1.08 Complete Edition made by Miraak to create a full new Balance based on BFME2 and ROTWK more realistic balance style and on what EA originally promised and showcased with larger battles and with all 4 factions balanced with their own playstyle and all units usefull instead of focusing too much on leadership and some specific units in small battles, also include some cut features to bring new surprises to the game. This is made for players that want to try Bfme1 experience with a more realistic balance, have a BFME1 closer to what EA originally promised or who did not liked the original style.

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Patch 1.06 required, French and English supported


  • General and complete rebalance of the game, everything got new fresh stats
  • Random is now revealed
  • Leadership have been standarized and nerfed to +25% Damage and/or Armor from +50/60...%
  • Spells have been standarized and nerfed to +30% Damage and/or Armor from +50/60...%
  • Buffs (Spells and Leadership) no longer affect Monsters or Siege engines
  • General movement speed increased
  • Loosing units with evil factions no longer grant you PP (no longer needed for the new balance)
  • Hordes are now bigger (like it was originally intented by EA):
    Base Units now 10 per Horde from 5 for Good and 10 for Isengard
    Mordor Warrior and Archer now 15 per Horde from 10
    Cavalry and Elite Archers stay 5 per Horde
  • Power points have been standarized to 1pp/4pp/8pp/16pp
  • Combo Hordes can now be split (Currently disabled because it caused problems)
  • Aragorn moved to Gondor from Rohan (for balance but also because originally intented like that)
  • Witch-King now on foot
  • Berserker can now level up and can no longer be buffed
  • AOD can no longer be buffed
  • Saruman get a new special power at level 10: Thunderbolt
  • All Heroes start at level 1
  • Grond enabled (limited to 1)
  • Battle Tower/Keep can now be garrisoned
  • Rohan Battle Tower enabled
  • Isengard Battle Tower added to Mordor
  • Isengard and Mordor Castle now have defensive fences
  • Isengard and Rohan Armory now need to level up
  • Mordor now have Forged Blades and Heavy Armor
  • Mordor and Isengard can now also build a Furnace on Settlements
  • Slaughter Houses, Farms and Furnaces from Settlements now give more money
  • All camps and castles Citadels shoot arrows and must be repaired manually
  • Devastation now provide a speed debuff
  • Fuel the Fires is now castable and reduces cost of Infantry


  • Game back at 30fps from 38
  • Intros reenabled (If you want to disable some of them, rename/delete their files in the Data\Movie folder)
  • Removed 1.06 splash
  • Gondor Archers broken animations were fixed
  • Heroes now have emotions
  • New FXs
  • New random visuals for multiple units
  • Added Haradrim/Rhun combo
  • Devastation for Mordor replaced with Summon Haradrim Archers
  • Gandalf the White for Gondor replaced with Rebuild (Gandalf become white at level 5)
  • Rallying Call added for Gondor and Rohan in place of Elven Allies for Gondor and Anduril for Rohan (Aragorn get the bonus at level 5)
  • Enabled Rohirrim Archers/Peasant combo
  • Intended but unused art (button, texture...) are now correctly used (some exemples below)
  • Added new colors
  • Starting units are disabled
  • Tons of diverse Bugfixes
  • Fortresses maps (currently only Helm's Deep)


  • Horses have more random colors (black and white enabled)
  • Enabled 2 new random skins for Orcs warriors
  • New Ent variant: Ent Oak
  • Fellbeast and Eagle now crash on the battlefield instead of exploding
  • Restored original Effects/FX for Arrows and Siege Rocks
  • Restored uniques powers for the Witch-King on foot
  • Gondor Soldiers now use their original animations
  • Orc Warriors now play more animations
  • Orc Archers now play more animations
  • Heroes now use their respawn icons
  • Heroes now use their uniques leadership icons
  • Mumakil now rampage
  • Berserker get an attack and speed boost when they get on low health
  • Uruk Crossbowmen now use their intended textures
  • Enabled tons of unused sounds, FXs and anims
  • Enabled Sam Frying Pan ability
  • Enabled Gimli Dwarven Grudge ability
  • Enabled Boromir Last Stand ability
  • Enabled Lurtz Stealth ability
  • Rohirrim at level 2 now have a chance to become riderless when "dying" and can be replenished at a Stable
  • Restored the original more detailed Rohan Archer model you can see in cinematics, texture made by ROR
  • Restored the original Uruk Hai models based on the older cinematics
  • Restored Gothmog for Mordor and Grima for Isengard as originally planned by EA but left unfinished
  • Improved Campaign (not currently complete)


  • ROR for his Rohan Archer Texture
  • NDC for BFME2 Animations Conversion, that were used to complement some sets


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1.08 Complete 2024 release

1.08 Complete 2024 release

Full Version 22 comments

New release for 2024 ! Read the description for more infos.

