I used to live with my brother Henry in our mansion in the USA three years ago. But then everything changed- Henry got a job from England, and moved there. The place where Henry moved, according to his letter, is "a mansion of peace, a wonderful landscapes and lot's of books".

The words "lot's of books" surely doesn't make me wonder why. The amount of books he had before he left- it was just insane. I think I've never before seen a human read so much in my life. He knows everything about books, he studies books and he also collects books.

We used to write for each other very often- until the last letter which he sent to me. For some reason, he did not want me to disturb him for a while. Yet that "while" has been a year already. He has not answered to any of my letters past the year. I think it's time to visit him in Germany, and see what on the heaven's name is going on there.



-Great atmosphere

-Long storyline

-Item interactions

-Carefully constructed maps

-Very few scares only- won't be that scary mod.



No estimated release date yet- perhaps somewhere in summer.

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So as some of you might have known, I had the the other custom story page, with similiar name to this. Unfortunately I had to start my progress all again, due to the disablity to open the first map in my level editor.

Like with the other one, I will keep a journal of the maps / progress with the mod:




????? AREA: 0% DONE

????? AREA 2: 0% DONE

Those "?????" areas are areas which I have not named quite yet.

I hope this time my levels will open in my editor :p.

So as always stay tuned and remember: the pictures you see from the game are not yet ready. I just had to upload some pictures to get this mod page done. Make sure to give some opinions though, if you want. All of them will be highly appreciated, and they will give me motivation / help me make things better ^^.

Thanks for all, and make sure to give this mod a track if you are interested. I will also reply to all comments you tell me!


Hey, why's your account banned?

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OOOO,looks nice this story :)))

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