example: Dwarven ram riders - say whatever you want, I'll never include it). Usually I'm stuck to my own ideas.

14, As a commenter (usually using anonymus status) I'm 30+ years old virgin, have pimples, and still living with my parents, and I want to tell you this mod sucks! Haha!
Well in this case your opinion is considered as a butth*le. Both of us have it, but I'm totally not interested in yours. Jokes aside, keep ill manners away!

15, I've noticed that you (ivanhoe95) can't keep your own schelude!
Yes, I'm really sorry about that, but I have many real-life events I have to attend to.

16, I'm a 18-30 years old hot gaming girl!
Send me a PM ;) :D

World map needed

World map needed

News 23 comments

Hi! For all who thought I have abandoned the project, I have good news; I have not :) See below for further info ˇˇˇˇ

Item balancing

Item balancing

News 10 comments

Hi guys, as the release is getting closer and closer, I decided to open an item balancing thread here. ˇˇˇ

Help needed

Help needed

News 9 comments

Hi I'm in desperately trying to find a cool helmet pack, but I can't :( Check for info below please!!! ˇˇˇˇˇ

Helms Deep

Helms Deep

News 21 comments

Thanks to Akathir, the Blood in the West mod has its first LotR scene: Hornburg! Please also scroll down, because a poll is being held.

RSS Files
Blood in the West - pre-final 0.9 release [full] 2018

Blood in the West - pre-final 0.9 release [full] 2018

Full Version 11 comments

Blood in the West pre-final 0.9 release. Full mod, needs no previous installments. See info below.

BitW 1.4 Quickfix No#3 (requires #1 & #2) [outdated]

BitW 1.4 Quickfix No#3 (requires #1 & #2) [outdated]

Patch 134 comments

This hopefully fixes the arms merchant's crash. AND: You can buy unique, heroic ancient weapons from the ex-booksellers, they're named Unique Weapon Merchants...

BitW 1.4 Quickfix No#2 (requires #1) [outdated]

BitW 1.4 Quickfix No#2 (requires #1) [outdated]

Patch 20 comments

This hopefully fix the elvish problem. The first quickfix has to be installed before this!

BitW 1.4 Quickfix [outdated]

BitW 1.4 Quickfix [outdated]

Patch 36 comments

Just a little quickfix, install instructions included. If it is bugged, I will upload an other one.

BitW 1.4 beta [full] [outdated]

BitW 1.4 beta [full] [outdated]

Full Version 134 comments

NEXT RELEASE! Playable Dwarves! Fancy axes from Lucas! What else shall I say? All those Hobbit movie fans shall try this! :)

Blood in the West -beta 1.3 [outdated]

Blood in the West -beta 1.3 [outdated]

Full Version 153 comments

Blood in the West 1.3 could be called BitW - TLD addon as well, as many items are imported from the fantastic TLD mod. Otherways it has some other improovements...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,694)

Seriously, is mod is f****** awesome. I mean goblins riding spiders - genuis! I wish you luck in your quest to become a lawyer. I only hope you can find some spare time in the future. And hopefully some fellow modders to lend a hand. Best regards!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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remember the tavern scenes from lord of the rings well this link should help make your taverns more like how lord of the rings is in taverns tavern Scene pack tavern scene from lord of the rings to give you a lore based idea of taverns from that world of middle earth

i myself still don't know how to add tavern scenes maybe ivanhoe95 can figure it out and if he can i can so please if you can teach us how to add tavern scenes thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

found another bug in the first quest after you kill all the bandits in the lair a bandit comes out and cant finish the quest

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

okay I try all the starts it only happens starting in gondor and Imladris

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

i cheated as gondor killed myself and the fellowship and i went through

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

same here

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

when i start new game i cant pass the merchant guy thing.there is horse archer who tells me i am training here go talk with the trainer.Please help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

i have the same problem :S

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ivanhoe95 Creator

Hi guys, so there's the situation:
1, I prefer focusing on becoming a lawyer rather than developing this mod further, or at least at the moment I live in this manner.
2, I can work further on the mod with extreme slow pace, and eventually release it sometime in the future(I believe there will be even more other LotR mods out there by that time...)
3, I can release what I've biult up from scratch from the fall of 2017 till the spring of 2018. It's not playable, and needs a tremendous amount of work (it's about 40-50% finished).

However, I won't release it unless I will have a dedicated group of volunteers to follow my visions and implement their own ideas, which I can explain in a form of personal messages.
So I think about:
a, someone to fix the locations on the campaign map
b, someone who can implement items from BRF files into the texts of the mod (ie with Morgh's Editor)
c, someone who can implement the new races (slots are already created for them)
d, someone to create the units (90% based on my ideas) and equip them properly with the items previously added in.
e, someone who can implement building models from BRF
f, a scene-creator
(g), music composer
(h) modeller/texturer to create the possibly missing items.

Please only attend for this if you have some experience in modding, and at least a decent LotR fan... and have more free time than me :D
Shall we succeed, we could release this damn old mod before Christmas!

Sidenote: I deleted some (righteous) comments about me don't giving a **** to the community and the update, yet visiting the page frequently. True, sorry, a quick login is okay, but I usually don't have time for more. Cheers :D

Reply Good karma+17 votes
ivanhoe95 Creator

Give it a try ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice to hear that you are somewhat active!
Understandable that you focus first on your own life, a fate which hits every modder once^^

Can you explain the differences of your vision for this mod to the one from TLD Overhaul? I am in no way trying to talk your mod bad, you have some interesting unit ideas. Only, as you might be aware yourself, the number of us modders is few enough, we try hard to find reinforcements for TLD Overhaul and the multiplayerversion of it. And to divide our workforce across different mods which in the end will be similar seems for me a waste of workforce unless you have some totally different vision of it. Therefore it would be interesting to read about the differences of your vision.

Cheers from a fellow modder!

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This game is awsome hope the face textures for the fellowship will be redone but best M&B warband mod!!

Feb 5 2013 by Stuart207

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