This mod will allow weapons like the Assault Rifle, Enforcer, Pistol, Sniper, Shotgun and more to destroy the environment in a manner that is both balanced and fun.

The days of hiding behind walls during shootouts is over. Cover is now ephemeral for both you and the EDF, which makes battles faster, more frantic, dynamic and fun.

Long firefights with the EDF will result in the battlefield slowly falling apart as walls, houses and other structures are being torn apart. The destruction is never overpowered but will force you out of cover quite often and will lead to many fun and enjoyable moments.

Plus, it just looks and feels really cool.

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How to install Blond Panda's GeoTastic Guns

Installers Tutorial

There are 2 ways of installing this mod. One is for the people that want to have other mods in their game and the other one is the simple one.
1) Installation without other mods- extract the folder "installation with misc.vpp_pc"- Go into your Red Faction Guerrilla installation folder (If you own the Steam version of the game then right click on the game in your Steam Libary, click on "Properties", go to "Local Files", then click on "Browse Local Files". Your Installation Folder should appear.)- Go into the "Build" subdirectory ond from there into the "PC" Directory- From "PC" doubleclick on Cache- In Cache look for "misc.vpp_pc" and "table.vpp.pc"(if existing)- Make backup copies of these files- then delete "table.vpp_pc" if it does not exist then ignore this step- now take the "misc.vpp_pc" file out of the "installation with misc.vpp_pc" folder that you've previously extracted- drag it into the "cache" folder- if it asks you to replace the older file with the newer one, press "yes"- ALL DONE :-)
2) Installation with other Mods- Extract the folder "unpacked Files"- Download Gibbed.Volition.Pack/Unpack by Rick (Gibbed) from the fatction files ( Extract the Pack and Unpack folders from the Zip you just downloaded- Go into your Game's Installation Folder- In steam you can do so by rightclicking the game in the libary, then click on "Properties" and then on "Local Files". After that click on "Browse local files"- then go into the "build" folder- From there go into the "pc" subdirectory- after that go into "cache"- put the "pack" and the "unpack" folders into the Cache folder- Go into the "Unpack" Folder- Create a new Text document- Type in the following lines
Gibbed.Volition.Unpack.exe misc.vpp_pc "unpacked_misc"
- If you want to install a mod wich is using the "misc.vpp_pc" file then put this file from the mod into the "Unpack" folder- otherwise copy the misc.vpp_pc from your cache folder into your unpack folder- rename the text document you just created to "unpack_misc.bat"- run this .bat file- it should open a command window- If it does not, make sure that the file extesions are visable- the .bat should create a folder called "unpacked_misc"- copy the folder and paste it into the "pack" folder wich you extracted into your "cache" directory- go into your "unpacked_misc" folder (THE ONE IN YOUR "PACK" DIRECTORY NOT IN "UNPACK")- replace "explosions.xtbl" and "weapons.xtbl" with the ones included in the "unpacked files" folder that you extracted in the beginning of this tutorial- go back into the "pack" folder- create another text document- put in:
Gibbed.Volition.Pack.exe -c misc.vpp_pc "unpacked_misc"
- now rename it to "pack_misc.bat"- run it- another command window should open- DO NOT CLOSE IT UNTIL IT CLOSES ITSELF- you should now have a file called "misc.vpp_pc" in your "pack" folder- copy it- paste it into your "cache" folder and replace the old file with this one- make a backup copy of your "table.vpp_pc" in your cache folder- delete the original "table.vpp_pc" file- ALL DONE :-)

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Blond Panda's GeoTastic Guns v2

Blond Panda's GeoTastic Guns v2

Full Version 6 comments

This is the surprise update to my GeoTastic Guns mod that I made over 4 years ago. It now features destruction for turrets, snipers and the pistol (for...

Blond Panda's GeoTastic Guns V1.0

Blond Panda's GeoTastic Guns V1.0

Full Version

This is the first release of my GeoTastic Guns. It features: Destruction with Enforcer, Assault Rifle, Pistol, MP, EDF Shotgun and Marauder Shotgun Have...

mzerosevenmarktwo - - 7 comments

It works so well but fix it there is a bug where if you upgrade nanorifle ammo it will revert to 30 ammo only instead of the modded 250 you got when the first time you unlock Nano rifle with this mod.
might change the upgrade to 500 or something.

Also if you may there should be a version with drastically improved weapon damage to make combat more tactical.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,647 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

polloio - - 3,977 comments

Finally someone did something for this game, that's great :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
152471871 - - 3 comments

hi,your mode is so great.amazing,makes me recalled the game : gears of war.Your mode is amazing.I want the rocket lancher and missle weapon a bit of change,can you make a version for me??? I just want the Texture of explosion be invisible ,because the physics effect are coverd by the texture.I think this is a good idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,647 comments

Is there any way to extend this effect to the turrets as well? I've tested it out, and the vehicle turrets don't effect the buildings.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Blond.Panda Creator
Blond.Panda - - 4 comments

The turrets will follow. I'm sorry for being too lazy to update this mod. I'll be working on it again soon.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Galahir950 - - 32 comments

Cam you make a version that works with the Mod Manager?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Blond.Panda Creator
Blond.Panda - - 4 comments

If I find out how, yes :-D

Reply Good karma+2 votes
ajane - - 4 comments

Seconded! :)

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