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Bellum Romanum / Bellum Europa

(havn't decided final name)

I always loved this time period in history, and there have been quite a few mods that aim to recreate it, though most of them solely focus on Rome, and ignore the enemies it faces. Where Rome was the big powerhouse and historical center-point in the era, it is the factions surrounding it that truly make the setting an interesting one. With that in mind, I aim to create a setting similar to that of the Total War series, which I feel best represent the period. Bellum Romanum/Europa is a mod based on the classical era of European civilization, set in the early days of Roman imperial dominance. Will the Greeks hold on to their vast influence or will Europe come to be dominated by the civilized Roman empire. Will the Barbarian Tribes unite to fight for their independence, or will the steppe hordes drive them out of their homes? Can one man truly turn the tides of history?


  • Rome
  • Hellenic City States
  • Scyhians
  • Persians
  • Carthage
  • Egypt

Balkan tribes

  • Thracia
  • Getae
  • Triballi
  • Illyricum


  • Venedi
  • Antes
  • Sclaveni
  • Aesti


  • Suebi
  • Frisii
  • Marcomani
  • Suiones


  • Arverni
  • Arevaci
  • Caledoni
  • Scotti

Unique Features

These are some unique features I want to add into the mod EVENTUALLY:

  • Grand Quest system: Warband is a great sandbox game, but sometimes when playing it I wish there was an actual story to the setting that I can interact with, similar to the way it is in ACOK. In the future I'd like each culture to have it's own story/quest line that the player can either interact with or ignore.
  • Cultural Warfare: Cities have their own cultures. I want the culture of a town or npc to have an effect on the player's reputation with it. Of course that means that the player will have to be able to convert these towns and NPCs to his faction's culture.
  • Warrior Priests and Druids: Priests and pagan druids can join your party and increase morale of their culture, heal units with their culture, and help in converting towns. Druids can also fight on the battlefield.
  • Explore Special Locations: Various special locations can be found hidden on a map and be eplored. They will tell their own stories and may have their own quests
  • Vague Mysticism: An element of vague mysticism surrounding the setting would be interesting. Perhaps a handful of mystical artifacts laying hidden that can help in a fight. Maybe a small chance some dark mythical creature attacks you when you travel at night. Or you encounter something weird wile exploring a ruin. Still unsure about this one since I aim for a more pseudo-historical setting, but even if it gets included it won't be a prominent thing, and will not get in the way of players preferring a more historically realistic feel.


I will first work to get a base playable game. Factions list may change as I work on it. The special features discussed above will be added later on in later versions of the mod. I don't know how much time I'll have to work on it in between school and work, but will try to get a playable version by the end of the year.


Mod is inspired by the now dead mod Bellum Imperii. Despite the broken state and the glitches it entertained me for hours, and is the mod I played more than any other because of its setting. It is also inspired by the Rome, Rome II, and Attila Total War games which share the setting.

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It seems interesting, I will follow you with interest

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gokiller Online

Hey, great that Bellum Imperii inpsired you to create your own mod. But I would prefer that you don't use my work as "previews" for your new mod.

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halev09 Creator

Sorry, I removed them. I saved a bunch of photos I was gonna use as concept into a folder and just imported that. My mistake.

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Already disliking this mod, because, as all others, people tend to forget about Iberia Peninsula. They had great tribes, and I don't see any of them in the list.

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halev09 Creator

I was under the impression the Arevaci were on the Iberian peninsula. I wanted to keep a relatively equal number of tribes for each barbarian culture and not give any too many land, so I obviously put one tribe in the Iberian peninsula to keep things even. If I made a mistake and the Arevaci are not on the Iberian peninsula, I would be happy to change them out for another.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I understand that, and in fact the Arevaci were indeed a tribe from the Iberian peninsula.
But I think it would be better to add all factions, instead only a few for each culture?

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halev09 Creator

I considered that, but that would mean either limiting all the smaller factions to one city+surrounding towns, or making the map extremely huge. Your input is appreciated though, and I may end up adding more factions anyway.

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