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Annihilation X NG v1.8 by Devin Stein (Spunky) & updated by David F.M. (Dafama) [18-5-2008]

Recent HIStory...:

AX NG 1.8...:

- Updated Chromatic Dispersion shaders by TheRealSceneGraphManager.
- Updated Parallax Extreme shaders.
- Optimized memory usage, now Shotgun and Shotgun_Double uses the same script.
- Updated Plasmagun, BFG, Handgrenade and Rocketlauncher FX for player and NPC's.
- Fixed ZCommando BFG, Plasmagun and FlameThrower, fire rate is faster now.
- Better A.I. for ZCommandos and ZSecs that uses BFG, Plasmagun or Flamethrower weapons.
- Muzzleflashes and more Flashlights that casts full shadows.
- Fixed debris and brass sounds.
- Better impact effects with lights that casts shadows on explosions, burning fire, flashing lights and similars.
- Optimized memory making Fists plasma and Hand grenade to be handled by one script only. Very needed because the Pets scripts eats too many memory.

AX NG 1.7...:

- Added custom sp maps converted for Pets (Mars City 1 & 2, MC_Underground, Admin., Alpha Labs 1).
- Fixed small bugs.
- Added full shadows to all sp maps.
- Removed continuous smoke on plasmagun.
- Updated Parallax Extreme shaders.

AX NG v1.6...:

-Updated to latest Parallax Extreme shaders.
-Fixed D3 base version double barrel weapon bug.
-Added latest updated pets.
-Uses Chromatic Dispersion shaders thanks to TheRealSceneGraphManager.
-Fixed aas48 kind of files for all sp maps, so bots (Pets) and npcs, frendly and unfrendly know and navegate the maps way much better than before !
-Also added Full Shadows to all sp maps for D3 & ROE in this mod.
-Added bigger radius for some lights in some of the sp maps.
-The enemies now try to attack first the Pets and any human people before you ! (So, this mod will be not as easy as was before...)
-Fixed TurnTo(); bug that was added by me in some of the A.I. for monsters that can dodge.
-Added random sounds and random spawning demons & zombies cortesy of Mausus Atlas.
-Updated many demons A.I.
-Increassed Imps and Vulgars health to be more realistic for this dangerous demons.

AX NG v1.5...:

-Definitively fixed dropped moveable weapon grabber/gravitygun in some entities.
-Changed PlasmaImpact particle effect in all plasma weapons used by npcs and player.
-Fixed some pets.
-Bettered zombie_base dropped ragdolls.
-Fixed zombie_maint skin.
-Added better skins for zmaint and zfat.

AX NG v1.4...:

-Fixed NPC, Pet and Demon Sentrys plasma projectile bugs and increased fire rate.
-Fixed ZCommandos and ZSecs plasma projectile bugs and increased fire rate.
-Added F.E.A.R. alike muzzle flashes to all weapons for both player, demons and pets.
-Added latest Parallax Extreme shaders (both ATI & NVidia) with good looking texture reflections.
-Fixed moveable grabber bug on the ROE side.
-Increassed the accuracy of the machinegun and velocity of the plasmagun for all the Sentrys, ZCommandos and ZSecs, really needed because was too easy to beat this armed zombies and Sentrys and the pet versions where too easy to kill because of this also.
-Bigger radius for all flashlights.
-Converted all .TGA to .DDS local files for Parallax, so now it needs a little less power requeriments.

AX NG v1.3...:

-Fixed many bugs & updated scripts & added more d3xp support.

AX NG v1.2...:

-Fixed Pet_Pinky, Cacodemon and LostSouls.

-Fixed Sentry.

-Fixed BackPack bug.

-Updated & fixed pistol, machinegun & plasmagun weapons.

AX NG v1.1...:

- Optimised GravityGun !

- Made Machinegun, pistol and Plasmagun in one script.

- Added muzzle flashes to many weapons for player and npcs, ZSecs, ZCommandos, Sentrys, etc...

- Added Double_Shotgun to D3 base mod version.

- Less memory usage for both base & roe, so can be used in less powerful computers.

- Powered up shotgun and double shotgun, added betters fx also.

- Added generic mounted flashlights ON/OFF toggle.

- Fixed many bugs.

AX NG v1.0...:

- Better Parallax shaders.

- Now, the GravityGun can catch fireballs & missiles from the enemies, just like the ROE Grabber do,can open doors, trigger platforms and elevators and damage enemies ! (the ROE grabber can do that now also when in ROE mode) :)

- Added support for D3XP (ROE) into an optional file that can be renamed to .pk4 to be enabled. (Needs the D3toROE v1.2 or higher .pk4 also to be on the mod's folder.)

- Removed support for pet_Archvile, pet_Sabaoth, pet_Guardian, they take too much memory that is very needed to do other better new things, maybe Archvile will be used without this extra scripts, i will try it...

- Support for the pet_Hunters.

- Added flares to zombie_maint_flashlight.

- Bug fixes.

Features of AX NG...:

-New FX & Particles.

-Fist fireball better fx & sounds !

-Bettered & powered all the weapons.

-Pets much powerful & cause more damage.

-Better shaders & 3D effects using the new Parallax Extreme shaders.

-Better gfx thanx to use E3 bump maps, but with the same AX classic skins !!!

-Fixed the console bug !!! (years trying to fix this !)

-Bug fixes & other things.

Warning !!!...:

-Requires the Annihilation X and all subsequent updates !!!

-Needs a very high end machine to run this mod to it's fullest !

For using Pets, when weapon_Fist are selected you can...:

Reload Key - Select a pet and command it to move, attack, follow, or stay.

When weapon_HandGrenade are selected you can...:

Reload Key - Command all pets to move or attack.

When weapon_Pistol, Machinegun or Plasmagun are selected you can...:

Reload key - Teleports all pets to a new location (only when pistol is already loaded).

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Annihilation X NG 1.8

Annihilation X NG 1.8

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Version 1.8 of the Annihilation NG mod by Dafama2k7. Changes include the latest NG Shaders enhancements, better effects and more. See File/Full Details.

Annihilation X NG 1.6

Annihilation X NG 1.6

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An update to the Annihilation X NG. This version brings some bug fixes, graphical tweaks and changes and more. Refer to full details.

Annihilation X NG 1.5

Annihilation X NG 1.5


An update to the Annihilation X NG mod. This patch corrects some bugs, includes some physics changes and more.

Annihilation X NG 1.4 update

Annihilation X NG 1.4 update

Full Version

An addon to the Annihilation X NG mod. This contains mostly graphical enhancements.

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