Battlefront Redux


Battlefront Redux is a mod for Star Wars Battlefront II that adds improved eras to the stock game to the Conquest game mode and new maps (in the future). The main purpose of the mod is to replicate the major battles shown in most Star Wars media (comics, movies, tv shows). Some unique features it will have are the following: mechanics of every aspect of the game changed and inspired by modern shooters, new sound effects and new models & skins. Currently, the mod is in-progress and there is no release date yet since there is too much content to cover (Don't get hyped, this mod will take years to finish). However, snapshots will be released frequently.

Get more information about the mod and follow closely the state of it in the following link Battlefront Redux Trello

Planned Content:

PHASE 1: Custom sides according to battles on the default maps/Era mod.

PHASE 2: New or edited maps with new vehicles.


Basically, every major battle found in Wookiepedia but the ones I will focus most of my time on will be from:

  1. Clone Wars (Episode 2, Episode 3, SWTCW(2008 TV series), SWCW(2003 TV series), Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures)
  2. Galactic Civil War (Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Rogue One, maybe SW Rebels)
  3. First Order–Resistance War (Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9)



1. Clone Wars

  • ✓ 1st Battle of Geonosis
  • ✓ 1st Battle of Kamino
  • ✓ 1st Battle of Felucia
  • 2nd Battle of Geonosis
  • Battle of Kamino
  • 2nd Battle of Felucia
  • 3rd Battle of Mygeeto
  • Battle of Kashyyyk
  • Battle of Utapau
  • Battle of Mygeeto
  • Battle of Felucia

2. Galactic Civil War

  • Operation: Knightfall
  • Tantive IV
  • Assault on Kamino
  • Evacuation of Yavin IV
  • Battle of Mygeeto
  • Battle of Hoth
  • Battle of Endor
  • Battle of Naboo
  • Coruscant civil war
  • Liberation of Kashyyyk

3. First Order–Resistance War

Modding Team: (in search for more)

Raigiku: Mod Leader.
RepJunkieJr: Sound Effects Developer.
HyugaN3ji: Gameplay Designer.


Special thanks to CdtFox and LitFam for sharing with me some assets I needed.

DISCLAIMER: None of the sound effects are done by me. Most of them have been recorded from movies and TCW.
- Pathricia - For DC-15 model.
- DarthD.U.C.K. - For DC-17 model, ECD Detonator, dual-wield animation, sonic detonator model and single pistol animation.
- Master_Luke - For Z-6 model, animation and laser texture.
- Commander_91 - For DC-15A model.
- Syth - For N-20 Thermal Detonator model and sniper visor.
- Deviss - For clone medic backpack model, RPS-6, WESTAR-M5 model, TCW Phase 1 Cody model, TCW Phase 1 Clone Trooper model, TCW Phase 1 Rex model and TCW B1 Battle droid model.
- Nedarb7 - For Vibroblade model and animation.
- i2Bros - For blue laser texture.
- DeathTrooperLeader - For TCW DC-15 and DC-15A models.
- ANDEWEGET - For DC-17m models (rifle, sniper and anti-armor).
- ggctuk - For E-5 model, E-5C model, Valken-38x model and RG-4D model.
- Manderek - For Kit Fisto model and animation.
- Sereja - For westar-34 model.
- Litfam - For EMP grenade sound effect and TCW Phase 1 Cody model.
- Eggman - For Clone Commander skin, green skin and light blue skin (texture).
- Lazarus666 - For kamino saber dart model. (changes made: scaling and reduction of polygons; link to creator profile: link to model:
- CodaRez - For DC-15s side pistol model.
- Anakin - For Clone Commando model.
- kinetossimpetus - For DC-15 animation, default rifle animations and BX commando droid model, animation, sword, sniper and the rocket trail effect.
- Glitch - For B1 battle droids skins and models (except the B1 Grapple Droid).
- Pandemic Studios - For the SWBF2 assets.
- Daybreak Game Company LLC - For B2 Super Battle Droid wrist blaster, Z-6 firing, E-60R and PLX-1 sound effects, TCW B2 model, TCW Obi-Wan Kenobi model, TCW Anakin Skywalker.
- Free Radical Design - For E-5s and Valken-38x sound effects.
- The Gametoast community - For helping me in my journey of modding.

[I think I didn't forget about anyone but if I did please tell me and I will update this]

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RSS Articles

Hey guys, Raigiku here! I want to share some news on the progress of the mod.

