Patch 1.08 made by Miraak to create a full new Balance based on Bfme2/Rotwk more realistic balance style but also inspired from the trailers and old builds of Bfme1, this is made for players that want to try Bfme1 experience with a more realistic balance. Warnig this is completly diffrent from the old versions, dont try to compare them to much. 1.06/1.03 are BT:DC patch while 1.08 is more like 2.02/original game EA gameplay.

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Patch 1.08 Changes


Patch 1.06 required, French and English supported
Will be relased soon !


  • General and Total rebalance of the game stats (done)
  • Base Units now 10 per Horde (from 5 for Good and 10 for Isengard) (done)
  • Mordor Warrior and Archer now 15 per Horde (from 10) (done)
  • Cavalry and Elite Archers stay 5 per Horde (done)
  • Combo Hordes can now be split (done)
  • Witch-King now on foot (to compense mordor great monster force, but he will stay mounted in the campaign) (done)
  • Gollum can now level up (done)
  • Fellbeast/Nazgul can now level up (done)
  • Shelob (campaign) can level up (done)
  • Berserker can now level up (done)
  • Berserker get an attack and speed boost when they get on low health (done)
  • Saruman get a new special power at level 10: Thunderbolt (done)
  • Aragorn moved to Gondor from Rohan (mostly for balance but also realism) (done)
  • Grond enabled (limited to 1) (done)
  • Battle Tower/Keep can now be garrisoned (done)
  • Rohan Battle Tower enabled (done)
  • Isengard Castle now have defensive fences (done)
  • Isengard and Rohan Armory now need to level up (done)
  • Mordor now have Forged Blades and Heavy Armor (except for Orcs Warriors) (done)


  • Intros reenabled (done)
  • Removed 1.06 splash (done)
  • Gondor Archers broken animations were fixed (done)
  • Heroes now have emotions (done)
  • New FX for Shield Maiden (done)
  • New FX for Smite, now look diffrent from Spear Throw (done)
  • Mumakil can now crush trees (done)
  • Improved Ents burning functions (done)
  • Improved Tainted Land FX (done)
  • Added 3 new random skins for Ithilien Rangers (done)
  • Enabled Rohirrim Archers/Peasant combo (done)
  • Wounding Arrow now cause fear to units (done)
  • Gondor Postern upgrade now use the correct button (done)
  • Gondor Keep (Tower) now use the correct button and portrait (done)
  • Gondor Castle Base Keep now use the correct portrait (done)
  • Isengard Battle Tower now use the correct button (done)
  • Fixed Evil Heroes selection decal color (done)
  • Soldiers of Rhun now correctly display the damage FX (done)
  • Soldiers of Rhun no longer have 1.03 collision (done)
  • Added one new color: Sky Blue (done)
  • Now you always have starting units in MP even if you are more than 5 (done)


  • Horses have more random colors (black and white enabled) (done)
  • Enabled 2 new random skins for Orcs warriors (done)
  • New Ent variant: Ent Oak and Ent Ash (done)
  • Fellbeast and Eagle now crash on the battlefield instead of explode (done)
  • Restored original Effects/FX for Arrows and Siege Rocks (done)
  • Restored uniques powers for the Witch-King on foot (done)
  • Gondor Soldiers now use their original animations (done)
  • Orc Warriors now play more animations (done)
  • Orc Archers now play more animations (done)
  • Heroes now use thier respawn icons (done)
  • Heroes now use thier uniques leadership icons (done)
  • Mumakil now rampage (done)
  • Uruk Crossbowmen now use their intended HA textures (done)
  • Enabled tons of unused sounds, fxs and anims (done)
  • Enabled Sam Frying Pan ability (done)
  • Enabled Gimli Dwarven Grudge ability (done)
  • Enabled Boromir Last Stand ability (done)
  • Enabled Lurtz Stealth ability (done)
  • Restored the original Rohan Archer model u can see in cinematics, texture made by ROR (done)

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1.08 beta11

1.08 beta11

Demo 10 comments

eleventh beta release of 1.08 :) pls check the description^^

Comments  (0 - 10 of 31)

How turn on french text ?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
miraak49 Creator

come on the discord will be better for sending link and stuff

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How do you install this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
miraak49 Creator

Just extract the .rar in your game folder
installer will come for V1

Reply Good karma+1 vote

There is a bug on Boromir using the Horn of Gondor.
The AI used the hord of gondor when Boromir was level 3 and is needed level 5 to use it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
miraak49 Creator

he need level 3 to use it, like i said before texts are not yet uptodate but they will be for the incomming V1

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is this also compatible with the last community patch 1.07?

http bfme

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
miraak49 Creator

no sorry only 1.06

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Have the campaign command point limits been changed in this patch? (that is good capped at 300 and evil at 600)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
miraak49 Creator

Ye it had been changed too^^

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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