Modifies the Armed & Unarmed ATV to launch, and climb nearly anything.

the handbrake (Spacebar) to stop.
the handbrake (Spacebar) to auto-target enemies.
the throttle very lightly to keep your speed reasonable.
left & right steering to roll left, or right while in mid-air.

1/2 of all in-game turrets are available!
All turrets are auto-targeting! Just point the ATV as close as possible; the auto-targeting cone is ~15 degrees.
Arc Welder, Satellite RPG, Thermobaric, Artillery & Heavy Tanks, Reconstructor, Rockets, Blue Rockets, Walker Rockets, Nano Rifle, Enforcer, Gauss, Harpoon, and Proxy Mine Layer!
Vastly improved hitpoints for the ATV.

Known issues:
2 vehicle spawn zones nonfunctional at safe house.
Sometimes the ATV rolls forward against the brake for a few seconds after slowing down. Use the handbrake, or exit the vehicle.
Pits still kill you. Invisible barriers still a nuisance. Radiation zone still harms.

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Red Faction Guerrilla is one of my favorite games. Years on the fun of hammering the world to pieces is still there. The biggest draw back to the game is the amount of time spent driving around it. They have a fast travel system, but driving fast is always more fun, than teleporting.

The builtin vehicle options are lacking; you get either machine guns on a generic vehicle, or walkers. The walkers are rather rare. So I put together a mod for the 4 wheeler, to make it super capable off road, in mountainous regions, and very able to cross whole canyons, even. It also has the ability to take any weapon in the game, except for the grinder.

I had to strike a balance between rock crawling, acceleration, super high speed maneuvering, stability, and traction. The Physics engine limits me to 120 mph, which is still a good deal faster than stock vehicles can drive. The resulting mod is oodles of fun to just fly around the map, as fast as possible.

You can get so much air time with this mod, that you generally are able to land straight, and take off again, immediately. Stability was key, and I made every effort to ensure the vehicle was controllable.

The mod also applies to the ATVs out in the world, so you can always get a spare from an NPC, in the unlikely event that you exhaust the health of a safe house version. It makes the poor NPCs drive like they're in intercity rush hour, but I felt it more important to have the vehicles as capable as possible, than to keep the traffic demure.

This mod enables you to burn through the map, or chase vehicles down very quickly, and experience the weightlessness of proto-flight. All in all it's a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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Catch a Ride v1.0 - Re-Mars-tered & Classic

Catch a Ride v1.0 - Re-Mars-tered & Classic

Full Version

Go. Anywhere. High speed handling. Fly. Almost. Turns the ATV into a sort of super catch a ride (Borderlands).

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