Battlefront Redux is a mod for Star Wars Battlefront II adds improved eras with lots of new units. The main goal is to replicate the major battles of the Star Wars Cannon/Legends Universe.

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Snapshot #2 of Battlefront Redux. In this snapshot the 1st Battle of Geonosis has been updated.

Battlefront Redux - Snapshot #2

Just tested it a bit, separatist and clones sides.

What could I say...Event better than snapshot 1?
Don't have many negative things to say about this but here it is :

-Jango has ONE primary weapon and FIVE secondaries. Could you balance the number of weapons? I always thought the maximum of weapons was four for both secondaries or primaries, but it makes it uncomfortable to scroll all five secondaries, miss the one you're looking for, scroll again...Dah ! ><

-AT-TE's main weapon for driver is too short to overheat, too long to be usable again for what it is. You should either make it much longer to overheat, or reduce the time to "reload".

-The speed thing of redux is special, but it would reach its limits on bigger battlefields. It's okay for Geonosis for now, and would be for death star, kamino, and those kinds, but for Hoth, Mos Eisley or Endor, where you have to seek every corner to find and shoot an enemy, or have to take time to reach a command post, it could really get boring as long as you're on foot. If on Hoth you have to spawn at a command post, there isn't even one tauntaun, and you have to reach the next command post, it will be veeeeery long. Well, I think...

-Grapple Droid. Funny to use, though its charge attack (sprint + attack) hardly hits anything. That does not matter that much, but this is what I could taste.

That's for the "negative" feedback. Positive :

-Lore friendly vehicles and weapons, that's a good point !
-Battle droids Geonosis paintjob. It's the least of the things for Geonosis maps and you did it !
-Diversity for uses while keep being lore friendly. Grapple droids, heroes, geonosians...It announces many nice things for the future of Redux ! :)

I maybe have some suggestions you may appreciate? Or not but...

-AT-TE should shoot like Battlefront 1 from its front cannons. Six shots in a row with higher explosion radius and powerful direct damage.
-Add one, or two Geonosian starfighters?
-Add one LAAT?
-Add one, or two Sith Enforcers in the separatist hangar, if even possible?

Well that's all I have to say, overall it's really cool, and I hope for Redux do go as far as possible !

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Raigiku Author

Thanks for the feedback!
About the negative things:
I know that Jango has A LOT of secondaries xd but that is how armed he is supposed to be.
I'll make the AT-TE front cannons be the same as they were in Battlefront 1 but with a little less damage or it would be overpowered.
If the speed is going to affect negatively that much on larger maps I'll tweak it a bit. But first it needs to be tested, then changed.
About the grapple droid, I'll see if other animations for that attack are better.
About the suggestions:
There's a problem with adding more vehicles. Right now this is just an era mod if I want to add more vehicles that weren't designed for the map (like LAAT's, geonosian starfighters or snail tanks) I would need to copy the Geonosis map and put it as a new map for the game. Thus, the mod wouldn't be an era mod anymore. This is what I plan on doing in PHASE 2 of the mod but first I need to end PHASE 1. I could add the TX-130 to the map (even though the default Geonosis map doesn't have it) because the developers left the ability to add that tank but didn't load it in the scripts.
Again, thank you very much for your feedback. You are helping me out a bunch buddy!

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Well, I think like you about that, but gameplay-wise, it's really unconvenient xP At least it respects Star Wars lore as you say xP

Errr...well yeah, you can do that ^^ Just, I THINK but you do as you want of course, it really should keep its explosion radius from the first BF, but as you say, with less radius damage. This way it would be a really reliable vehicle, while not too OP against either vehicles or infantry.

It's okay for speed, testing it before tweaking it is the wisest thing to do :3

Oh and I didn't mention it,but the "double slap" thing from wampa, where it uses its two arms to attack at once, would be a great addition to its combos set. If possible !

Yay I know that thing, I tasted it when I tried to mod the game years ago, you must create custom maps for any prop you wanna add...Then can't wait for phase 2 ! :D

Just one last question : you're doing a great, great work with infantry models and weapons adding/modding. Do you plan to release fully customed maps and vehicles models in the future?

And it's a pleasure trying to help you, I love your work and I will make my best to help you from my player point of view, and if I had any modding skill, I'd already be helping you right now ;D

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Raigiku Author

I don't know if I will create new maps in PHASE 2 or PHASE 3 of the mod. It still needs to be decided. Thanks.

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