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RSS May: Development update

We achieved a lot since the last update, mostly with the coding and game definitions, but also with our website and it's forum. This update is only text and it is long. But give it a shot, as the info is interesting.

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Recent updates:

The last month was quite successful, so we already have some news for you now :)

Development sheet:

The development sheet got a makeover and we also defined the radar. Both our homepage and moddb is kept updated with the most recent version (download).
We will try to provide a notification for you though news and comments, as moddb doesn't provide a big sign of new downloads when we update it.

For those who wonder what it is, then consider it to be the documentation which defines the features in our mod. It should be able to give you an insight in what we are doing. Currently all the developers in our mod use it to assure their work is correct.


The selections of kidos haven't been defined in the design sheet, we can however tell that the types of kido you will see is Hado and bakudo. However barriers like #81 Danku will require a lot of testing before we apply it to the mod, as there are many cases where objects can provide a crash.
The kidos we will add, is selected from those the character uses in the game. Should a kido have a general purpose in the mod and be "simple" enough for the kido users, then will we also provide it, even if they might not use it.


We were able to fix a huge problem with our class selection, which will make it possible for us to fix the team system. We expect that it will be quite simple to make new game modes after this has been fixed.

We have also agreed to support the HUD for both large screens and smaller screens. We will scale our HUD from 1920 x 1080 down to 800 x 600, where the most common screen resolutions will be covered.

Like I wrote the last time, we are trying to handle some hitbox stress test. This havn't taken place yet, though it shouldn't be too complicated to provide a .obj generator (3d objects) - We hope it will be done this month, and it will just be awesome if we get some positive results. (Exploding gibs that can kill you, YEAH!)

This month is very busy for all the coders (and the rest of the team). All of us got exams the next month and have some kind of uni project to deliver this month. So it might take some time before the coding proceed. In worst case it will have to wait till July before we can get our hands dirty again.

Website, donations, Etc..

We got a good start after the domain transfer, fixed some errors and added some forums, which many of you have requested. We will be happy to join the conversation with you at the forums, and also provide some forums, if you will use them.
The reason we only have a few forums, is that we can always add some, but we need a purpose for them. A main requirement is that you will have a purpose for it, otherwise it will just be junk at our forum; so fell free to send us some suggestions.

Since our bandwidth got 3 times bigger, we chose to provide some direct downloads at our site, and we will be using it in the future to create a better showroom for you.


It is very kind that you are suggesting that we provide the ability to receive donations. However the current cost is just 20$ for a webserver yearly. We choose to finance that our selves, as we have free alternatives and this is a service we provide to you, not a service you use from us.

We might accept donations for Virtual Personal Servers, when the mod reaches a release date. The VPS will host both our website (save the 20$) and several gaming servers for you.
A VPS is cheaper to host a server at, when we get above 20 players (ex: 2x 10 players), but if we can find free solutions or get sponsors, then will we use that as our first option.

Currently a friend of mine and I are waiting for a free VPS at
Sing up here: (no facebook required)

We want to provide a Linux library for you, so you don't need W(h)ine to run the server.

Other / TL;DR:

Despite that we are busy, we will try to provide you with updates as we proceed.
We expect to attend an early meeting this month, so we might not have a lot of updates for you the next time.
We don't have a lot of images for you currently, as the models are incomplete and I was told not to share it, but i'm sure that you will see some if you complain at our forum, heh.
We will provide some images of the new test map quite soon. Some of robo's (secret) models will be in there :P

Team system tutorial:
Some of you might have seen this tutorial.
The tutorials he used to make this enhanced version, has some flaws when it comes to supporting DM and other gamemodes.
I'm very great full for the tutorial, but we got some problems, which I hope we can fix and provide a better tutorial, so HL modders can get a team system which will be compatible with new gamemodes and class system.


Hmmm. You should try to start a Kickstarter campaign too, but I don't know if Valve would let you to do that. With some money from Kickstarter (Let's say about 3k $) you may be able to hire some good people to help you...

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eliasr AuthorSubscriber

We will not start a kick starter project.
Mainly because kickstart is provided so: users give the developers money. Developers give users program + terms & condition <add more crap here>

We provide the mod as is and we consider to make the source code free after the release.

Secondly is that our project is needed to be non-profit. We can't estimate what it would cost in a year. + we can't assure that we can limit the donations by kickstarter. Thus we are in contradiction with laws.

We can't either go to kickstarter, ask for 20$ to the web-host and then promise to create a mod. If by any means the project didn't get complete, this would be seen a fraud.(I'm not lying, special laws in countries also apply to internet trading / contracts - and kickstarter only provide the money if the goal is reached. So you can consider it to be a pre-purchase.)

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