This game is set in the land of Calradia before the establishing of the well-known medieval kingdoms.
It represents a mix of ancient and early medieval cultures in a reimagined story.
The old Republic has fallen leaving behind 2 great empires : the Northern and the Southern Empire.

The Northern Empire is losing it's old ways in favour of Gothar culture (germanic) and the King Odocorus is planning a full conversion of this culture by adding new troops to the imperial army.
The old Calradian vassals are obeying him, but they are trying to keep their identity.

The Southern Empire restored it's ancient tradition instituting their old titles and warfare, still a strong empire, now they are in conflict with the Northern Side.

Two other factions that want to keep their identity intact are the Goidelic tribes and the Kingdom of Kogaionon.Both have ferocius warriors, and they will be strong zonal rival for the 2 empires.

In the East the Khergit invaders have arrived with their deadly horse archery tactics.They may prove a strong decider in the game of power balance.

The 2 great empires are too busy fighting for supremacy while in the East a new super-power is emerging.The Kingdom of Iransahar, led by the evil warlord Zahhak is planning to destroy all the other cultures with their crushing Cavalry and Elephantry.Zahhak knew that he will face 2 glorious traditions in warfare so he invested in a soulless elite unit equiped with heavy armour, ranged weapons and riding heavy elephants.

The player is the son of an old republican, and his ambition is to restore the old Republic, by defeating Odocorus,make an alliance with the Southern, or taking them by force and then protect the realm against the eastern invaders, especially from Zahhak.

The player is not alone - the old Praetorian institution refuses to bow to Odocorus,and they are waiting for a worthy ruler to lead them and to make use of their special skills.


Northern Empire - culture Roman/Germanic transition
Goidelic Tribes - Celtic/Gallic/Brittanic
Southern Empire - Ancient Greek
Kingdom of Kogaionon- Dacian/Thracian
Khergit Tribes - Asian Nomadic
Kingdom of Iransahar - Parthian/Persian/Sassanid

Calradic Republic - Player faction - Republican/Imperial Rome

Special Units :

Gothar Saiones - Cavalry ( N.Empire)
Goidelic Druid - Infantry (Goidelic tribes)
Basileian Phalangite /Basileian Hoplite - (S.Empire)
Kogai Falxman -Infantry - K.of Kogaionon
Iranian Cataphract - Cavalry- (K.of Iransahar)(Overpowered, the absolute boss of the game)
Praetorian Cavalry - Player faction
Urban Cohort- Player Faction
Auxiliary Archer- Player Faction

This mod is a product of my imagination and of my available resources.
Some things are historically inspired, but this setting is highly fictional and many things are anachronistic.

This setting does not follow particular events or time frames, as I said it is a fictional mix of events, equipment and cultures.

This mod contains the companions submod - Some dialogues are bugged , I advise you not to recruit those companions. (It is part of the base module i am using)


- Diplomacy
- Custom commander
- Ability to build a fortress with a marketplace and low payment for garrison( you can store your expensive troops there to prepare for a campaign)
- Viewable troop trees
- Custom Player faction ( updated to Calradic for the specific lore)
- Change faction colours
- Choose a side when joining a battle
- Duel kit
- Bank system
- Polished Landscapes
- Updated map texture

And many more

credits :

NMC -Bismark
Face textures - Iboltax & Barf
Interface- Hispania 1200 dev team
UI - Delzaros
Polished Landscapes -Gutekfiutek
Romae Bellum mod
Greek Banners - Antonis (Fires of war creator)
General guidance - Thewanderingknight ( Sands of Faith creator)
AlphaDelta's Ancient warriors pack

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I am making this article in order to prevent possible issues or questions regarding the mod.

1. The game setting is highly fictional, some events and cultures are inspired from historical events and factions but everything is a mix.

2 You will still see native items into stores, buy them if you want to, it's your call

3 Those strange companions are part of a submod which is used by the base module, it seems their dialogue is bugged and i didnt recruit them so far, do it on your own risk.

4 The player faction is designed to be the Calradic Faction (based on Rome) , for the sake of the lore their equipment cannot be changed.

5 The northern Empire is a mix of Germanic and Roman units and equipment. It features a fictional WRE, right after the fall, I repeat, it's reimagined, I do not respect any equipment or event canon in this mod.

