Black Mesa: Hazard Course is an add-on for the well known Source Engine mod, Black Mesa. Using Black Mesa assets as well as much of our own custom made content, Black Mesa Hazard Course will feature a complete re-creation of Half-Life's training level, including new dialogue and voice acting, HD models, textures and detailed environments.

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Today we've got some information on our own special little place in Purgatory.

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Yo! Today we've got some information on our own special little place in Purgatory.

As you guys know, a little under a month ago we released Black Mesa: Hazard Course for the mod version of Black Mesa, and have since been working towards an improved version for the Steam Workshop. Our reason for delaying was because converting to Steam would take some additional time and testing to make sure everything was functioning and to allow us to fix the stuff that wasn't. We didn't want to delay the main first release on account of it.

Since then we've been working on our upgrades! Some assets have been upgraded, we've written more dialogue and have been tweaking our environments to get a few extra pretty-points as well as iron out some bugs. Buuuuuuut we've encountered some issues. We've been working to fix every issue that we can on our end, that's no biggie. But here's the kicker: There are some critical issues with the Steam version of Black Mesa that make some parts and features in our Course completely broken beyond our control. Some of them we can workaround, but the solution wouldn't be ideal. Some are things we could in theory cut completely in favor of not having the issue, but the rest are things that just don't work at all. For the sake of total transparency, we've gathered a list of things that we cannot fix which you can see below.

• Some logic_playerproxy entity functions aren't called. Basically, this keeps us from making note of player's status and adjusting the game accordingly, which is done in small ways (reactions to
player death) and larger ways (ensuring players cannot get stuck in specific points of a map)
• Choreography
• Custom bms\resource files (captions, hud hints, menu modification) aren't read without manual file overwrite
• Custom bms\script files (soundscripts, soundscapes, credits, character presets) aren't read
• Custom particles aren't read

In addition to this, the Workshop system itself is having some trouble at the moment.

So, what does this mean?
In short, it means we can't release a proper Steam Workshop version until Crowbar Collective fixes the issues with BM. Again, if and when these issues get fixed is totally out of our control. This is frustrating to us because we dislike having the course locked off to an entire portion of the fanbase. We could in theory release a version that's very broken and hackish in a lot of ways with various feature cuts, but we'd really rather not do that for hopefully obvious reasons.

So there you have it. If Crowbar Collective does fix the troubled parts of their game, then yes, we will immediately begin working on getting a Steam Workshop version of Hazard Course up. If they don't, we'll decide on a plan of action. We may just backport upgraded assets and major bugfixes back to the version for mod Black Mesa, and waiting patiently, hoping for a fix. Until then, it's sort of in limbo. Remember the ending of the episode Jurassic Bark of Futurama? That comes to mind.

We'll keep you guys updated.


Well that's pity and sad.. I'm sure you folks already did but if not approach them directly. They may sell retail but they started as an independent gang of hobby devs. Only few of them actually were actually working in the gaming industry.

Tell them your needs tell them what needs to be fixed and establish a direct dialog with them. I'm sure they would welcome your addition for their game. The more workshop content for it the better to further additional sales in a long run etc..

Typing here wont do much good although it's nice you let us your fans know. Your mod for the mod version was of very high quality. So you can talk with them on eye to eye sight.

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Crypt AuthorSubscriber

We've had contact with them for various reasons, this one included. They're aware of the issues. Some of them we know they intend to fix, others we know they're investigating, others we can't really say.

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Well that stinks but at least your in contact with Crowbar Collective and hopefully see this on the Steam Workshop in the future of course.

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Crowbar collective have all ready fix the problems

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dky.tehkingd.u Creator

No, they have not. Their latest update does NOT address the core issues described in this article.

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They cuted so much content of hl.
I can't understand why you aren't a member of them.
The Hazard Course was a very interesting part of hl.
After announce i was very excited about your HC for free version but i never played it yet.
I hope CC will fix the damn issues and you can start with the work!
Keep up your talents and work! :-)

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Has the December update solved any of your issues you were experiencing?

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I can't find this project on Steam. Can I get a link?

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