The next snapshot is taking a while to get released, sadly I don't have a release date. but we hope to get it released near the start or mid of September. The main reason on why it's taking so much is that the development team is really small, right now we have RepJunkieJr sound developer, HyugaN3ji gameplay designer and me, making it all appear in-game, porting the models, editing textures, etc; basically doing the heavy stuff. Worst of all, university takes a huge amount of my free time and depletes my "stamina". However, I recently entered a 1-month break which will last until the 13th of August, so development will be faster at least for the time being.

I just updated an article I posted long ago where I pointed out which areas we need help on. Please check it if you want to be part of the team, we desperately need a 2D artist to help us retexture units like clone troopers and a 3D artist with experience in modding the game, that way we can port all these cool models to the game and make you guys feel like you are truly in the star wars universe, where you can choose to be any character from the almost unknown ones to the most recognisable ones. If you don't possess many technical skills, don't worry, we have a few areas which are not so technical and where you can apply! All the info is in the article below.

There are a ton of new heroes/villains planned for the next snapshot. From TCW characters like Ahsoka, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Barris Offee to movie ones like Kit Fisto (brand new model from TFU), Plo-Koon, Obi-Wan and Anakin from Episode 2 and much more! If any of you are modders and want to use my assets you can get them in the next 2 links: GameToast Raigiku's Assets (need to update it x( <-- It's a face). I'm a huge fan of open source and plan on releasing all of the assets that I can when I finish the mod.

Going back to the heroes/villains, I don't know in which order to implement them in the mod, so I thought it was a good idea to let you guys decide! I've created a Google form where you can vote on which hero/villain you want to see next. You can choose multiple heroes/villains if you can't decide on one in particular and the form will be updated whenever I finish implementing the most voted hero/villain or when I move on to develop the next battle. The link is below.

Since the Trello page where I put all the units is getting really cluttered up, HyugaN3ji and I have decided on making a wiki page where all the units, battles and info about the mod will be available. This way, all the information presented will be more organized and easier to process. Currently, it's in a very early stage, so it's going to be a little while until we release it to the public.

I've been thinking in setting up a discord public server, every major mod has one and I think it's a cool idea since it helps you get more involved with your fans. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see one and I'll see what I can arrange.

This mod is a very big project, it's very difficult having a very small team, dealing with stress at university and having relationship issues, sometimes I feel like giving up but then I see your support and how you want this mod, this idea, this dream of mine to become a reality. I get really motivated to keep on going and not give up, I really appreciate your comments guys and I want to say thank you. This won't end up being just another dead mod, I'll keep on fighting my inner negative self 'till we are done with the mod.

This is the end of the post, let me know if you liked reading this. I think of doing a monthly dev-blog where I go into detail about the development of the mod during the month, I hope you like the idea. Anyways, I wish you have a great day and as always "May the force be with you".

Recruiting developers/collaborators

Recruiting developers/collaborators


I'm in search of collaborators or developers that would like to contribute to the mod actively.

RSS Files
Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #4

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #4

Demo 13 comments

IMPORTANT READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE PLAYING Snapshot #4 of Battlefront Redux. In this snapshot, the 1st Battle of Felucia has been added alongside new TCW...

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #3

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #3

Demo 13 comments

Snapshot #3 of Battlefront Redux. In this snapshot the 1st Battle of Kamino has been added and lots of stats have been tweaked.

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #2

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #2

Demo 4 comments

Snapshot #2 of Battlefront Redux. In this snapshot the 1st Battle of Geonosis has been updated.

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #1

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #1

Demo 11 comments

After many many hours of work I finally finished the 1st version of the 1st Battle of Geonosis.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 79)

Please Add More Maps .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

so like is this the movie themed clone wars or is it cartoon clone wars?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


i hope Count Dooku is getting remodeled. because right now he looks like a potato and i dont have a way to change it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Raigiku Creator

Will be

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Whats happening man haven't heard a update in a while :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Raigiku Creator

Doing other things. The project is on pause.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I played #3 so close before #4 came out I didnt even notice. So here's some late feedback. Visually, impressive mod. Good classes too (I don't like the grapple droid but that's just me). However there is a huuuge problem.

Its pretty much impossible to win as the clones because they can't dish out any damage. I'm lucky if I can kill 3 droids with a clip. (Specifically the DC-15 which has a ridiculous rate of fire and deals very little damage, even to geonosins.) Give the clones a damage buff on their weapons and you got yourself a near flawless mod.

P.S. I realllly would like the glowing saber trail back, it looks like a glowstick without it. At least give us an option.

Keep up the good work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Raigiku Creator

Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely tweak damage in snapshot #5, add the glowing saber trail back along with tons of new characters and improved models. I still, don't know when I'm going to finish it since the mod is basically a one-man army lol. Expect a long time for the new snapshot. Sorry :(

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Keep up the good work dude. I'm patient. I've waited 3 years for a mod before lol.

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