"More challenge. Less grind."

Berserker mod is designed for veteran Diablo 2 players that desire a challenge of their skill and knowledge while still feeling like it's same game.

The monsters are much more aggressive, faster and stronger and should give you a work for your run straight from normal difficulty.

The player level is kept under strict control to match the monsters of every location, and the received item quality is greatly ramped up, so it quickly reaches the maximum potential of the official version of the game, while not going any further than that.

Multiplayer has been tuned so its difficulty is similar to single player.

Diablo 2 LoD v1.13c required

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Patch 1.1


The first update from Berserker Mod is already finished and just pending a few tests before the release. It's estimated to be released next week.

Here is what's changed:

Rejuvenation Potion

  • Rejuvenation potions have been brought back to the game.
  • Rejuvenation potions have 10 second cooldown (shared with the Hireling).
  • Rejuvenation potions are sold by potion Vendors and dropped by monsters. At hell difficulty, full rejuvenation potions are dropped by monsters.


  • Monsters base experience increased by 100%.
  • Players receive zero experience from monsters below their level.
  • Players receive bonus experience from monster above their level. The bonus is 25% per level difference up to a maximum of 100% at 4+ levels difference.
  • Unique / minions monster experience is reduced to 3 times higher than normal monsters (from 5).
  • Unique / minions level bonus reduced to +2 (from +3).
  • Base experience reduced from level 52-99.
  • Boss monsters and Minions of Destruction give zero experience.
  • Exception of the rule above is Diablo at hell difficulty. His level is increased to 98 from 94 and his experience should be enough to ramp up the player immediately to level 99.

Ethereal equipment

  • Gambled equipment now have 25% chance to be ethereal.
  • Base durability of equipment increased by 100%.
  • Throwing weapons have infinite quantity.

Duriel and Izual

  • Duriel movement speed reduced.
  • Izual AI tuned so he casts frost nova more frequently.
  • Izual now receives 50% increased physical damage and 100% increased frost nova damage.

Sorceress Inferno and Druid’s Arctic Blast

  • Inferno and Arctic Blast damage increased by 100% to compensate a vanilla bug.
  • This damage increase is not shown in the skill description.

Balance changes

  • Melee monsters movement speed reduced.
  • Players maximum block chance reduced to 67% (from 75%).
  • Player skills that stun have the stun length reduced by 20%.
    Affected skills: Stun, War Cry, Smite, Mind Blast, Twister, Maul, Shock Wave.
  • Player skills that convert monsters have the duration reduced by 30%.
    Affected skills: Conversion, Mind Blast.
  • Player skills that apply life shields have 3 second cooldown.
    Affected skills: Bone Armor, Cyclone Armor.
  • Necromancer’s Poison Explosion:
    - No longer consumes the corpse.
    - Poison duration reduced by 30% (the damage per second is unchanged).
  • Paladin’s Meditation mana regeneration bonus reduced by 30%.
  • Amazon’s Decoy life reduced by 25% (like other summons).
  • Sorceress Telekinesis can now pick up any type of items from the floor.

Item drops and Vendors

  • Weapons will drop more frequently compared to Armor.
  • Amulets will drop more frequently compared to other jewelry.
  • Body armor cost reduced (by roughly 50%).
  • Andariel, Duriel and Izual will drop more rings and amulets.
  • Chests will drop slightly more gold.
  • Regular monsters will drop slightly more potions.
  • Socketed items are no longer obtainable by dropping or buying from Vendors (they’re available only via cube recipes or the Larzuk’s quest reward).
  • Rune drops:
    - The Summoner in Hell difficulty will drop up to Vex rune (from Ist)
    - Nihlathak in Normal difficulty will drop up to Dol rune (from Sol)
    - Nihlathak in Nightmare difficulty will drop up to Um rune (from Lem)
    - Nihlathak in Hell difficulty will drop up to Ber rune (from Ist)

Quality of Life

  • Having no belt equipped also assures 4 rows of potion slots.
  • Arrows, bolts, throwing weapons, throwing potions, tomes and keys have infinite quantity.
  • Town portals no longer vanish when the owner returns from town.

Minor fixes

  • Poison gas clouds erroneously displayed an increased movement speed animation although the poison is only applied in the center of the cloud source. The display has been corrected, and the poison gas cloud duration from monsters has been increased by 4 times.
  • Um rune on weapons Chance of Open Wounds is nerfed by 30% like other sources.
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Berserker Mod v1.1

Berserker Mod v1.1

Full Version

Berserker Mod v1.1. Includes the full release and documentation.

Berserker Mod Data

Berserker Mod Data


Reference spreadsheet database for Berserker Mod v1.1

Berserker Mod Changelist

Berserker Mod Changelist


Detailed documentation of Berserker Mod changes from the original Diablo 2 game.

Berserker Mod v1.0

Berserker Mod v1.0

Full Version

Berserker Mod v1.0. Includes the full release and documentation.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 26)

I absolutely love this mod 10/10

Anyways, I had an idea earlier (as in way to late last night):

Its well known that rejuvenation potions are op.
However im not personally a fan of the 10sec cool down thing.

I'd personally prefer would be that standard rejuvys can not be crafted and that they dropped less often while cost way more; something on the lines of 10k for a rejuvy making a 100% rejuv cost 30k to craft.

That might be a bit excessive (or a bit to cheap ;-), but would mean that in the early game (when they are needed less often) one rejuvy would cost about the net capital gotten from grinding a good deal of the cold plains.
while in later levels the cost would still be high enough to make using them a significant choice and a financial last resort.

This would also encourage players to take the risk of aiming to use a 100% rejuvy at the very last second.

this also means players would have to chose between losing a belt slot for a potion type they rarely use or inventory space to a potion that you only need in a pinch AKA when the time it takes to access the potion could mean life or death.

So thats my way past midnight idea.

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Hi! I finally figured out how to install this mod, but when I launch the game, Diablo 2 is no longer in fullscreen, it's just a tiny window :O Do you have any idea how I can play it in fullscreen? The game was opening in fullscreen before I installed this mod :( and I haven't edited any files or anything, I just installed the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mrnorris Creator

Hi. Try the Alt + Enter shortcut. If it doesn't work, open the file "PlugY.ini", find this line:

Param=-w -direct -txt

Change it to:

Param=-direct -txt

And if you're using D2SE make sure in the menu that the windowmode checkbox is not checked.

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Hi, when I start a new game I have a book called "a malevolent force" ( if it's the right traduction), is it normal ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
mrnorris Creator

The book should be called "Horadric Cube Recipes". The mod unfortunately doesn't support any language other than english, so if you're running a different language some texts will be messed up.

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This mod is almost perfect! I love how you removed the parts I personally found annoying with the vanilla version. Like selling of items and finite amount of arrows & javelins, town portal, etc.

Only thing I would change is to make the throw damage of javelins as weak as its melee damage. Since javelins are infinite now it tempts me to use it all the time especially when I want to avoid getting damaged in a melee fight.

So I just avoid javelins and now enjoy the mod completely. :)

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mrnorris Creator

Hey thanks. The javelin throw damage is very strong early indeed.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I was inspired by your mod to add a few changes in my preference, like reducing the javelin damage to the same level as its melee damage, etc. I was just a guest when I first played your mod a year ago. Now I have a mod of my own. Thank you for your mod, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I voted it 10/10. :)

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mrnorris Creator

That's great to know! I'll be sure to try your mod sometime.

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