La Porte Noire

La Porte Noire

Singleplayer Map 1 comment

Placez vous en bas avec le Gondor et un bot Mordor en haut. Il faut le patch 1.08 pour jouer à cette carte

champ du Pelennor

champ du Pelennor

Singleplayer Map

placez vous en haut à gauche avec le Gondor et un bot Mordor en bas à droite. Il faut être en 1.08 pour tester cette map. Après la bataille de Minas...

La Bataille de Minas Tirith

La Bataille de Minas Tirith

Singleplayer Map 5 comments

Placez vous à gauche avec le Gondor et un bot Mordor à droite. Il faut être en 1.08 pour tester cette map. Attention, évitez de faire des sauvegardes...

L’assaut finale de Osgiliath

L’assaut finale de Osgiliath

Singleplayer Map 1 comment

C'est une map 1 joueur, vous la trouverez tout en haut de la liste des maps sur le jeu. Prenez le Mordor et lancer la map toujours avec la 1.08 de BFME...

A la recherche de Frodon

A la recherche de Frodon

Singleplayer Map

Placez vous à gauche avec le Gondor et un ennemi à droite avec le Mordor. Il faut être en 1.08 pour tester cette map. Après la capture de Frodon par...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 133)
Bladeisbest - - 9 comments

Is there anything we can do about a "Out of Sync Error" when playing with friends? It just happened randomly during an intense match. Should we be restarting the game after every match type of thing or? There was no lag at all during the match btw. Just randomly ended with that "Out of Sync Error".. :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
miraak49 Creator
miraak49 - - 153 comments

Hmm i don't know, never rly ran into those, if the game was long and it happened far into it (and that nobody tried to cheat ofc) i don't think i can do anything about it
the engine is just not the best in the world

maybe try playing with radmin VPN instead of GameRanger of vice versa

Reply Good karma+2 votes
faithinthelighty - - 6 comments

Is gameranger and revora the same thing? We only use revora tbh.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Thamus - - 1 comments

Hello there. I love your Patch. I have downloaded every file of this Patch, and moved them to the game file. I only seem to have this one issue. When I play the good campaign and try to start/click on the Amon Hen Mission, it dives in, the screen goes dark and then the game crashes, saying:

"ReplaceModule ModuleTag_RespawnBody was not found for RohanGimli, cannot continue.

Error parsing field 'ReplaceModule' in block 'Object' in file 'maps\MAP GOOD Amon Hen\map.ini', line 76.

Error parsing INI block ' ReplaceModule' in file 'maps\MAP GOOD Amon Hen\map.ini'.
7 addresses:
(unknown)(0):game.dat+8961088 Debug::PostStaticInit+3296
(unknown)(0):game.dat+10449993 Xfer::operator==+133593
(unknown)(0):KERNEL32.DLL+97193 BaseThreadInitThunk+25
(unknown)(0):ntdll.dll+441643 RtlInitalizeExpectionChain+107
(unknown)(0):ntdll.dll+441519 RtlClearBits+191

Because of severity of this error the game will now exit."

I do not know what to do. I have looked inside the map.big map.ini data of amon hen in line 76 and only found this:

" aka Gimli
Object RohanGimli
this part with vision range, I was not able to portray it properly here in this comment section, but in the code in the file it states: Vision Range 200 with an = after the word Range.
ShroudClearingRange = 200

ReplaceModule ModuleTag_RespawnBody
Body = RespawnBody ModuleTag_RespawnBody_Override
MaxHealth = GIMLI_HEALTH ;BALANCE Gimli Health
PermanentlyKilledByFilter = NONE ;Who kills me permanently?
DodgePercent = 80%


Hope you can help me. Otherwise I will have to buy BFME 1 again, this time with an external drive.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
miraak49 Creator
miraak49 - - 153 comments

Hey, it seems that you are missing the _WSMaps2.big file (the map.ini file that should be used is in that file, and not in the regular maps.big)
or there is a file in your game folder that replace the content of this file

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,073 comments

miraak49 your 1.08 update revert widescreen fix that 1.06 fixed. could you by chance fix this ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
miraak49 Creator
miraak49 - - 153 comments

Hey, Seems like my comment was not saved, sry for the answer delay
i didn't reverted the widescreen fix
are you talking about the zoom out ? or do you mean your interface is stretched ?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,073 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 692,073 comments

Is this the precursor to patch 1.09? If not are they compatible? Thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
miraak49 Creator
miraak49 - - 153 comments

Hey, no They are completly different projects

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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