6 Tips for newcomers : build a fort, store your troops there, buy land in productive towns that are safe, buy patrols every week and replenish your army fast with good troops.

7 Tournaments are still native. I am a big native fan and I kept some things the same as in pure native. I like the most the native style of the tournaments, it is a matter of chance aswell, not only skill.

8 Cataphracts are overpowered- they have strong stats ,equipment and they ride Elephants, they are suppose to be the ultimate challenge for the player, unless he decides to bcome on of their commanders.

9 Elephants are very powerfull and useful aswell, but very expensive, when you get the chance to buy or to get one, i advise you to do so : you will see why :D

10 Some stats are a bit off-balance. Some factions are stronger then others. I was never a fan of perfect balance, i always liked to have a realistic feel.

11 Basileian Phalangites :D and Hoplites , you can now form a perfect phalanx for the enemy's charges

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Ancient Origins V.1.0

Ancient Origins V.1.0

Full Version 16 comments

First version of the Ancient Origins mod This mod is a product of my imagination and of my available resources. Some things are historically inspired...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 53)
Cshelton - - 49 comments

Please add the city of Zendar (Zendaria would be a better name for Ancient Origins) to the map. The city had yet to be destroyed according to Calradian lore. Thank you.

Also, you can change the starting year by going into scripts.txt file for the module and replacing the numbers "1257" with something else (just use ctrl-f while in the notepad to look for 1257; it only appears one time, so finding it is easy). I changed the staring year to 200 A.D. by replacing 1257 with 200.

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Novot - - 7 comments

What does the fort do pls, i built it n have no clue

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Guest - - 689,116 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 689,116 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Ostrogniev - - 78 comments

I didn't play it yet, I'm about to download it, but now I have question to the creator of this mod: it is there a "predestination" of the player? I mean that protagonist have only one way for playing (destroy the Nothern Empire, conquer or make alliance with South and defend land from neighbour invaders) or I can join any faction I would like to in any time?

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Marius-Aetius Creator
Marius-Aetius - - 231 comments

The game is still sandbox, you can do whatever you want.The only thing that is locked is player faction type which is Calradic(Roman).

Reply Good karma+2 votes
veka99 - - 11 comments

Idk how much time did you spend developing this, but its ******* good if you ask me, keep up, waiting for the new version, hopefully very soon. GL!.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
veka99 - - 11 comments

Suggestions for future: making your own faction. This would actually be very nice to see, when you make your outpost/fort you r basicly making your own faction, also when you make a outpost, it would be nice to see that you can upgrade it much times so it can became a village or town.
Best of luck.

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veka99 - - 11 comments

But, and this is a BIG BUT, ive encountered a serious problems with the elephants so far. First ive noticed the visual bug, they r sitting basicly IN the elephant, which is nothing, a small visual thing that doesnt rly matter, but then ive noticed that i can't do any damage while riding a elephant+, elephants are 'invincible' you can go straight THRU them, also when i unmount and try to mount again on an elephant, it wont let me, its like when i unmount the elephant disapear or idk what happens, although i tried to dmg it after unmount and it worked so its not like he disapeared.The major issue is while riding a elephant you can't damage anyone with meele attacks, if you charge on the enemy you will just pass right THRU them, no charge damage,nothing,its like you dont exist. Although i didnt tested with bow/crossbow if im able to do dmg while riding an elephant but i'll test that one also. I really hope you will try to fix some of these issue's ive incountered so far. Best of luck.

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Marius-Aetius Creator
Marius-Aetius - - 231 comments

Hi Veka,

Thanks for the suggestions. I believe that there is a problem on your end with the elephants, i tried now and it worked fine.You probably used cheat-menu which damages the mod (don't do that).The thing with elephant position and hitboxes is that Elephants use Horse Skeleton ( there are no elephants in warband so we use horses as a placeholder) so sometimes u get the feeling u are not hitting him.And elephants do charge damage a lot i can assure u of that.Please don't use cheat-menu.

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veka99 - - 11 comments

I used cheat menu only bcuz i was doing a fast review+first look at the mod, so i needed the money to buy elephant bcuz elephants are the main reason i actually downloaded + played this mod. Anyway, if thats the case, alright, in order to play safely+without those buggs you cant use cheat menu. Ty for the heads up.
Best of luck

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